A Motivation Workplace – Defining What Motivation Is About

The Problem

Having A Motivation Workplace is a key for success . Unfortunately the aspect of what motivation is about and how it affects self motivation has been ‘lost in the shuffle’ of competition, stress and pressures.

The problem is that a lack of  workforce motivation is responsible for low level of productivity and moral.

Workforce moral today it is in all time low.  The absence of motivation results in a low level of performance and lack of ownership, which translates to multiple organizational diseases, ultimately showing up in profitability and the inability to compete.

Professionals, today, need to operate in stressful conditions, which require long hours to handle heavy work loads, insensitive and often hostile environment workplace, coupled with disharmonious and suspicion-based relationships with the management and leadership.

The external conditions are not likely to change. On the contrary, stress is likely to intensify.

The things that can change is the motivational aspect, while developing good leadership qualities that can fight stress from inside.

The solution

This seminar will focus on what is self motivation about as essential part of Motivation Workplace.

The Motivation Workplace program is an important part of Executive Leadership training and employee training development, offered by The Thinking Coach world-wide.

A Motivation Workplace is the best ROI to date which The Thinking Coach caters for with the highest degree of professionalism

The ability to motivate and inspire oneself, absorb the fluctuations of professional life, be flexible, have a come back, not give up, utilize the power of positive thinking, in spite of negative challenges, stay calm under pressure…all of these are important personal leadership skills, which are part of personal  development plan template, essential for survival and excellence in today’s reality.

This leadership training goes a long way to reduce the symptoms of stress in the workplace, and to neutralize what causes stress in the workplace.

A Motivation Workplace helps to create the conditions that offset some of that stress.

What Self Motivation Is About – The Benefits

The benefits of this program is to learn what motivation is about and how to make it part of the organization. Foe leaders to become skilled motivators and learn how to inspire people to be at their best.

The ultimate benefit is gaining the skill to motivate oneself.

It is important to note that every person requires a different personal leadership development plan which can be fashioned uniquely out of a general soft skill list.

Training Curriculum

  • Self awareness training – self awareness in the workplace
  • Identifying mental weaknesses – (for example, being ego based, judgmental and lazy)
  • Identifying emotional weaknesses – (for example, victim psychology, controlling fears of all types, negative disposition)
  • What is a leader- a portrait of 21st century ideal leader
  • Performance information tools – information focus training (white intelligence)
  • Mental focus training – How to overcome procrastination (red intelligence)
  • Looking for the Big picture – focus Big Picture (blue intelligence)
  • Target focus training – finding the  “New idea” training, having the self confidence to discover a new idea (green intelligence)
  • Human focus training – creating positive mental attitude through team work (yellow intelligence)
  • How to develop mental toughness under pressure
  • Mental skills training – inner quiet, being neutral, being impersonal
  • Mental stress relief
  • Self confidence training
  • Developing mental strength – Mental strength exercises
  • Mind power training – concentration focus exercises
  • Master resilience training – emotional resilience exercises
  • Creating your own Personal leadership development plan
  • How to improve self discipline – self discipline techniques
  • How to improve self confidence – build self confidence – exercises & activities
  • The power of assertiveness – assertiveness skills training
  • Influence the power of persuasion
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication – communication skills that convey mental strength
  • Positive mental attitude – Positive thinking as key to mental strength
  • The power of positive thinking
  • what is life leadership about?
  • What is self motivation about?
  • Creating positive work environment – Learn how to promote positive work environment
  • The theater of effective Yes & No
  • Avoiding the trap of the 3 P’s Personal involvement, Presumption, Pliability
  • Developing resolve
  • Developing the skill of being “clear at the point”
  • The ability to turn challenges into a springboard of opportunity.

The material for this Leadership  Development Seminar will be chosen according to the specific need of the client and time availability.

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Eli Harari

The Life Coach for Professionals™