About Eli Harari, The Life Coach

“I redefine what success is for professionals, by training them and showing them how to incorporate variety of soft skills in their professional repertoire”.

Eli Harari, The Thinking Coach, is The Life Coach for professionals. There are many hidden life coaching issues that Eli artfully bring out and turns adversity and negativity into positivity and advantage. 

Eli is an experienced, international, soft skills trainer, recognized as one of the top motivational speakers, and, voted as one of the “best personal development coaches” for 2017.

The Philosophy 

His objective is to lead by example and show people how to think big and effective , because thinking is the basis for change, without which nothing can be established.

Soft skills for the workplace are crucial, because the workplace is home base, which means, workplace is like home. The gap between the workplace, as it is today, and where it should be is constantly growing wider. That gap is where most corporate problems start.

Leading culture change, begins in each and every person, and then transfers to the workplace. This is where key soft skills for the workplace are vitally important to redefine what is a success and what is a win for professionals. 

The life coach addresses critical questions pertaining to employee development training, executive leadership training, and management training courses. Questions such as, what is stress management about, what strategic thinking is about, what leadership is about, what management is about, what communication is about, what team building is about, what emotional intelligence is about, ultimately to redefine and increase the scope of what success is about. 

The Art of Public Speaking- Your Communications Skills are your Ambassador

The words Art & Public Speaking hang together in Eli’s professional career. For over 25 years The Thinking Coach has lectured to, and trained many professional groups. He has responded to the question What Is public Speaking, by turning it to, The art of public speaking!

Eli demonstrates the use of the power of positivity, with verbal and nonverbal communication. What is a language, and what is an art blend together when Eli Harari speaks. It is an artful synergy of words, body language and tone of voice. They are strategically crafted, in a detailed manner, like the portrait of the Mona Lisa, by Michael Angelo. Professionals who graduate the communication development courses realize the power of that skill and many have redefined what success is about for them in ways they never believed possible.

Through the art of public speaking, Eli Harari wins the attention and interest of his audience, and thus help them receive and retain new information and apply it in their day-to-day operations, thus turning, performance information tools, to, performance tools, while helping present themselves and their function in a powerful way by using the art of public speaking.

Soft Skills Training Seminars

The Thinking Coach is renowned for exceptional strategic thinking training, emotional intelligence training, personal development training courses, communication skills training courses, corporate team building activities, and more. All part of comprehensive Executive Leadership Training  and Employee Training Development.

In addition to transformational leadership, which focus on What Is A Leader, the leadership training courses address transactional leadership, which focus on What Is a Manager. Both dynamics of leadership, what is a manager and what is a leader are loaded with team leadership skills. The employee training development is rich with vital soft skill list, “Skillshare” strategy, team building activities work, and, stress management, offering solutions for reducing stress in the workplace.

What to expect from the seminars

The Thinking Coach trains professionals how to think strategically about the future as part of strategic thinking skills, open innovation, and thinking out of the box. These important, leadership skills list, result in getting to grips with what is decision making process is about.

The executive training seminars are based on the The 5 Intelligence’s, which is the main personal development plan template, and the main tool of professional leadership courses. This is a uniquely crafted method, that helps people learn and retain new knowledge, while learning to apply it in their everyday tasks.

The main objective is to create, positive learning environment, where people regain trust and interest in their ability to grow and develop! Most importantly, improve self confidence, to be able to deal with challenges pertaining to organisational development, and, stress management.

The different “hats” of The Thinking Coach functions:

  1. Business Motivational Speaker
  2. Professional Corporate Trainer
  3. Train Trainer Course
  4. Personal and Executive Coaching

…all are necessary for organisational change management, and  aligning all parts of the organization towards the big picture of Success.

Career & Experience

Throughout 25 years, of a very successful international career, Eli has conducted a multitude of corporate training seminars, key note addresses, and personal and executive coaching for corporations, professional associations, universities and top executives, world-wide.

Some of the organizations he worked with: Mass Mutual Financial Group, Philips Health Care, USA Health Care, AFLAC, IFMA USA, IFMA Hong Kong, TEC, GE Financial Services, NBAA – National Business Aviation Association, Pernod-Ricard USA, Arkal LTD, Paine Webber, DHL Europe, Westinghouse USA, Westinghouse Europe, WallMart, Veterans Administration, U.S Environmental Protection Agency, the government of South Sudan, KSMS, Kenya School of Monetary studies and more.

The Thinking Coach looks forward to providing your organization, exceptional, first class corporate executive training, leadership training courses and employee training development, which make a difference.


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Eli Harari

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