Best Leadership Courses – How To Think?

Leadership Training Courses For Professionals – How Best To Think About It?

What makes Leadership Training Courses, Best Leadership Courses?

There are different experiences that professionals had with Leadership Training Courses, and therefore different views and expectations were formed as a result. Leadership  Training courses are a great seeding ground for new skills. Best Leadership Courses are an arena for personal development plan template for those who wish to advance their careers and overall capabilities and who are willing to practice new skills. In that context the main question is What is A Motivational Speaker, to which the answer is, one that can rekindle the fire in professionals to reach new levels, one who can redefine for them, by example, What Is a Success, and What Is A Win where their career is concerned.

How It Used To Be & Often Still Is

We are used to the fact that the trainer ‘gives’, ‘pitches’, ‘teaches’, ‘delivers’ and sometimes even ‘preaches’, while the participants are there to ‘get’, ‘receive’ ‘learn’ and ‘take’. The problem with this approach is that it “smells” like school and most of us didn’t enjoy that experience. In fact, we couldn’t wait for it to be over and that’s exactly what can happen with Leadership training Courses. In the participants, it has often resulted in negative attitudes, boredom, cynicism, not contributing, with unreasonable expectations that seem like asking for a magic wand be waved over their head to get them to change, without any work on their part.

New Training Approach- What Is A Team?

How about looking at things different and realizing that the classroom time can be an excellent opportunity to think-tank together new options, new ways of how to think, new solutions, by using the collective intelligence of everyone to discover new knowledge and frame work new tools.

This new approach in professional training redefines What Is A Success, in Leadership Training Courses. In this creative approach the concept of What Is A Team becomes more real, as the trainer and the participants form a team.

This style of training takes some time to engage, but once it does the class room becomes alive and buzzing with active participation and inspiration of people who contribute and feel they are part of something which is causative.

Training needs to be live, with active participation, with the view in mind that the trainer and the attendants together build and construct the necessary learning environment. Therefore, people need to think about it as a place where they can get new tools that they will put to practice immediately to improve their game (otherwise tools will be lost within 3 days)

Attitudes Need To Change

My experience is, that the unspoken expectation, in most people, is that a miracle will happen and the seminar will change them forever without them having to do anything different. Absolutely not so!

On the other hand trainers should understand that people need to be made interested and excited and for this, they must make every effort to make the seminar a “happening” and an “event” that people will never forget! What people never forget is when they felt included, listened to, and cared for.

And that is not done by reading the material from PowerPoint slides. Slides are just aides and not the focus, and if it was about reading material then everyone can go to Google and access all the knowledge they want. People don’t remember words and lengthy explanations, they do remember how they felt.

Best Leadership Courses - How To Think?

I”ll never forget that lady in a seminar I came to do in Texas, who looked at me with worried eyes before I even said a word. When I asked her what was wrong she eventually relented and told me that in her last seminar the trainer read for 2 days from slides and she just can’t bare another seminar like that. Needless to say that didn’t happen and the lady was delighted to experience my seminar, which was seemingly on a boring subject; What Is Strategic Thinking.

Every subject can be made live and exciting if everyone joins in.

Leadership Training Courses should be an experience professionals look forward to, happy to attended, excited and motivated to put to practice what they have learned, while the trainers need to have the skill that makes people feel at home in a warm friendly and encouraging training ecology that gives true meaning to the question What Is Emotional Intelligence About!


The time for change has come with new ways of conducting professional seminars that capture the mind and the imagination of the young generations. What was should not be a bench mark for what will be and that includes both trainers and participants.

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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

2 Replies to “Best Leadership Courses – How To Think?”

  • Hello,
    Eli your article on “Best Leadership Courses – How to Think?” was interesting.

    You touched on some very valid topics about how one should think, new training approach, to what a team is as well as how people attitudes need to change.

    I’ve taken a number of leadership courses and I have to agree that many of them were quite boring as the presenters or speakers covered their slide presentation, gave a brief discussion, and handed out reading material to take with you once the seminar was over.

    I agree it needs to be more participant involvement when one is giving a leadership course.

    This really gets people in tune and willing to partake in the seminar activities because it shows them the presenter is interested in them as people and not as someone who is simply attending the seminar to listen to them talk and present a PowerPoint Presentation.

    Anyway, you shared some good information and touched on some very valid points. Thank you for sharing.

    All the best,

    • Thank you Deborah for your kind words. Yes Indeed, the reality you are describing is far too prevalent…not with me however. You may wish to forward my info to the decision makers in your organization and they will receive full value for their investment.



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