Creative Thinking of a New Kind

Questions as a key creative thinking tool

Creative Thinking of a New Kind

Creative thinking is a natural human skill which is most apparent with children.
It seems that for children to be creative and ask open ended questions is a natural way of life. They discover, invent and produce new ideas in all that they do (except when they are in school!).

However, this state of affairs, does not last, in most cases, as people seem to gradually lose this amazing life spark, and settle to a repetitive pattern of performance and attitude which seems to be motivated by wrong fears. It can be entitled “The box”, yes that famous box that everyone refers to as “Thinking out Of the Box” which we will now rename “The Box of Restrictions.”

Why has Creative Thinking become the exception rather than the rule?

The question is: why is this so? And, how can people re-discover the ability to “think out of the box”, and anyway, what is this box made of, and who created it?

Many questions, which as has been mentioned, are excellent tools for creative thinking. The right kind of questions can be excellent tools to get out of the box. They create new space and become an excellent tool for problem solving.

We’ll begin by prodding the question “why”. Have you noticed that every child round about the age of 3 asks endless “why” questions because perhaps, their natural, God- given curiosity prompts them to want to know what is behind something, what are the causes that motivate matters? What is the process that lead to result?

So let’s point the WHY tool to understand through questions why has creative thinking become absent in most cases with adults:
At the end of each question below you can add the words “if so, why?”

•    Do people lack emotional intelligence skills and are afraid to make mistakes?
•    Is it that people rather become followers than leaders?
•    Are they incapable of strategic thinking and strategic planning?
•    Do they think of themselves as incapable and prove themselves right?
•    Is their decision making process lacking risk taking?
•    Have they been trained to become filing cabinets that can only rehash material?
•    Did fear consume the creative thinking spark?
•    Does thinking inside the box offer false security and shelters them from failure?
•    Do they need training seminars to rediscover their natural soft skills?
•    Do they need de-training from harshness and lack of self belief?

These questions can begin the search for the path to creative thinking as they start to point to the causes, rather than focus on the symptoms.

We are used to ask a question and produce an answer as if to quickly fill the void of the UNKNOWN created by the question. How about finding the courage to face the unknown without rushing to fill it up with answers from the KNOWN that come from the COMFORT ZONE, just in case something new might appear?

What will The Thinking Coach Training seminars provide for you?

The Thinking Coach seminars offer the participants a way to rediscover their natural creativity, thus they are able to solve problems in a more effective manner and discover new ideas for old problems.

The professional training environment that people find themselves in these seminars assists them to discover new solutions for old problems, while freeing them up from blocked thinking patterns. The result is a new found confidence in their abilities to be creative and think “out of the box”.

On a more intimate note, from observing many professionals that have attended my seminars over the years, it appears that they reconnect to a natural creative child essence in them, which makes them very happy, open, excited and willing. It has been my experience that when people go back to their work place they really want to apply their new skills but the question then becomes:

Will the work environment support and encourage their new found Creative skills?

To put it bluntly, the more punitive and judgmental the environment is, the less creative people will be!

A leader that asks people to be creative and punishes them for first time mistakes is a leader only by title but not by true functionality!

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