Creative Thinking Training – Part 1

Where Does Creative Thinking Training Begin?

It begins when you are born! Every child is a natural creative researcher of life. So the question is where did it disappear?  But we won’t go into it right now, because we want to discover where Creative Thinking Training begins today for you.

What is a State of Mind of Creative Thinking?

Creative Thinking is an internal environment of your mind where new things, new ideas, new thoughts, new outlooks, can be entertained. In other words Creative Thinking needs a home, and that home is a state of mind of a particular kind.  As adults we need to rediscover it, because the style of life we live has “shut it off” by majority.

It is great to watch children and see them enjoy the kind of freedom they have in their mind and (before the adult world condition’s them to “behave”) how they go about the business of creativity, the attitude they have, the lightness of heart, the “forgive and forget” attitude, the not taking themselves too seriously, the “letting go” that adults have lost, and so much more.

Creativity and Innovation, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Emotional Intelligence are natural to the human. We are all born with these skills. It seems like we need to learn it, but it is only a matter of rediscovering the conditions where they can appear.

What is the Place of the Ego in Creative Thinking?

The ego tends to take over Creative Thinking by minimizing what it doesn’t know, and being bombastic about what it does know.

So, for starters, try to give up being the “all-knowing” adults who are so sure of themselves, which equates everything new with what it already knows. (In these changing times beware of the words “there is nothing new under the sun”!)  The “I Know” state of mind is CLOSED state of mind. It is closed to new knowledge and does not pursue innovation or Creative Thinking – why should it? It thinks it already knows what there is to know. Many people think that way, but they’ll never admit it. Such admission would be a Creative Thinking attitude form them, which they deny by having an outsized ego!

The ego represents the identity we created, which is based on PAST accomplishments. There is no “food” for the ego in what it doesn’t know. The ego doesn’t know the now or the future.

In other words, your ego represents the past while a Creative Thinking State of Mind belongs to the present and the future. If you want to have new ideas, look at things different, accept the unknown, and become bright and curious-minded….

Live each day is if it was your last! For Real!

Now, you’ve heard these words before, haven’t you? Perhaps the context of Creative Thinking will open the door for new perceptions and provide for you an outlet away from the monotonous “same old” that bogs you down.

The price…give up your ego as your leader, which means no preconditions or biased views allowed, especially if you are a leader and your hear yourself saying the fatal words “that’s how we always do business”. You think you can do that?

In summation, to let go of your ego as a dominant force in your life is to make space in your mind for new ideas and new views that may transform what you know to a whole new level. It is the absolute condition for Creative Thinking.

How to Give Up Judgment in order to Have Creative Thinking Competency

The attitude of judgement (of yourself and others) and Creative Thinking don’t go together. Judgement is a closed state of mind whereas Creative Thinking is open, and open means to take into consideration new knowledge without judging it according to what you think.

As has been pointed out before, Creativity is the most natural state for humans. Yet, by majority most people allow themselves to drift away and become creatures of habit and thereby relinquish the spirit of newness and discovery.

The whole idea of being a judge is toxic in its core. One may have views and opinions, but these views are limited to their own understanding and perceptions which may be valid or not.

Instead of judgement it is best to adapt assessment which is an important skill of Critical Thinking and Strategic Thinking. The difference between the two is that assessment evaluates situations based on facts, reasons, principles, big picture relevance and proposition. Whereas judgement is based on one thing only which is what we have thought before about any particular issue which we consider to be the criterion for everything and everyone else, (this is the major reason for most conflicts).

Therefore, resist the temptation to judge, and how to do that is very simple…STOP IT! 

What you get from The Thinking Coach Creative Thinking Training Seminars

1.    Professionals become better Thinkers.

2.    The overall atmosphere in the organization changes, very often, from hard, short-term to soft long-term with much better productivity all around.

3.    People are more willing to assume personal responsibility and take ownership.

4.    The narrative in the organization changes from personal negative to collective positive with increasing team building consciousness.

5.    People are happier to come to work EVERYDAY!

6.    There is gradual improvement in bridging the disconnect between the leadership and the workforce.

7.    The organization becomes much more competitive outwardly, and much more steady inwardly.

8.    Level of inter-personal communication improves without yesterday’s limits.

9.    Women become empowered and together with the men, become a collective team and a professional force to reckon with.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™


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