Creative Thinking Training Part 3

How to Kick In your Creativity and not let “Outside” stress & noises take you over?

There is no secret formula to this, and all the Creative Thinking Training in the world will not help if you don’t try to help yourself first… So I am going to help you help yourself.

Here it comes…

Absolutely CRUCIAL, VITALLY IMPORTANT, Creative Thinking tip…

Slow Down!

Face it, you don’t get more done or become creative by joining the speed of the pressure you feel from outside, or the pressure you generate from inside, to get things done,. On the contrary, it hinders your performance from where you could be, should be by more than 90%!!

So at first instance, try to cut your speed by half! Ask your co-workers, friends and family to help you monitor your new desired speed. Explain to them WHY you are doing it. Hear yourself saying it.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You may think “I can do that easily!” right? Here is a challenge from me to you: do you think you can remember to do this for more than 10 minutes before your “normal” speed takes over?

But…if you really try I think you can. For the next week try to slow down in the way you, walk, talk and do things, and above all slow down your THINKING!

When people speak to you, don’t react immediately, pause, think, ask yourself “what are they actually saying?” Refrain from being a “sound bite” person, and don’t jump to conclusion, EVEN if you think you know.

Should you decide to follow this professional advice, you will then begin to understand why Creative Thinking represents such a challenge to so many people.

Creative Thinking is a natural symptom of being joined to yourself, rather than being joined to the pressure of everything else. Strange way to put it, but this is really important to understand.

The pressure around you will not change, but you can! You need to create an “island of sanity” in the midst of the madness and the “rat race” around you, to be able to think clearly and creatively.

The “internal” you is that “island of sanity”.  

Being cool, calm and collected internally in the face of demanding external pressures is absolutely essential for Creative Thinking to become part of your professional tool kit.

I am sure you already know all this, but have you ever really invested in yourself and actually put it to practice? Or did you just hear it and dismiss it, conveniently?

Axiom – creativity will not come from your comfort zone, but it will come from your ability to be different.

Being different requires self-discipline.

We don’t need self-discipline to be in our comfort zone, which may hint at the fact that self-discipline, on its own account, is a creative state of mind, but that is for another time.

Your internal speeds are very important. Being still inside, engaging in a slow, deliberate speed will eventually connect you to your natural speed and you will find that you can generate new creative ideas. Until you have tried it enough times, it will be foolish to expect quick results. However Creative Thinking can become second nature if sought after long enough.

As was mentioned before, one of the greatest misconceptions out there, is that; when you speed up you accomplish more and get more done. NOT true! You may be thinking that you do more, but it will be more of the same and certainly not Creative.

Creative Thinking Tip for your day-to-day for Improved Effectiveness

Here is Creative Thinking tool you may wish to apply in your daily tasks:

Take any ordinary task that you perform daily, and before you do it ask yourself loudly: What is the best, most effective way for me to do this task, and get better results?

Sit still, wait a couple of minutes and don’t do anything.

Refuse to do it as you have done before. Remember, half speed.

Do it three (3) times a day for three different tasks and assess the level of results you get.

Please don’t do the usual “non-creative” thing and try to prove me wrong on this one! Because if you do what I am asking you to do, you will eventually get results, excellent ones!  Don’t fall into the trap of expecting it to happen right away.

I would love to hear about your successes.

Creative Thinking, when done right, will cause you to become much more conscious and much less familiar with yourself and your surroundings. This will increase your perception and your sharpness of mind.

Furthermore, when you rediscover Creativity, you will feel energized and up-beat, because it is fun, it’s new and it’s REALLY the only way to do things in a successful way. (No, it’s not a grammatical error, I deliberately wrote “rediscover” creativity, because the essence of creativity is naturally inside you, you just need to create the conditions for it to appear).

Here is a saying for you to contemplate:

If you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you got.

Creative Thinking is synonymous with change.  Change takes daring. Change takes courage. You want change? Then get Creative, do things different! Inspire others around you!

What Can The Thinking Coach Corporate Training Seminars Do for Your Organization?

Have you noticed that most of this article is not about Creative Doing? But rather, Creative Being? These terms in themselves are creative and you may want to think about that.

The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Seminars, which are part of a broad Soft Skills Corporate Training Programs, take professionals through a series of workshop exercises to achieve balance, steadiness, inner quiet and a “big picture” consciousness, where a Creative Thinking State of Mind becomes an integral part of doing business. It helps professionals rediscover their own natural Creative genius and shows them how to utilize it in everyday tasks.

The seminar demonstrates  and teaches how to engage in high-level Problem Solving, and come up with new ideas for old problems. It is absolutely essential in these times of change to be creative and make a real difference in answering the question…

Does Change Manage You or Do You Manage Change?

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….


Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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