Critical Thinking – A Guide to Decision Making #1

The 2nd Presidential debate Clinton Vs. Trump

Who or What to vote for …??

A Guide to Decision Making

This is the first of two articles, the second of which will be delivered next week with an in-depth analysis of how to use questions in the Critical Thinking process.

Personal Note: Please do not to jump to any conclusions about my political views, as they have nothing to do with what I am writing about in this article.

We have just witnessed another debate, between, what I would call a neighborhood bully, and a lady who was showing great restrain in her verbal & nonverbal communication, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Toughness, by keeping her stature at a level that befitted the circumstance.

It is almost impossible for ordinary people who watched the debate to make any sense of what was what!

There were so many smoke screens, and communication distractions made by Trump, who deliberately tried to hide the real issues, and cloud them with personalized attacks of a very low level, certainly not professional.

This is where I would like to introduce you to my thoughts as a guide to decision making after this debate!

On a few occasions, I became a little concerned watching how Donald Trump was physically crowding Hillary Clinton’s space, when she was speaking. It seemed to me to be physically threatening. As a nonverbal communication expert, to me this is clear, this is the first trick in the book for one person to dominate another, never mind what that says about a man forcing himself upon a woman… and folks, we are talking about presidential debates…!

This 2nd US Presidential debate can provide an excellent case for Critical Thinking to be applied.

Critical Thinking always searches for the first, most important principle, of whatever issue is being considered.

In other words, when using Critical Thinking, I think “what is the most important issue for me when I watch the presidential debates?”  The immediate answer that comes to me is, MANNERISM.  And I look no further.

Because, if a potential president doesn’t have manners, is extremely disrespectful of the other gender, uses foul language, lies, diverts issues, creates smokes screens by dizzying demagoguery, is accusatory at every opportunity, uses bully tactics of nonverbal communication, interjects with nasty remarks, moans and complains about everything and everyone, talks “I, I, I,” and very seldom do you hear “ we, we, we”,  and is negative, negative, negative, while promoting himself constantly, as if he is the long lost Messiah that will save us from the corrupt political establishment (the one he manipulated so well to gain his billions, and is not ashamed to boast about it!)…Then why in the world, regardless of any other issues, would I want to vote for this person to become the president of the greatest democracy in the world?

Think about it!

Critical Thinking is that simple as a guide for decision making, when you locate the first principle for yourself.

Here is the Critical Thinking question that guides my Decision Making process, in this US election:

What are the visible human qualities, manners and values that I would absolutely NOT compromise on, when I vote for my president? (People tend to reveal who they are and their true personality through their nonverbal & verbal communication even if they try to intimate otherwise).

This is the First Principle in my Critical Thinking process.

Critical Thinking Axiom:

If the first principle is not right, look no further!

Because, what will follow will be further away from the truth.

You cannot fit a square peg into a round hole!

This kind of thinking belongs with Decision Making at all levels.

As a professional trainer and coach, I have shown over the years to many people, in the numerous Decision Making and Critical Thinking seminars that I have conducted around the world, how to locate the first principle in their Decision Making process.

In these presidential debates we are provided with a first class opportunity to utilize Critical Thinking. Never before has there been such a dramatic SHE/HE theater that shows, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that unless we are human first, nothing else matters.

On a final note, Critical Thinking is not an easy subject, but it’s extremely worthwhile to pursue in these times of dramatic changes, that seem to expedite daily. It is certainly a “must have” skill for leaders and managers in every aspect of the professional world.

The Thinking Coach professional, international training seminars, will guide you through ever deepening work shop tools, to acquire Critical Thinking as an important Leadership skill. This will help you manage change rather than be managed by it.

The Thinking Coach training seminars will introduce you to a level of Decision Making and Strategic Thinking that will prevent long term stress and aggravation, which is caused by a world that is often hyped up to the point of insanity!

Please contact us for more information.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach ™

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