Do you need Leadership development training to update your Leadership Skills?

The Big Picture background

Change is Happening Much faster Than We Realize- It Affects Everything, Especially People… How they think, How They Feel, What’s Important to Them, Their sense of Self-Worth and Much, Much More. Therefore, we need to update our thinking as essential part of leadership training seminars.
Every thing is Different and will become even more different than we dare to think. There is no sense thinking that things will be as they were. They won’t! and, Yes…
There is “A Lot New Under the Sun”
We live in a time where the truth just comes out- it’s quick these days- you must have noticed it. People are sensitive and they see and feel things, they may not say much, but they will act when the time comes. There is no doubt that in the territory of leadership we are witnessing that old ways simply don’t work any more and much more Leadership By Example is the only way for leaders to be. Nice words, hot promises that cover up hidden personal agenda don’t work anymore.

What Leadership Development Questions Must Be asked?

Can you develop your leadership skills to a new level of performance?

Can you think strategically as a leader? different to tactical?

Can you be flexible enough to adapt to change and lead change?

Can you lead by example?

Do you have emotional Intelligence in your leadership skills tool kit?

Can you be speak strategically?

Are your communication skills in line with what people need today to hear from their leadership?

Do you Inspire people?

Are you a leader by title that holds on to their position or are you a functional charismatic leader that people love?

The “Leadership Disconnect Crisis”

In my career as a trainer, coach, facilitator (I actually don’t like these titles, I think of my self more as an Agent of Change) I meet many professionals, some, in very influential positions. Many of them seem to be locked in past views and opinions, which often have nothing to do with the present. Worse, they live in reality of their own making, one that is divorced from real reality. I am often asked to come and train their management teams to improve in a particular soft skill seminar or leadership training seminar. All too often I find that they entirely misdiagnosed the need of their leadership team and furthermore, their expectations of training seminars are naïve and unreasonable. Unfortunately, I find that many so-called leaders suffer from what I call The Leadership Disconnect Crisis. The main symptom of that crisis is that leaders do not know their people, don’t relate to them on human level and have very little interpersonal and communication skills to form a bond of trust.
To make a very long story short it can be said that EGO has taken the place of Leadership By Example. The ego tends to produce a self-view that sees the so-called leader to be an authority that doesn’t have to prove its soft skill credentials. An Ego based leader tend to think that they know better than anyone else in everything!!! It amounts to Ego deciding and Ego protecting itself. This way of proceeding blocks the system, keeps people at bay, decreases ROI, reduces productivity to minimum and insures high rate of workforce turnover.
This is Leadership by Title rather than Leadership by Merit.

Change Leadrship style: Hard Vs. Soft

One of the main changes that I see happening is the movement from hard to soft.
As you may have noticed, people, and you included, do not respond to hardness too well. Fear and threat and punitive actions are all example of hardness. Hard communication is commanding, demanding, castigating, assuming, attacking. Hard does not inspire, it condemns and punishes. It bends people to its needs. It never leads to long-term results and the results it does get are minimal. Yet, it is the most common leadership approach that is in the world today.
The soft style of management is producing much better long term results. It brings people together, it creates confidence, it understands that humans are the greatest asset the organization has, it treats humans like humans and not as commodity. It is very interesting that in the most technological times ever, the significance of Human Technology is on the rise. In short, Human Technology is the art of dealing with people in the way that is the most honest and productive. By analogy, if a human is a computer do you know which “buttons to press” to get best results?

About Change Management Training…

If you are a manager and you read this article get used to the idea that soft is not weak, the opposite is true-Soft coming from the right place and expressed correctly is real strength, one that understands people, understands the bigger picture, understands the pressures and stresses that are involved, and is able to take it on internally, deal with people respectfully. When leadership is caring on all levels people are willing and eager to become responsible and demonstrate accountability.

Soft Skills training is the best and most economical ROI out there! It is not just a good idea-This is it!

Professionals today are forced to operate in hard conditions in relentless drive for fast results, and although this seems to be an integral part of the business world, this constant pressure causes burnouts, high turnover of employees, lack of motivation and minimal productivity (Overwhelming amount of studies show that the productivity rate is at about 20%!!!) Since it is unlikely that stress conditions will ever change in the business environment, the best way is to increase the personal skill level to handle stress, such as strategic thinking, stress management, change management and others. When all levels (very important to have all levels agree to a Trust Network, to prevent a disconnect) of the organization receive frequent, top quality training that caters to their professional needs, they experience relief of stress and aggravation, improvement in the ability to provide services and, working environment which is pleasant to be in. This will result in greater ability to manage change, personal intactness and the establishment of a Trust Network (which is a whole new dynamic to get into).

What The Thinking Coach corporatel training seminars can do for your organization?

These exceptional corporate training seminars make a difference! The leadership development program is founded upon international experience of over 25 years. They provide people with high caliber learning experience which becomes a catalyst & an inspiration for real change.
The leadership trainings seminars are real and extremely effective in bringing potential leaders to level of skills that people can trust and follow. However it must be written that these semianrs are extremely challenging to so called leaders who forgot that they are only humans. This is because the most important leadership skill is Humbleness!

So to those of you who seek for a live kick ass program for your leadership …call me!


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