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What is Elite Strategic Training?

There is great deal of ambiguity and confusion where the meaning of “strategy” or what is strategic thinking about, and what is strategic planning about. All the more when you try to explain how you can implement strategic development in your own life, which is the real Elite Strategic Training. Mostly people don’t apply the word strategic to the question what is life leadership about.

Elite Strategic Training is the ability to train strategically in every life aspect, work related or personal.

There isn’t a better training ground than your own life!

When you ask different people what is strategic development, there are many different answers that can vary from being creative all the way to having patience, mostly indicating lack of Elite Strategic Training .

Let me shed some light on the subject of how to think, where strategic development in life leadership is concerned.


What Does It Mean To Have Elite Strategic Training About Your Life Leadership?

Before we can answer that question we need to answer the question: What is Strategic Thinking about: to which one of the answers is: How To Think Ahead Of Time About What Hasn’t Happened Yet.

In order to develop this aspect there’s a need to develop a state of mind that is open to the unknown, not afraid of it, and without the bias of using past experience as a bench mark for current and future decisions.

Such development requires personal development plan template, which expresses itself in different aspects of what is life leadership about for us, whether we are at work or in the grocery store, talking to our spouse or having a casual chat with a friend over coffee.

In other words if a person wishes to be “future” oriented they cannot allow themselves to rest on past successes or ideas that may unconsciously control their level of how to think. This is not so easy to understand in the real life meaning of the concept.

There is an overall misconception that going to work is one thing and living life is another. Well, that is ok if one is not in the business of Elite Strategic Training, because Elite Strategic Training can happen anywhere, any time. It is Elite because it concerns the big picture of strategic thinking training.

So what is Personal Development About?

I am saying that strategic development in every day life cannot be separated from personal development plan template, in that personal development is about always Being At Training. Life leadership is to have Elite Strategic Training and learn to improve from every situation while finding the state of mind that supports such development. The ability to think ahead in a clear way is hugely important in achieving personal development plan template.

One of the most important aspects of strategic development is how we position ourselves in the eyes of others. In other words, how we cause others to think about us, or hold us in their mind. That is because we humans tend to prejudge situations and think in boxes and sound bites, while fixing people and situations in our mind in boxes.

If I was to ask you how you think about Mary or Jim what you will answer to me is according to what box you put them in. This is precisely what Elite Strategic Training can offset.

What is strategic thinking about in interpersonal communication is to pre-think what we want to cause in  others by how we communicate. Our communication is our ambassador and we can influence people’s mind  how to think and view who we are by how we communicate. This is what strategic communication is about.

What this is saying is that we can be strategic about everything including communication! 

Elite Strategic Training addresses multiple aspects of what strategic thinking is about and therefore provides an edge by adapting to change, affecting change and understanding in advance possible scenarios and consequences.

Personal development plan template tip concerning promises and intentions

There is a system in us that is very aware when other people express to us an intention they have. We take the intention and without realizing it, we hold on to it like a child does. Have you noticed how children always remember promises that were made to them? Well, we adults are the same, we remember, we keep it, we expect it to be fulfilled if it the promise doesn’t not get fulfilled we tend to lose trust. This is of critical importance in the business world.

So here is the tip: if you express an intention to yourself, or any one else, make it “time specific” and do it. What it does, is to cause them (and yourself) to take you seriously and you cause in them the thought that you are a “Reliable” person that can be trusted. It is simple and has huge affect on how you position yourself in the future. By being a person “of their word” you create a for yourself a future that will attract opportunities.

You create your future image in people by what you say you will do, followed by what you do!

There for you when you need

Elite Strategic Training is a key program in The Thinking Coach leadership training courses and employee training development in redefining what is leadership about and what is management about in the 21st century, which has different requirements to ever before.

I teach top 10 leadership skills in my leadership training courses and employee training development programs, which make a difference in workforce and leadership effectiveness, productivity and the ability to compete. These seminars are conducted world wide along with life coaching to top leadership.


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