Employee Engagement Training- Gradually, Gradually, Suddenly!

**Important note**

Everything that we see that seems to suddenly appear has a “gradually, gradually” phase to it, that we don’t see.Those who succeed the most have the strategic thinking instinct to detect the unseen “gradually, gradually”.

Where did the term Employee Engagement come from?

In the past few years the term “Employee Engagement” has sprung up, , into the corporate training & human resource training consciousness rather suddenly

Perhaps not so suddenly, because everything that appears has a hidden developing process. Perhaps, maybe not so hidden to those who have the eyes to see, senses to detect, and can read “the writing on the wall”.

To be able to read the writing on the wall one has to free their mind from previous conditioning and develop the neutrality that can perceive the facts as they are.

From my vast international experience, which, extends over 25 years and stretches across four continents, I can state in the most emphatic terms:

Employees have been and are the most valuable asset of any organization, government, corporate or otherwise, but are not thought of that way, or treated in a manner that reflects their true human or professional value.

(photograph: Ivey Business Journal)

The background to Employee Engagement

The reader might say, “well, we know that”, and true, intellectually everyone knows that but…in practice, in the work place, in the attitude that prevails today, almost everywhere, employees are merely treated as a Commodity with very little regard to their human value, to their emotional intelligence and to their overall sense of dignity.

Sounds horrible? Indeed! But I am only the messenger not the message! Unfortunately this is the reality by an overwhelming majority of the cases, and is gradually getting worse.

There is a curious inversion of significance that is worth paying attention to, and it is:

The greater the technological advancement the more important the human capital wealth is, for overall success. Yet, at the same time, there is growing apathy and disregard for employees.

Furthermore, there is greater supply of workers than there are jobs available, which adds to the illusion that humans are not important and could be easily replaced.

What is the definition of Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is a process achieved by increased employee engagement training, which synergizes employees with the goals, vision and procedures of the organization & helps them become part of the decision making mechanism & strategic thinking.  Employees thereby join the “life” of the organization through increased delegation of responsibility, think-tank participation, while building trust & team building confidence towards the precious goal of personal ownership.

Obviously, the definition of Employee Engagement means nothing without active application.

For Employee Engagement Training to become meaningful and achieve the results it can, corporate leadership must support it whole-heartedly.

Evidently, the support has to be real, coming from a platform that respects employees and understands their importance in the success of the organization. If leadership is “in”, Employee Engagement can be a key to the long-term success of the organization in more senses than one.

This embodies the principle of success in process.

In part 2 of this article ‘How Can Employee Engagement Training Affect Corporate Success’ a broader understanding to Employee Engagement training will be provided.

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Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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