Getting A Grip On What Change Is About – The Tuning Fork Effect

A Preview Of What Is Change About

The Tuning Fork - Getting A Grip On What is Change About

This subject is upfront in most professional minds these days. The ability to understand What Is Change About & how to Manage Change has become crucial.

Our current world makes knowledge available to everyone at a click of a button, everything is known instantly across the globe through advanced media communications, nothing can stay hidden anymore for long.

Google, Facebook and other social networks have changed the world map of social order, world institutions are crumbling, governments are loosing their legitimacy to govern, children 1-2 year old master smart phones, the ice caps are melting, divorce rates are rising rapidly, people are more lonely than ever…and on and on the list goes.

What Change Management is About 

Making decisions in a changing environment is not an easy task because you can’t rely on yesterday’s decisions for guidance.

Furthermore, Strategic Thinking has changed dramatically as well, because long term Strategic Planning has become nearly impossible.

It seems that even 3 months planning is risky. And inside all of that there is the human being, YOU! Your ability to think straight, stay emotionally balanced, even happy (we dare say!) and…maintain sanity, stay productive and healthy.

For professionals the question becomes: How do I keep up with all the changes around me, advance my career and continue to improve and develop?

Change Management Training

Change Management training is essential. And that’s what I do! I train professionals to manage change!

At times of change the question ‘what is problem solving about’, becomes central focus, as change tends to expose hidden problems and conflicts.

This is one of the main symptoms of change in the workplace, which require attention. The training must be focused on Soft Skills for the workplace because lack of soft kills is where the problem is.

However, let me introduce here a concept that may help you to think a bit different about Change Management and perhaps point you in the right direction. It deals with the Personal Development aspect of Change Management.

The Tuning Fork Principle

The Tuning Fork - Getting A Grip On What is Change About

If you were a musical tuning fork that could be calibrated to attract vibrating sounds; to what note would your pitch be calibrated to? or in other words what are you inviting?

Let me try to explain this strange question and direct your attention to an astonishing law of nature.

The Tuning Fork Principle works like this: When you tap a tuning fork it begins to vibrate and make humming sounds, sending out vibrations of a specific pitch through the air around it.

If another tuning fork is placed nearby and is calibrated to the same note, the second tuning fork will begin to hum and vibrate in harmony with the first one.

What Does It Mean For You

You too, act as a tuning fork. While the pitch/tune you send is invisible and, unlike a tuning fork, it is silent to the ear, you DO calibrate your minds and thinking to specific vibrations, and those vibrations search for matching tunes in other people or situations.

You do this both consciously and unconsciously, and send those vibrations all the time. The tunes are silent, invisible signals that flow through the air around you and vibrate in harmony with similar forks (people, situations) that are tuned in a similar way.

This expresses itself also in communication when you speak to another person about similar hobbies that you might have.

When you do that you connect through similarities and create a mutual humming vibrancy. That is a well known sales principle of “ice breaking”.

This is a very profound concept with life changing potential!

Now, to get back to our opening question of what note would you calibrate to your pitch?

You have the choice of what signal you want to send, and the signals are thoughts, attitudes, behavior patterns and…Actions!

Your “mind’s orchestra” attracts more sound according to the music it produces.

When you commit yourself internally to a thought or an idea and follow it up with an action, the intensity of your commitment increases the rate and quality of vibrations that you send out.

You then start to send vibrations that are picked up by others. This principle is referred to by sayings such as: ” birds of a feather flock together”, ” it takes one to know one”, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” and so forth.

Wherever we direct our life force, which manifests by how we think, what we contemplate, the yearnings and passions of our mind, is where we will fetch our next intelligence from.

This may sound like science fiction but, indeed, in this journey, you are the captain of your own Starship Enterprise.

Leadership Training Courses & Management Training Courses

The Thinking Coach teaches the Tuning Fork Principle and its practical applications to redefine what is a win and what is a success at the corporate level. Getting a grip on what is change about is essential for change management to be effective, and this natural principle is a powerful guiding post.

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Eli Harari

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