Green Intelligence

Creativity SQ

Green Intelligence is to do with being able to think out of the box and not be stopped by difficulties.

Green Intelligence asks  “what next” and being located at “what next” is to be free from the constraints of the past.

It is the ability to stay positive in spite of challenges, personal and collective, and always seek for new solutions to recurring problems.

To do so, one needs to be able to generate and apply new ideas to situations and be always moving on, this is where Green Intelligence comes in.

An important part of Green intelligence is SQ, which is Spiritual Quotient.

SQ addresses critical qualities of leading from the front with inspiration and purpose.

Guiding questions

  • Are you able to think out of the box?
  • Are you able to let go of past issues and seek new solutions?
  • Are you able to stay positive in spite of negative surrounding?
  • Do you apply spiritual quotient in your work?
  • Are you inspirational to yourself and to your surrounding?

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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™