How Leadership Training can Sustain your Continuous Improvement

Sustainable Development Strategies

Leadership is a function, not a title, and thus has immense responsibility.

Leadership should be an anchor of stability for people.

The core values and character of a leader is the glue that binds people together and inspires them to take ownership and improve performance.

A leader must always move on, and not rest on his/her past successes, and therefore, on-going development and continued improvement are essential to the overall performance of the leader.

This is where Leadership Training Seminars are essential for today ‘s leaders.

In today’s reality the requirements from True & Authentic Leadership are multiple and varied.

The 5 essential questions of Leadership Training:

  1. What awareness must a leader possess, and what are the vital areas in which he/she must increase their knowledge base?
  2. What are the essential, repeatable, daily work and personal practices, and self-discipline that would energize and renew the commitment of his/her work force and clients?
  3. What are the long term, “Big Picture” considerations, motives, principles and values that need to be ever present in the mind of a leader?
  4. What are the essential Human Management skills & Communication skills (interpersonal & crowd communication) that a leader must have, to build and maintain the integrity,     cohesion and trust of the people in his/her care?
  5. How does a leader build and maintain a work environment where creativity and innovation can thrive and become an integral part of Doing Business? (This aspect is absolutely essential in changing times)

Apart from the obvious technical and administrative skills, which are termed Hard Skills, which always need to be upgraded and maintained, leaders are judged mostly by their Soft Skills aptitude – studies show that Soft Skills account for 90% of the requirements that a leader needs.

Leadership development needs to be sustained, it never stops and therefore the attitude of the charismatic Leader should always be one of openness and humbleness for he/she understands that their next success and development will come from what they don’t know rather than what they know.

“Leading by Example” should be the sacred words of Leadership. Such merit is attained through the two aspects of Being & Doing. On the one hand they need to increase their knowledge base and  their ability to be in the eye of t he storm, cool, calm and collected under pressure, riding the wings of change, and on the other be  energetically active in applying and carrying out what they have learned, and what they know works. The gap between Knowledge and Putting into Practice, should remain narrow, which will guarantee their ability to sustain their development and improvement.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

4 Replies to “How Leadership Training can Sustain your Continuous Improvement”

  • I hadn’t realised the actual importance behind leadership. I’ve been asked to come up with information for a meeting at work about leadership, so I couldn’t have come across your article at a better time! These are really fab questions to put forward, and I will definitely be taking these with me!

  • This is really helpful. I think you can apply these leadership tips into any area of your life whether your business or in sports. I’m a basketball coach, so I got to make sure I’m leading my team by example. Showing how they should carry themselves and giving them the tools they need to accomplish their goals. This is great article, definitely going to recommend my players to give it a read.

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