The Attitude That Can Change What Success is about

How To Think About What Is A Success, To Become A Success!
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Become A Success By Redefining What success Is About

What success is about is on the mind of every person whether they are aware of it or not.

As The Life Coach for professionals I can attest to the fact that it is certainly on the mind of professionals.

Most people tend to think about success in a known acceptable way, as it has been defined by the powers that be. The truth about it is that for most success=money. Better sill Success = Fame & Fortune.

This is what is in most people’s minds, if they didn’t challenge the term to redefine what is a success for them, how to think about it and where to find it.

The perception we have about what success is about has been planted in our minds since early childhood, and has been engraved  by repetition.

We have all been brain washed how to think about it, or rather, accept it automatically and not to think about it. We were given a box called success and we adapted it, because that’s what the powers that be decided to “feed” us by creating a culture of Rat Race, predicated on the fact that there is one “cheese” and many “rats’

Those interested in the subjected beyond the acceptable, unchallenged ways of thinking, will discover that success is much different than the prevailing common perceptions .

In fact, Success is much more accessible, and much bigger than we think.

Success is Many Things not a One Thing

The Attitude That Can Change What Success is about

Here are a few common and uncommon parameters of what success is about that you likely did not classify them as part of success :

  1. Success is to know a lot
  2. Success is in trying
  3. success is a process
  4. It Is a success to have food on the table
  5. It is a success to have roof over your head
  6. It is a success to have your own quiet time every day
  7. It is a success to be loved and have someone to love
  8. It is a success to be healthy
  9. It is a success to feel great
  10. It is a success to be able to walk & move
  11. It is a success to win over the competition
  12. It is a success to compare yourself to others and beat them in everything
  13. It is a success to give your best
  14. It is a success to be happy
  15. It is a success to have a lot of money and be free of financial worry (the two are not necessarily the same)
  16. It is a success to have a Lamborgini
  17. It is a success to be in nature
  18. It is a success to do it yourself with furniture you bought in Ikea
  19. It is a success to love what you do
  20. It is a success to have eyeglasses to be able to see
  21. And on…and on…

It’s all of the above and much more. You are welcome and encouraged to continue the list to find out what success is for you.

Clearly the definition of what is a success requires expansion of the ordinary, limited way of thinking, to get the big picture, to appreciate the huge scope that the meaning of success can have.

Let’s first acknowledge something right from the start – Success starts with an attitude. The right kind of attitude makes good things happen always. When your attitude is right, success is never far away.


So… What Is An Attitude?

The Attitude That Can Change What Success is about

Well, It’s many things…(try to forget the defunct school system of one answer to one question)

  • Attitude is a matter of decision
  • It is a place where strength or weakness come from
  • It can be negative or positive
  • It can, therefore, have the power of positivity or the weakness of negativity
  • It can be shallow or deep
  • It’s a deep place of ‘being’ from which ‘doing’ comes
  • It’s how you feel about something
  • It’s a core reason either obvious or hidden
  • It has belief in it
  • It can be changed
  • It comes from the person
  • It is an inner motivation
  • It can form up accidentally from childhood
  • It’s a life compass
  • It’s the satisfaction of doing a good job
  • To have the right kind of attitude is a huge success on its own account
  • Attitude gets you things of similar nature
  • Attitude is a magnet to same things

It’s all of the above and much more. You are welcome to continue the list.

Let’s elaborate, to better explain what is an attitude, through a simple example.

Supposing a person’s attitude is that they are thankful for all that they have, (as it is called The attitude Of Gratitude).

That attitude will cause them to be pleased and humble, without expectations or taking things for granted. That will result in a particular way of life where happiness is never far away.

In the same token, from the other side of the equation, consider the attitude that always expects and complains if it doesn’t get what it expects. You can figure out where that will lead to.

What is called Karma is a simple natural law that things of the same nature hang together.

How Does an Attitude Form

The attitude of a person is formed by their perceptions, by how they think, from which comes a range of feelings that are either positive or negative. Sometimes forming attitude bypasses the thinking process and is formed directly from strong feelings that may occur as a result of an accident, a trauma, or a life focusing story.

The power of positivity has an immense importance in the shaping of an attitude.

Being positive in an extremely negative and judgmental society is a huge success on its own account.

A Story About Attitude

Consider the story of the two children, the optimistic and the pessimistic.

They are both taken to separate locations. The pessimistic is taken to a store full of toys while the optimistic is taken to a place full of horse manure. They leave the children at those locations and come back some time later.

They first go to the toy store and find the pessimistic kid seating on the floor crying, complaining he couldn’t find his favorite toy.

They then go to the horse manure place and they see a pair of legs sticking out from a hole full of manure, and all this manure flying out with cheerful yelling & laughter accompanying the flying manure.

They pull the cheering kid out by his legs, all covered with manure, as you can imagine, and he is resisting while crying out “ with all this horse manure there’s got to be a horse somewhere”.

Funny isn’t it, yet brutally true. Aperceptionsttitude can and does change

The truth about the meaning of success is in the attitude of a person and in what is a win for them, regardless if it is a win for anyone else.

What Is a Success In The Business World?

The Attitude That Can Change What Success is about

Well, exactly the same!

Are you pleased that you have a job and that you can put food on the table and provide for your family? I mean really pleased, as an attitude of gratitude, as a state of mind, as a growing feeling and emotion?

Are you doing the best you can?

Are you pleased for the success of others?

These are few indications that are worth contemplating.

If you are a leader ask yourself, what is leadership about for you?

Are you pleased when others, who report to you, succeed?

Do you have the power of positivity on your side or are you a negative person who people don’t want to be around?

Do you understand what is a charisma, and do you have it?

Real successful people have charisma, because:

Charisma is an Aura Of Success That Others Want To be Near To Have some Of Its Glow Rub Over Them.

Success in the business world has to do with all things humane, which will naturally be a magnet for effectiveness and profitability, as a bi product of humanity. That’s why soft skills for the workplace are so important.

How To Think About What Is A Success, To Become A Success!


Summarizing what success is about

The Attitude That Can Change What Success is about

Success should always be a process. Never confined to a singular end result, where there is only one winner. It doesn’t make sense, that with all the seven thousand five hundred million people (7.5 Billion) in the world there’s only room for very few successes.

Not only that it doesn’t make sense, it is a horrible reality that makes God a fool (you don’t have to be religious to figure that one out, all you have to do is watch young children playing and wonder if God made a joke of their lives creating them as losers, or did our culture do that with its huge absence of humanity, that is carries out to every aspect of life, including, of course, the work place ).

The fact that the majority of the human race has been brain washed to think that the only success is to have money is a terrible thing that needs to be corrected fast.

I’ll never forget in my early years when I was teaching tennis, how this man brought this 6 year old kid to me to give him a lesson. He was his uncle.

This insensitive person said to me, in front of the child, who looked pale with eyes looking down “ he is not good but try anyway …”.

My response to him left no room for doubt where I stood in the matter. He was put to shame in a humane way, which I think caused him to think/feel a bit different.

I was alone with the child. About 45 minutes into the lesson he cracked the first smile.

He stopped telling himself he is stupid. The power of positivity got him and with that he started to see that he can be good at tennis, even very good as his eye hand coordination was excellent. within an hour he made a stunning progress. The power of positivity and humanity made all the difference in the world.

This story stayed with me throughout my sports career and beyond. As the life coach for many professionals world wide, I often see the disbelief people have about their own abilities to succeed, but I never let them get away with it. Because, it ain’t the truth. Success is in trying, before anything else!

Success is relative for each person, and is determined by their attitude and value system.

About The Executive Leadership Training By  The Thinking Coach

As The Life Coach For Professionals I conduct Executive Leadership Training & Employee Training development programs world-wide.

Many of the professionals I train are in some ways ‘that child who was told he wasn’t good enough to play tennis’ and they often deal with lack of confidence and trust in their ability to improve.

My main mission is to prove them wrong!

I have designed my seminars in such a way that people can win and change for real…if they really want. They get all the tools, the recognition they deserve, the confidence boost, the challenge they need to struggle through, all in a friendly environment.

The question is whether they will carry that inspiration over to their daily activities and give themselves a fresh start.

If you ask me What is a win and what is a success for me, it is to see the smile of belief and of “I can” in those who attend my seminars.

I see my job as the life coach, to train professionals to constantly be on the move where their own personal development is concerned.

Material success without the personal success is like a minor without a lamp. It is called a dead end success, which never delivers on its promises.

The ultimate success is to constantly redefine what is a success and what is winning in a new level, because you have moved on, and today you understand more than you understood yesterday.

Call Me for executive leadership training, 2nd to none!

I am Here for You!

Eli Harari

The Life Coach for Professionals™

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  • what is success and it is all about success in business? absolutely not, I get some frustration on my business, but I think I succeed in other part, I have a nice life partner who never leave me and accompanies me in my hard time. your coach and course sound great, I believe you will help others to build up confidence towards their life, and get people understand how to satisfy by themselves. hope you everything well.

    best regards.

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