How to think Anew about Human Resource Training?

I have just concluded a training seminar for a Human Resource team of a well-known organization and it became very apparent to me, and to the participants, that we live and operate in a very new business environment, which needs a totally different thinking.

A new reality that we are not very accustomed to, one that requires updating and rethinking concerning, especially, the “human wealth” issue. So much so, that the old traditional Human Resource department will literally need to reinvent itself to fit the requirements of the 21st Century.

Human Resource, as we know it, is a tired old thing that urgently needs a complete overhaul, from attitude, to work practices, to values and just about everything associated with that corporate function.

Where to begin?

Well, perhaps it ought to get a new name to start with, one that reflects a bit more the basic requirement…How about Resource Human?

The slight name change can reflect an important value that seems to have been forgotten in the current corporate environment:

Humans are the most important resource of the organization

What are the necessary areas for Human Resource training?

If the premise Resource Human is understood at depth, then the following skills would be needed for Human Resource training:

1.    Strategic Thinking – what kind of people will move the organization forward to meet the new requirements of “doing business” in the 21st century?

2.    Emotional Intelligence – how to understand and facilitate the emotional needs of the work force to prevent high turnover and to cause in people a sense of loyalty and commitment?

3.    Creative Thinking – how to have a gender balanced work force that can express new ideas, lead innovation and combine long-term strategic thinking with short-term tactical thinking?

4.    Conflict Prevention & Stress Management – what work practices would make people feel at ease, able to learn from mistakes, take ownership and feel belonging?

5.      Team Building- how to encourage teamwork and foster a family environment that changes the concept of competition to personal excellence that comes out of collective mutuality?

These are some of the corporate training programs that a new Human Resource training would need to focus on to Re-view and Re-spect the needs of people in organizations today, to avoid falling into traps of trying to fit a square peg (old work practices stemming from the old epoch) to round hole (requirement of new times, young generation, age of innovation typical of the silver epoch).

How would a Revitalized Human Resource department facilitate corporate leadership?

A re-energized Human Resource department becomes a Resource Human facility which would  then serve greatly the needs of leadership by taking upon itself the responsibility of truly understanding the inside story of the human vector, in all of its components and needs.

It will be given the authority to be the blood “life-line” of the company, having a thorough knowledge of the workforce personnel, their skill level, their emotional needs and their personal story.

Just as the blood carries nutrition to the cells and wastes away from the cells, so would the HR be constantly on watch for upgrading work practices, energizing and investing in corporate training seminars that are necessary, while getting rid of ways and means and work practices that are obsolete.

In this future vision of Human Resource it will become a well- respected consultative body to management and leadership!

Finally, it is obvious that, the revitalization of Human Resource department will transform itself to be a first class Resource Human department that would be part of a general upgrade of the corporate structure and personnel in ways and means.

The human resource training will first and foremost focus on making sure that the change management platform would be one of genuine care for people and for the organization’s long-term success!

The Thinking Coach Human Resource Training Programs

Experience, creativity and high caliber of soft skill training blend together to deliver a new skill level of HR training that makes long-term difference in the performance and caliber of human resource performance, while making sure that the rest of the organization is on board with the progressive changes.

That means that the training seminars will include the leadership and the workforce to ensure harmony of progression, while preventing the hierarchical disconnect that typifies so many organizations today.

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach

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