How to inspire Creative Thinking creatively?

Where Does Creative Thinking Begins?

Creative thinking begins by discovering a state of mind where natural creativity can manifest. When we think on how to inspire Creative thinking we need to remember and understand that  Creative Thinking needs a home and that home is a state of mind of a particular kind.

By watching children we can learn how to inspire creative thinking as children have it naturally, adults need to rediscover it. It is great to watch children to learn how they go about the business of creativity, the attitude they have and the lightness of heart, the “forgive and forget” attitude, the not taking themselves too seriously, the “letting go” that adults have lost and so much more.

Creativity and Innovation are natural to the human. We are all born with it. It is not a matter of learning but a matter of rediscovering the conditions where it can appear, that  is how to inspire creative thinking!

What is the Place of the Ego in Creative Thinking?

For starters try to give up being the all knowing adult who is sure of themselves. The “I Know” state of mind is CLOSED to new knowledge and does not pursue innovation or Creative Thinking- why should it? It thinks it already knows what there is to know. Many people think that way but they”ll never admit it. Such admission would be a creative thinking attitude which they deny by having an outsized ego.

The ego represents the identity we have based on PAST accomplishments. There no food for the ego in what it doesn’t know which is in the now and in the future In other words, your ego represents the past while a creative thinking state of mind belongs to the now and the future. If you want to have new ideas. look at things different, accept the unknown, become bright and curious minded and live each day is if it was your last. For Real!

The price…give up your ego as your leader, which means no preconditions or biased views allowed.  You may think you can do that?

In summation, to let go of your ego  as a dominant force in your life is to make space in your mind for new ideas and new views that may transform what you know to a whole new level.

Giving Up Judgment to Have Creative Thinking Competency

The next step is to let go of inhibitions and judgement of yourself and others. This is a prerequisite for Team Building and how to get the creative thinking cap working!

As has been pointed out before, Creativity is the most natural state for humans, yet by majority most people allow themselves to drift away from it, and become creatures of habit and thereby relinquish the spirit of newness and discovery.

The whole idea of being a judge is toxic in its core. One may have views and opinions, but these views are limited to their understanding and perceptions. It may be valid for them but they are not a benchmark for any one else. Instead, it is best to adapt assessments which are an important part of Critical Thinking and Strategic Thinking.

As is the case with the Ego, inhibitions and judgments have been formed in the past (One cannot judge what has not happened yet…) and you really want to be as free as possible from any past constraints.

How to Think Out of The Box to get a grip on Problem solving?

This is really important for Creative Thinking… let go of the need to have a quick, bottom line, one-line-answer for questions in the manner of passing traditional school tests. Learn to think as a process, ask open ended questions that allow new space to appear in you without the pressure to produce a quick answer. Questions that lead to more questions are open ended questions that increase the scope and reveal The Big Picture.

Problem Solving is always in the Big Picture, which is Out of the Box. Realize that in problem solving, the solution to the problem is not where the problem is.

You cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem.

Exercise your mind not to jump to quick conclusions by allowing it the freedom to explore.

Here is an example of an exercise in Creative Thinking you can do right now – ask yourself a seemingly irrelevant question:

Why do you have 5 fingers?

Don’t come up with any answers just wonder and come up with as many ideas as possible, the more “crazy” the better! Let your mind go. Produce at least ten reasons and be pleased with the fact that you are not sure with any answer. It is at that point, where, if you get interested in exploration rather then coming up with a closed final answer, you may begin to taste a creative state of mind, and creativity can start to appear along side a child like sense of freedom and curiosity.

The next step is take a serious question that you may have and run with it as if you have never seen it before. Do the same exact thing as you have done with the seemingly irrelevant question of the 5 fingers with serious every day business questions.This is the basis for think tank processes and creative problem solving where new solutions to old problems appear, as if by magic.

Blocking Background Noises as key for creative thinking

The ability to be quiet inside and focused is essential for a Creative Thinking State of Mind. Your internal speeds are very important. They must be cool and balanced and for that you need to slow down. The slower and more still you are inside, the more ideas and creative thought will be produced by your mind.

One of the greatest misconceptions of the thinking process is, that when you speed up you achieve more. You may be, but it will be More of the Same. If you are a moving train you need to slow down to let the essence of Creative Thinking hop on.

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I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below, or contact me directly.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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