Human Resource & Change Management Training

Human Resource in the 21st century that wants to call itself updated Human Resource must provide Change Management training at many levels.

The First level of Change Management training in Strategic HR has to address the Emotional Intelligence factor in organizations. Although professionals we are humans first!

And as such, these days, Emotions are the key to productivity, unification, motivation, personal effectiveness, profitability, authenticity, you name it…it has Emotions written all over it. People respond to emotions, decide by emotions and mostly live by emotions. So a Strategic HR has to update its practices and thinking and undergo Change Management Training to become very proficient in Emotional Intelligence. It can be the most cost effective investment that yields the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

Within that aspect there is the main pillar of organizations, which is their Values.

Values are the pillar of stability and Human Resource is the flag carrier or rather the standard bearer of the company.

Therefore, long – term values that guarantee safety and long – term stability must be an important part of its resume.

Every business we consider is first and foremost a People’s Business and as such must consider the Employees of the company as its main stake holders, not the Clients- might sound strange- but if the body doesn’t function well how can it serve others well.

Therefore strategic HR must consider values and emotions as key features that hold the anchors of the company steady at the rough waters that Changes these days cause.

Eli Harari is an HR Strategic Thinker/Consultant specialist, Change management training expert who has supported organizations world-wide and helped them compete very successfully at times of Change!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below, or contact me here.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

4 Replies to “Human Resource & Change Management Training”

  • I believe that one of the key skills that any person can learn is to be able to adapt to change. In all areas of life, not only at work, we are often faced with changes. The better equipped we are to adapt to the changes, the more successful we will be.

    • Yes indeed. That is the main point. We prepare for life by living, as strange is it may sound. change is part of life if we let it be- we often hold on to yesterday fearing the unknown of tomorrow…

  • Hi. Many people still neglect human emotions in business or dismiss them entirely. I know a young entrepreneur who has many problems in HR field and it seems he can’t find the source of his difficulties. I think I’m going to send him the link to your article because he wouldn’t believe ME:-)
    Thanks for great article!

    • Thanks very much for the constructive comment. You may also wish to direct the gentleman to the possibility of having on line coaching with The Thinking Coach- it will get him to the next level!


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