In Respect of the Mother – Thinking Out of the Box

Mother Earth Day!

I am writing to you this article on Earth Day and so I wish to dedicate this article today to Mother Earth and think about her “out of the Box”, and I will leave for you, the reader, to determine what would constitute “in the box” thinking about this Mother Earth day.

There is an old saying: “you become what you think about”. I would add: “then think what you want to become”!

This holds true to many things, almost everything, except what defy natural laws, such as thinking of flying like a bird, which clearly won’t happen. But it does immediately ask: ‘How good is my personal development? My will power? My sense of purpose that would allow me to control my thinking in such a way that I focus exactly and proficiently only on what I want to become, excluding everything else’. Well, the writer will tell you that after 30 years of an extensive journey in the area of thinking “it ain’t easy”, to put it mildly.

In Respect to Mother Earth


This great blue ball-shaped “thing” that houses over 7,000,000,000 human beings is spinning this very moment as you read this article, at 1,000 miles an hour and it is very likely that you don’t feel it and that the cup of tea or coffee on your table is not moving.

At the very same time it rotates around the sun, in such a way that always one side of it faces the sun, and the other side is in darkness, enabling the mechanics of sleep and awake to alternate between the southern and northern hemispheres non stop.

The seasons alternate as well and somewhere on this planet there is always winter and summer or spring and Autumn. And much more besides…all 7,000,000,000 people breathe the air and eat food and drink water that come from her. Our clothes and homes and just about everything we think we have comes from this great mother….and millions of other automatic processes that go on simultaneously, which allow our life to go on.

We are dependent on this planet every moment of our lives, and what’s wonderful about it, is that she doesn’t brag about it, has no ego, doesn’t expect us to become her servant and…never sends us any bills! She just gives, gives and gives!

This doesn’t happen just one day a year, it goes on all the time! When you put your mind to it, its rather mind boggling, to say the very least – don’t you think?

So on this Earth day, one out of 365 days a year, we might care to think that we are thankful for only 0.3% of the time we benefit from her ceaseless giving, and even then we likely spare only a few minutes or maybe a bit more to be grateful for all that we have.

Thinking Out of the Box

So what is “out of the box” here? Well, to think it regularly is “out of the box”! As simple as it might sound. To be increasingly thankful and to add up in our minds how much we benefit from this great host of ours, and then somehow try to get a state of thankfulness to have more time in us, so that we can transfer that to other people, not by telling them, but by showing them.

We often think that to be creative is to discover more complicated ideas, but I can tell you after 25 years experience in teaching Creative Thinking that it is the most simple, the most effective and… it is rarely done.

This state of thankfulness I am writing about happens to be the very key for productivity on personal and organizational levels.

To be thankful for the people who share your life, for the fact that you have a shelter over your head and have food on the table, as a growing state of mind, is truly thinking “out of the box”.

Some are not that lucky, but curiously enough they happen to be the most thankful and happy people, which tells you that true wealth in not measured by quantity but by being thankful and happy for what you have.

I do recognize that not all will see this article to make much sense, but try to think about it, think “out of the box” and to stretch your mind beyond the usual. You do tend to become what you think about, that’s a fact, and what you think is your choice – you will grow all that you think about and that is a natural law.

In thankfulness to Mother Earth for all that she gives me.



I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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