The Enigma Of Charisma – What Is A Leader

What Is A Leader

What Is Charismatic Leadership

 The Enigma of Charisma

The Enigma Of Charisma - What Is A Leader


It is clear and simple isn’t it? We instantly feel charismatic leadership, when we meet it, don’t we? It’s that thing that you know when you meet but can’t quite explain what it is!

What is a leader, is a question with multiple answers, because a leader is not a ‘one thing’. A real leader is a combination of many skills that blend together.

What is charismatic leadership, takes it up another notch. The words “The Enigma of Charisma” speak of the fact that charismatic leadership, has a sense of mystery about it, a touch of the unknown that can not be easily defined.

It makes sense, therefore, to gain some perspective about the question ‘what is charismatic leadership’ by asking questions that may get us closer to the territory, where we may clarify the Enigma of Charisma and the enigma of What Is A Leader!

There’s one thing for sure, however, a true leader never stops developing.

Leadership Training Courses of all kinds must be part of their curriculum on a regular basis, where they acquire and rehearse good leadership skills until it becomes part of who they are.

How To Think About What Is A Charisma? – Understanding Through Research Questions

  • What is a leadership about?
  • What is a Charisma
  • Charisma definition
  • What is a success for a charismatic leader?
  • What is a win for a charismatic leader?
  • Is it innate quality?
  • Are you born with it?
  • Is it acquired?
  • Is it emotionally based?
  • Is it mentally based?
  • Does it have to do with the belief and value system of the person?
  • Is it their passion about what they believe?
  • Is it their ability to stay cool under pressure?
  • Is it their positive mental attitude?
  • Is it their ability to communicate with reason and passion?
  • Perhaps they had a certain connection to their own self that enables them to stay cool, intact and in control under pressure?
  • Could it be that they are able to maintain their identity in spite of outside influence and pressure?
  • Is it a result of self-conviction?
  • Is it upbringing?
  • Is it a natural Leadership Development that never stops?
  • Is it something that happens upon a person when they have purpose greater than themselves?
  • Is it A Greater Purpose that guides them where charisma just happens to them or upon them…When they suffered for it and still never let go of their purpose?
  • Can Charisma be acquired by Leadership Training Courses?….and on and on…

Examples Of What Is Charismatic Leadership

Let’s look at some figures from history and get closer to understanding What Is A Charisma through the example of the life of the leaders.


The Enigma Of Charisma - What Is A Leader

Gandhi, for example, is “one of them”, whether you liked him or not, he put himself on the line for what he believed in.  He clearly had an inner strength that came from being truthful to his personal convictions, belief and values, which made him a powerful and Charismatic figure.

He managed to change the minds of millions by his personal conviction and with his willingness to pay the ultimate price, by depriving himself from food, totally willing to die for his belief. And It Was Real!

His personal conviction got the attention of millions, where each word he spoke and action he carried out, had monumental impact.

On top of it all,  he would not resort to violence in the fight against the British occupation, because had the power of positivity and forgiveness, which he knew were much more powerful in the long term.

When we look at what critical thinking is about we understand that Gandhi had a rare combination of the power of how to think and the power of emotional intelligence, which may shed further light on what is a charisma.

When we consider the fact that he lived in times that the instant and powerful technology of the internet did not exist, we can only wonder what would his impact be today, when the advent of technology and instant communication is 1000 times more powerful than in his time.

Nelson Mandela

The Enigma Of Charisma - What Is A Leader

And then of course there’s nelson Mandela who with humility turned an experience of undeserved and cruel 27 years in prison to unifying a nation, instead of taking revenge for the great injustice he suffered.

It takes incredible strength to not turn injustice into revenge far more than to have revenge, and this is another glimpse into what is charisma.

The power of charisma is to have the strength to do what is needed when it is needed for a greater purpose. We are talking here powerful self leadership qualities that go right into the character of the person.

Martin Luther King & more…

The Enigma Of Charisma - What Is A Leader

There were others as well, such as Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan,  Roger Federer…and many others not so known.

You may not agree with their views but…they had that special quality and each in their own way impacted millions with their conviction, belief, willingness to pay the price and talent. They all have in common the power of positivity, greatness and humility!

Charismatic Leaders Have Best Leadership Skills that Magnetize People

It could be said that those people who have Charisma have the ability to magnetize people to them!

This is an intriguing thought, especially if you research the mystery of the power of a magnet and the pull it has on other metals.

Just like a magnet, so can a leader be, by possessing best leadership skills that come from in depth understanding of what is leadership about and the true meaning of what is a charisma.


Finally, it is crucial to accept that we live in new times where we must redefine ‘what is a leader‘ and ‘what is a charisma’.

Answering these two questions, which explain and complete one another, energizes the meaning of leadership.

What is important to keep in mind about Charisma, in relation to Leadership skills List and  leadership development plan is that Charisma begins with  The Ability To Lead By Example!

Call To action- Leadership Training Courses 

To become a charismatic leader you need to understand what is a charisma and how it is a combination of good leadership skills,  basic human qualities and leadership traits that people can say ‘yes’ to and trust.


In The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Courses I reveal many important aspects of ‘what is a leader’ and ‘what is a charisma’ in these new times (because much has changed), while providing performance information tools and performance tools, to enrich the leadership skills list of the participants, which they can easily put to practice in their day-to-day operations.


This effective program focuses on best leadership skills that transform leaders from being ordinary to charismatic.

In addition, from the experience of over 25 years of conducting leadership training courses and employee training development, I have compiled and summarized top 10 leadership skills that I deliver in a cutting-edge seminar/workshop, which is an eye opener on many levels.


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Eli Harari

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4 Replies to “The Enigma Of Charisma – What Is A Leader”

  • Interesting read, I never knew too much about the meaning of charisma but this gave me a better understanding of what it means. I think being passionate about something is good because it shows you are confident and are not afraid of what the responses you get might be.

    My question is, out of these names you listed, is there one in particular that you look up to or strongly believe in?

    • Arie

      each of the people listed had something special about them- Ghandi in my mind is an example because of his passive leadership where he paid the price for what he believed. But there are many others



  • if I can use this word there s a certain amount of energy that persons say that they feel when they meet a leader that has great influence. I believe it is because of the positive impact that they have through there teachings. I don’t know if I am right to say that persons are born to be leaders or are it something that developes?

    • Charisma is born and can be acquired and it’s connected to the character of a person. Obama has charisma and it is seating well with his character, so that would be an example. Being Positive is the great mystery of success

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