Lesson in Leadership

How best to think of leadership training in the 21st century?

A Lesson in Leadership needs to have a shift to a new way of thinking whereby those who are trained need to be connected to different levels of the sentiment of “togetherness”.

Leadership training used to be mainly focused on the “how” of doing things.
It has now become clear that a new lesson in leadership has had to transform the  “why” to be the first principle.

So What does this mean?

What this means is, that leadership training focuses on the motive, on the reason why one does what they do, it being that when one discovers the motive, the “how” becomes clear.

It also means, that the concept of leadership training has transformed to the core values that a leader must have if they truly wish to lead.

What is Leadership Today?

People today don’t look up to leadership as they did before, in the sense of “tell me what to do and I’ll do it”. They look for the kind of leadership that will inspire them, give them confidence to be themselves, rally the troops, make them feel they belong and appreciated, take them seriously and yes give them responsibility without the constant fear of making mistakes.

In simple words, people are saying they want a leader that will create an environment where they can be at their best.

The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Seminars reflect these needs and provide potential leaders with skills and the fundamentals that will make a difference, while demonstrating how to create an atmosphere and an environment where the BEST of the person can come out.

Let’s take an example from the 2008 presidential debates. Barack Obama was strategically prepared and aware to stay positive and kept a positive body language despite negative attacks from his opponent. That aspect had a tremendous affect on the viewers on 3 levels: conscious, semi-conscious and subconscious.

As a professional trainer and coach it is obvious and clear as day light to me, that leadership training in the 21st century needs to focus on Positive Thinking, Positive Mental Disposition, Positive Emotional Disposition and Positive Body language as  main ingredients. This in itself represents a paradigm shift of major proportions. Not that it wasn’t understood before that positive disposition is essential for leadership, it was, but what this is saying is that leadership training needs to focus on the theater of positivism as a central ingredient rather then a side issue, simply because its impact upon people is huge.

Strategic Thinking

Another very important ingredient in leadership training is Strategic Thinking which is a concept that is mostly misunderstood.

Strategic thinking is a multi level skill that includes task orientation, personal strategic mind set and probably the most important of all is strategic communication.

In The Thinking Coach leadership training seminar, a great deal of emphasis is put upon strategic thinking, to acquaint leaders of the 21st century to think ahead about everything, because things are constantly changing, everywhere and rapidly.

Another very important ingredient in the new paradigm of leadership training is simply to learn to like people for who they are and to turn their mistakes to advantages while winning their trust by being a throughout human. Now, that is a concept that is absolutely central The Thinking Coach leadership training seminars.

The 2008 US elections did demonstrate that a leader needs to be a warm, genuine human at first! Everything else trails way behind. Barack Obama demonstrated that aspect throughout the 21 months campaign and in my humble opinion that factor in his personality won for him the presidency more than any other leadership skill that he has- why? And now we go beck to the WHY that supersedes the HOW, because people naturally say yes to warmth and genuineness more than to any other thing.

So, if you know why you wish to be a leader, and if your reasons include the greater good, not just yourself,  contact me for The Thinking Coach leadership training seminar which you will find extremely useful and highly nourishing to your leadership aspirations.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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  • Thanks for this inspiring Article. It really brought to fore that leadership is not for yourself but for the greater good of the society.

    I am really starting to think of the taking a leadership training course. Prior to this moment I didn’t know I needed one. So thanks for this eye-opening, thought provoking and informative article.

    • you are welcome!

      i provide one on one leadership mentoring on skype, world-wide so if you are interested please let me know



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