Olympic Lessons – The Two Faces of Building Emotional Intelligence

I woke up this morning and contemplated the success of the Olympic games and why so many people watch types of sports they would never otherwise watch, in my case, gymnastics, Judo, badminton and others…

The answer came to me “It’s the human thing, stupid!”

(A la Bill Clinton phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”)

We love the “people thing” don’t we?  We feel what they feel on the podium.

We build emotional intelligence as we love the human drama. We sympathize with the athletes in their moments of joy and pain, experience a teary eye when the national anthem is played, share in the small/great success stories of perseverance and belief, which all happen to rank very high on the chart of  Emotional Intelligence.

The Olympic games deliver to us the human story par excellence, and we connect emotionally.  We love the fact that athletes do their very best  to excel for the love of country, and pride of nationality, which are much greater motives than just personal glory.

The Rio Olympic Games

The Rio Olympics that just concluded were a great success story from Emotional Intelligence stand point because of these exact reasons. To me they were a ray of light amidst the darkness all around us, as we all watched the great compassionate human story unfold every evening on our TV screens.

We witnessed unity, camaraderie, mutual support, the love of country and pride of nationality (all rank high in EQ levels) instead of difference, separation and violence that we are so accustomed to these days. The Olympics demonstrated to us the Intelligence of the Emotions and their power to motivate, where it became obvious to all that “the greater the purpose the greater the motivation”, that in itself is a huge lesson in Building Emotional Intelligence.

How the Media uses Emotional Intelligence adversely for Control Purposes

This is the other face of Emotional Intelligence… The Media has incredible power to sway human emotions. In other words it holds the power of Emotional Intelligence to either cause positive emotions or negative.

It does both…On the one hand it brings Olympic games into your living room, and at the same time controls your emotions by its favorite weapons FEAR and SCARE TACTICS, which appear under the disguise of the freedom of speech, and “saving you” from dreaded diseases by scaring you to death. We have all been influenced by the build-up and continuous scare of the Zika virus. I myself felt how emotionally worried I became when I heard the grim scenarios that were predicted to take over the Olympic games. Of course, nothing happened, and basketball players did not have to freeze their sperm after all!! Like many other occasions, where the media manipulated our emotions to get our attention, and emotionally blew things way out of proportion. Please realize that fear and worry weaken us emotionally and at the same time turn us to be devoted consumers by pressing the panic button.

Fear Sells!

So the media caresses you on one hand and slaps you (hard) on the other, while using repetition to drive fear deep into you.

If you are concerned with the level of Emotional Intelligence in your own life, then be careful not to be swept into loose emotions that produce fear and panic, and at the same time realize that the media has become the overwhelming supplier of our “brain food” and thus the controller of our emotions.

What level of Emotional Intelligence delivers the best motivation?

Here is a fact you may wish to consider – the emotions that are connected to a higher purpose are much more powerful than the commonly preached self-glorification reasons for success, (otherwise known as our “great beloved Ego” or the “me, me, me” syndrome, or “I will show them”), that we are taught we should have as our main motivation.  The self-based motivation is actually the weakest form of motivation there is. When people are motivated by a reason greater than themselves, they tend to do much much better.

At the end of the day, if you are well trained in Emotional Intelligence it is your decision what emotions you use in what you do.  You have a lot to select from.

This goes opposite to what we are taught by the “great powers that be”, that one should do things just for themselves and step on everything and everybody that stands in their way.

What The Thinking Coach Emotional Intelligence Training can do for you

1) Open your mind to the big picture of Emotional Intelligence and the vast progress you can make in your professional and personal life with this skill.

2) The training seminar will show you how to connect the right thoughts with the right emotions.

3) It will enable you to become influential and have charisma.

4) It will show you how to put your mind and emotions to the use of personal effectiveness through personal order and communication.

5) It will help you make decisions based on long term thinking which will stabilize trouble areas that hinder you from progression.

6) You will understand yourself and others much better.

7) It will cause others to respect you and value your contribution.

What I would suggest to you to take from this article & attached video tape on Emotional Intelligence

What this article intimates to, is a different message, a softer one and a much stronger one. Emotional Intelligence is a great tool to have. It is a kind of intelligence that can propel you and the people around you to great heights of personal and collective excellence. But it has another power, often used by charlatans to control and diminish people via negative use of the emotions.

As a professional coach and mentor I would urge you to only ever use Emotional Intelligence for the betterment of all and not for the control of the many by the few through fear, threat and punishment.

The saying applies here…He (or she) who lives by the sword will die by the sword!

…and this my friends, is a professional counsel, not a biblical one!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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