Paradigm Shift Thinking – A Key to Creativity

Creative thinking as part of Strategic Thinking, means opening yourself up to new ideas, developing a fresh outlook and exploring new dynamics in your pursuit of excellence. That, in a nutshell, calls for a paradigm shift thinking process to take place.

This paradigm shift thinking would be in the same way as we need to maintain physical fitness to keep our body healthy, we also need to get ourselves into mental shape to keep our mind sharp, energized and in “thinking condition”. To do so we do we need to develop Creative & Strategic thinking skills.

Creative Thinking Quality

Creative thinking has a very curious quality about it. It is the ability to be ‘child-like’, step out of the box of inhibition and look at things different. This does not mean becoming childish, it just means that one enjoys a true freedom of perception. This fresh outlook liberates the mind from old paradigms while developing the skill to discover new ideas and new solutions to old problems.

The main obstacle to creative thinking is a reluctance to explore new and fresh ways of problem solving. The historical way of thinking places us in a ‘fear of failure’ mode, and has us captive to the additional fear of making a mistake. We also tend to operate under the misconception that success in the future is guaranteed because of past success. These misconceptions and fears become the walls to our ‘box of limitations’, or, as it is often described, they become our ‘comfort zone’.

Most philosophers agree on one thing, and that is, a person tends to become what they think about. In other words their actions reflect what and how they think. Thinking, therefore, is the very foundation of the human condition. Unfortunately, the aspect of how we think relating to who we are is given little emphasis in our educational development, and that keeps us captive to structured and rigid thinking.

Out of the Box Thinking

Thinking out of the box requires a professional environment where new ideas are encouraged and mistakes are considered as a learning tool, not a punishment media – this is absolutely crucial to understand, agree to and be consistent in application.

The Thinking Coach Creative Thinking Seminar is rich with interactive exercises and creative thinking techniques designed to enable the participants to make breakthroughs in their ways of thinking, particularly about their own self-adopted views. It focuses on creativity as an actual human capital, where problem solving strategies manifest and where creative problem solving is actualized.

Our world experiences a rapid Paradigm Shift, which requires a fully functional talent base in the business organization – a talent base that is able to think outside the box with flexibility & adaptability.

Creative Thinking, as part of Strategic Thinking: This aspect explores questions and opens new ways of thinking to search for the next winning idea that your competitors did not think of! It then sets out to find new ways of meeting future demands with the right kind of strategic thinking skills.

It also focuses on being responsive to the needs of the times in creative ways, that are not fixed by old paradigms:

  • How to keep up with appearance of new trends?
  • How to promote your work force to think freely and take more responsibility?
  • How to think about the bigger picture?


What Can The Thinking Coach Corporate Training Seminars Do for Your Organization?


The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Seminars which are part of a broad Soft Skills Corporate Training Programs that take professionals through a series of work shop exercises to achieve a Creative Thinking State of Mind that helps them engage in high level of Problem Solving and come up with new ideas to old problems. It is absolutely essential in these times of change and makes a real difference in the question.


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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

6 Replies to “Paradigm Shift Thinking – A Key to Creativity”

  • I like this article it really opened me up to exploring new ways of thinking or ‘problem solving’ as the article says. I have always had a ‘fear of failure’ and I am glad I have read this article.

    i am definitely coming back to this article when I feel like I need to open my mind up to new ways of thinking.

    Thia article has really helped me, thank you for taking the time to write it.

    • Hi Alexander, glad you liked the article, and that it helps you out. Fear of failure is very common and knowing how to shift your train of thought – paradigm shift – is a great tool to deal with this.

      Stay tuned for more advice on my site.



  • Thanks for sharing! I am in sales and the power of thinking is crucial in my work. Sales is often referred to as a “numbers” game and it is to an extent, but being able to manage the way you think and shift paradigms frequently is at least as important has hitting your numbers.

    • Agree. That is the difference between cause and symptom, paradigms being the cause sales results being the symptom. Being result oriented means something different to what most people think.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Excellent point you have there, indeed shifting paradigms frequently can and will help you getting those numbers!

      Thanks for the input.


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