Realizing What Is The Power Of Positivity & What it Can Do

When considering What Is The Power Of Positivity we realize that it has the potential to totally redefine what is a win, and what is a success, for a person or for organization! When The power of positivity gains access to the culture of organizations is can change things dramatically to a point that it redefines what is management about, and what is leadership about, in new levels of performance.

Realizing What Is The Power Of Positivity & What it Can Do

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is powerful because it is building, supporting, enhancing and goes against the popular tide of negativity that engulfs the world, with judgment and criticism as its main agents.

Is power thinking necessarily positive?

Power thinking is not necessarily positive, although the act of thinking itself, when there’s focus and purpose, is a powerful process. Thinking itself is energy and it gathers power according to what its connected to. Positivity empowers the thinking process.

Water Analogy of the power of positive thinking 

Imagine a huge body of water making its way from the snowy mountains to the ocean below, along a carved pathway. A lot of water constantly on the move. Comes along a human and diverts some of the water by carving tunnels to fertilize arid earth nearby, and life that wasn’t there before appears and starts to flourish. All happens through a simple diversion of the water into new pathways. Clearly, in this analogy, the big body of water is our thinking capacity and the constant action in our minds and brains that happen according to pre-carved pathways, called habits, links and known ways of thinking. The diversion of the water flow to new tunnels is the the usage by choice and gives another meaning to What Is The Power Of Positivity, which is to put the thinking process to productive use by choice.

Obviously what makes the power thinking positive is what it is used for. If this great gift of thinking is used to make life better all around, for people to succeed better in their every day life or professional life then its positive.

What is the power of positivity in the way we think?

This is a great question that can have many answers coming from different depths. Positive means to have qualities that guarantee to promote what works, what wishes to improve, what doesn’t give up and by not giving up it says a giant YES to progress and a giant NO to taring things down. The power of positivity is connected to nature, which is in the business of growth and yielding fruits for our tomorrows, so we can continue to live. By thinking positive you connect to the power of all the good in the world, which although mostly not acknowledged is a very powerful thing.

Positive thinking is empowered once it is really achieved. The ability to have positive thinking despite all the negativity in the world makes it extremely powerful once its accomplished. You gain “positive thinking muscles” by saying NO to negativity, which in the end makes you very powerful.

How does the power of positive thinking affect people

Positive thinking empowers people because it connects them to the best of themselves and makes them inspired. Belittling people connects them to the worse of themselves and makes them fearful and unproductive. Helping people achieve their best with your help makes you powerful indeed. Here is a challenge, try to make people better than you and see what happens. You’ll be astonished!

Why is there so much negativity in the world?

There is a lot of negativity in the world because humans became disconnected from themselves and from their natural purpose on earth, and instead of being the family that the human race was meant to be, they became possessive and instead of being FOR they went AGAINST, creating a culture of competition and gain and loss.The essence of competition in its root core trains people to think that they are against each other, and it defines what is a win as the ability beat each other, which, supposedly, make them better each.

Negative Thinking is popular because it is easily accessible and it “tickles” the brain with its sensationalism, whereas Positive Thinking requires personal development and it is “boring” to the brain.

Negativity has become the “hot wire” short cut to getting things done. It’s called “the self delusion of power” that makes the person think that putting people down will “threaten and punish them into excellence”.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet, it is used constantly by the overwhelming majority of leaders and managers.

To reiterate, if you plant negative seeds in your brain, pretty soon your entire thought process will be negative and critical, and you become a person who sees only the negative side of everything – the proverbial ‘glass is half empty’ person. Additionally, and this is important, your productivity in all areas of your life will become only but a fraction of what it could be. In other words negativity is the process of shooting oneself in the foot while trying to run fast

What is The Power Of Positivity In the Workplace

Realizing What Is The Power Of Positivity & What it Can Do

The power of positivity in the workplace has immediate effects as well as long term impact. It is a systematic building strategy that causes changes step by step. It will have instant impact on work force moral, on productivity and certainly on taking ownership. It will increase team building strategies and relieve great deal of stress, which will all eventually show in short term and long term profits. By planting positive seeds the workplace environment tends to become solution oriented, which sees the proverbial ‘silver lining’ in every situation, spotting new opportunities for people to redefine what is a win and what is a success for them. In addition The power of positive thinking is a powerful performance information tool and performance tool as it rewires the thinking abilities and makes adjustments

In Summary: It’s Your Choice – The Journey from Thought to Result

The choice of what to think about is yours, but in order to choose correctly and make a solid decision, you need to de-train and retrain your thinking skills. The kind of training that guides you step by step, to achieve your potential in your Journey from Thought to Result. Training in Decision Making, Strategic Thinking, Creative ThinkingEmotional Intelligence and of course in Positive Power Thinking and Power Positive Thinking.

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  • There is and old saying that says that the mind is a terrible thing to waste or that it is the mind that makes the man and this is true. Everything that we see, feel, touch came about as the direct result of it first being a thought in someones mind.
    The power of thinking is so amazing because with this process we can truly change our whole reality by making our dreams a reality.

    • Indeed.

      I provide specialized 1 on 1 training via skype world-wide on how to think & use the right emotions that makes a person highly productive and effective.



  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!
    I have multiple people asking me how I tap into my inner self and promote all this positivity without life’s stresses kicking me down…
    I’ve tried to explain by my own knowledge that keeping positivity number one , opens many magical door for improvement and opportunity… I guess some cannot relate to this!?!?
    Thank you for your well written article, I’ve added your website to my main screen so I can revisit And reflect

    • Thank you for your comment, Indeed this is a key point in living and working.If you ever need personal coaching or wish to direct people to me I conduct training over skype world-wide

      All the best


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