Updating The Meaning Of What Winning Is About

It is Important to understand the significance of what winning is about, and what is an attitude of winning

The attitude of a person determines more than anything What A Win Is! This is not so easy to understand as most people would say, a win is a win and it is not determined by ones attitude.

Well, that would be the general view. However, a deeper research of what is a win will reveal that it is all about one’s attitude and the ability to perceive the Big Picture of winning. 

Updating The Meaning Of What is A Win And What Is Success About

To take it a step further, it is the attitude of a person that determines their perception (what they can see and understand), which motivates them emotionally to do their best.

This can be called the “chain of command” of a winning attitude.

Winning is relative and is uniquely defined by every person, whether they are conscious or not.

Unfortunately, for most people winning has become a general thing, usually determined by others, by competition and by winning over someone else.


A New Look At What Is A Win

Winning should be the easiest accomplishment if it is defined and thought about accurately. It really depends on what is a perception of winning .

The question is who really is the one to determine What A Win Is!

This article argues that winning can be a state of mind if a person is in a personal development quest.

In such case, winning is a “mind over matter” affair, between the person and themselves, where the idea of winning is broadened far beyond winning over someone else.

Understand that once a win is defined by the person anything can enter that Domain and winning can expand endlessly to every day accomplishments, thinking outside of the box of what a win is.

If you dare to take the idea of winning out of everybody else’s hands and put it in your own,  you’ll find that you are a winner and have been for a long time, but failed to notice that.

We first need to define what is a win, to bring it to a big picture where we can think about it in an open ended way, so it can include more.

Exploring The Real Meaning Of Winning

Updating The Meaning Of What is A Win And What Is Success About

The definition of winning is to accomplish, to achieve, to master, to change a negative pattern, to overcome a challenge, to give instead of taking, to provide an emotional uplift for someone who needs it, and much more.

What is a win, and what is a success, are twin questions that need to be defined by each individual.

What may be a win for one person is not necessarily a win for another. As an example, for one person winning may be, to be able to speak their mind while for another would be to control their emotions and keep quiet.

Most people may not consider the above example to be a win, but it is an accomplishment, an achievement, a change of pattern, an overcoming of a challenge, a conscious efforts, and an actually that represents a success.

A win is often defined by being able to “get” what a person doesn’t have, which they want. That is the case also with the definition of success. Spoken or not, that is how it sits in most people’s minds.

However, although “not having something” and managing to get it, is a fertile ground for winning and succeeding it should never be the main ingredient of success.

A Deeper Understanding of Winning & Success

Updating The Meaning Of What is A Win And What Is Success About

Winning is the effort  of doing something, not the result.

While success is the belief that you can, and never stop trying.

Most people compare themselves to others, that is a BIG mistake. Because they can be wining and succeeding on their own, in a tremendous way.

So to put in even simpler terms: Success is the “being”, Winning is “doing”.

Success is the state of mind – the being

A win is the doing, the actionable aspect.

All this boils down to a question of attitude and perception.

The more the attitude is shaped by the power of positivity, the greater the perception will be, the more the “big picture” will be revealed, the more these twins, win and success, will be present.

What I mean by that is, for example, if a person has the attitude of gratitude, then they will likely have appreciation for the little things in their life, because they don’t take what they have for granted. So each time a little accomplishment takes place,  Their Perception will be that they are winning.

You sometimes see young children (before they have been totally brain washed by adults), and you see the great happy face when they manage to get that kernel of Apricot, (which in their perception it’s a great win), or marble, or skipping rope, or a soccer ball (in my case), or a pencil, whatever (the monetary value is of no significance).

People are winning all the time, in so many ways, but they don’t have the perception to realize what is a win, because their perception has limited the word ‘Win’ to competition, which means to win over others, and that’s it!

Here is a question for you to ponder:

Why is it that people tend to value something when they don’t have it any more? Why not value it when it’s there?

Being brainwashed by competition minimizes the perception of winning and  success to a bare minimum.

There’s so much more that a win is, that has nothing to do with gain or loss, so much more!

What is a Win For Professionals in The Workplace?

Updating The Meaning Of What is A Win And What Is Success About

 What would be a win for an organization?

  1. To beat the competition more than last year
  2. To make more profit this year than last
  3. To improve ROI
  4. To increase the salaries
  5. To improve benefits for employees

Shifting the Perception To…

Updating The Meaning Of What is A Win And What Is Success About

  1. To have more employee training development programs this year than last
  2. To constantly redefine and upgrade what is leadership about, by having increased executive leadership training
  3. To constantly redefine and upgrade what is management about, by investing in  management training courses
  4. To invest in soft skills for the workplace
  5. To invest in effective communication for the workplace
  6. To improve the level of verbal and nonverbal communication in the organization
  7. To increase the level of understanding and application of what emotional intelligence is about, and more specifically what is Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  8. To reduce the level of seen and unseen conflict within the organization
  9. To improve work conditions for the employees to be better than ever before
  10. To have clear demarcation line of what are acceptable standards of conduct, and what are not, and find ways to for employees to buy in to those without command and control style of management.
  11. To make sure the employees are happier this year than last year
  12. To make sure the level of trust between the workforce and management is greater than ever before
  13. To reduce the stress levels
  14. To improve the services
  15. To make things more pleasant to be around
  16. To reduce employee turnover in comparison to last year
  17. To retain talent more than last year
  18. To have employees take more responsibility
  19. To have more charismatic and authentic leadership and effective management
  20. To beat the competition more than last
  21. To make more profit this year than last
  22. To improve ROI
  23. To increase the salaries
  24. To improve benefits for employees

This list is incomplete and can grow much more to include different parameters of success. You will notice, however, that the numbers 1-5 are repeated as numbers 25-29 and you may wonder why.

You will also notice the perception shift that happens between numbers 5 & 6, and here too, I will leave it for you to figure it out, which I am sure you will.

In Summary…

Ultimately it is the attitude and the perception that will determine what a win is, and what a success is in the corporate world.

In my humble opinion, as a long standing professional trainer and speaker, a winning attitude is one that will be empowered by the power of positivity, where winning will become an ongoing growth and expansion in variety of parameters, which are soft natured and humanely inclined.

The more people give themselves and others confirmation and recognition for small wins, the more productive they will become, because it will start the precious process that will redefine what is self motivation.

Redefining What is A Win and What Success Is About is a key for corporate evolution and ability to change.

Therefore the leadership and the management, must redefine in light of this upgrade, what is leadership about and what is management about, which is done through constant life leadership development, ongoing executive leadership training, and employee training development.

The key is to constantly improve performance information tools and performance tools.

As long as improvement is taking place in multiple parameters within the corporate scenario, it should be viewed as winning and succeeding, and hailed as such. Success is in movement forward, and it is defined by many small wins.

Therefore, it is important to accumulate as many wins as possible, by redefining the most minute efforts to be an act of winning such as the ability to type these words, that you now read.  Because one is winning if they are able to translate thoughts and find the words to express them and write them down and pass them to others.

The win turns into a success when those reading these words, get the value out of the words, and improve their lives thereby  and perhaps the lives of others.

What it says is, that the act of winning can be contagious, ultimately making success a much bigger proposition than what was perceived in the first place.

So the right attitude of winning, can result in much greater profits than otherwise, improve the ROI and beat the competition.

What To Do Personally

Adjust your attitude and perception to become more flexible, to include a lot more in what you categorize To Be A Win and A Success and you’ll see that, as if by magic, everything starts to change and improve for you, including a serious reduction in your stress levels and …experiencing better health.

The power of positivity is extremely underrated and crucial to achieving an ever expanding level of winning and success

Call On Me to break through and redefine what is a win and what is a success for you personally, and for your organization, I Am Here For You!

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

3 Replies to “Updating The Meaning Of What Winning Is About”

  • I like how you discuss what a Win is and what Success is. I know that often we see things as defeat if we do not win and there is a lot put on winning. I enjoyed hearing that learning to look at the small things is the real win. It is definitely something that I often overlook.

  • I like how you stress that success and wins are determined by our attitudes and perceptions. It makes us consider what or attitudes and perceptions of success and wins really consist of, just as well as the opposite…what our attitudes and perceptions are of “failure” or “mistakes” or “lack of success”. I think another thing to consider when it comes to attitude and perceptions is the “why” behind what we view as a success or a win. Great content, I love when posts get me thinking!


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