Teamwork Training – The Fundamentals For Building A Real Team

(Fundamentals = mental fund = how we think about what we do and does it pay dividends?)

Teamwork is a very natural thing, you would think…yet in most organizations that I provide training seminars on team building it seems that this area represents a challenge.

Teamwork Training – The Fundamentals For Building A Real Team

The question must be asked -Why do people need training to work together in harmony?

Personal Note: I am an avid sports fan and in my youth used to be a playmaker in basketball (in the US we call it a Guard),so for me Team Work was extremely important. I realized very early-on that with one good pass (assist) two people succeed and somehow it inspired the team much more than one person scoring.

The evidence of the positive and fast impact of team work is easily seen in team sport. Watching the NBA you can tell the difference between teams,where the players are there for each other and teams whereit’s all about the individual star.

Teamwork fundamentals show up in the following way:

    People working together in unity
    Appreciating one another for their professional skills and human qualities
    Confirming the best of each other
    Inspiring one another
    Covering each other’s back
    Engaging in PositiVision
    Refraining from negativity at all cost
    Trusting each other
    Not taking each other for granted (mutual respect)

It is then that the results improve dramatically, the personal effectiveness is maximized. People enjoy what they do much more… and one more thing… they make more money! (To all those who think that Team Work is some shanty idealism, that would be nice to have, but it doesn’t really affect the bottom line!)

Compare actual Team Work to today’s reality in most organizations;fear of punishment, fear of making mistakes, lack of trust and value, isolation, suspicion between people, backbiting, belittling each other and worse.

The irony is that many organizations that are infected with these negative aspects seek to improve their productivity and creativity without realizing that with such an environment they can never achieve long term results if any.

Real team work is rare!


Allow me to be bold…25 years in the business, worldwide, in front of varied and numerous groups of professionals, being called upon to solve problems, inspire excellence…and more, I would say that the reasons why Team Work is such a rarityare:

•    Technology has taken the place of humanity
•    People lack basic soft skills and mostly have ceased to personally develop
•    People don’t understand the value of each other
•    “POSITIVISION BLINDNESS”-NEGATIVE has become A WAY OF LIFE,  it is what people see, do, and believe in.
•    Negativity and Team Work are opposites, they don’t work together!
•    Money is scarce and there are many people fighting for small amount of “bread crumbs” so they see each other as adversaries
•    96% of the money is controlled by 4% of the people
•    Ego has taken the place of togetherness
•    Simple truths such as “Do unto others as you want done unto you” have disappeared from the scene
•    Loss of trust and dignity
•    There is so much negativity around it is easier to connect to that energy
•    People have no role models to follow in their organization
•    And the sad  truth is: that very few people truly believe in TeamWork

What is needed?

1.    Willingness from top management to invest in long term team building training.
2.    Regular, consistent leadership “by example” that demonstrates the value of trust and unity.
3.    Emphasis on team worksignificance and commensurate reward by top leadership.
4.    Ensuring a kind of work environment that is safe for people to exercise their creativity.
5.    Creating “a living constitution” that delineates the do’s and don’ts of inter-personal code of conduct (example: no negative behind the back talk).

In The Thinking Coach seminars people are given the knowledge and the living experience of creating a work environment that is free of fear and punishment, in other words a “judgement free” zone.

They are given to feel, perhaps for the very first time, that it is possible to work in a truly humane environment, what it takes to do so, what is their own responsibility in it, and how to practically put it to practice.

However, before all of this, they have to demonstrate during the training that they really believe in teamwork, otherwise there is no point, and the training will not serve any long term purpose.

Real teamwork training is far too valuable to treat as “just another” seminar.
(In the seminar itself we are all part of a team in which as the leader, I demand from them the kind of conduct that they need to have in their workplace to truly succeed.)

The Thinking Coach Seminars provide high level team work training that tackles core divisive issues while bringing people together under the umbrella of the Big Picture.

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