Blue Intelligence

The Big Picture

Blue Intelligence is THE Leadership skill that sets apart real, true, Authentic Leadership from Leadership that hides behind titles and grandeur!

It is also a crucial tool in gaining advantage over your competition. The principle of Blue Intelligence is that if the internal arrangement of the Leadership (and by extension the organization) is in order, it will naturally result in an optimal external performance, and thus this is the most competitive tool Leadership can possess (although it doesn’t seem so initially).

The analogy of a magnet can tell us that when something is in order, it is more powerful and can attract weaker metals because of the fact that all its molecule are aligned in the order of positive and negative. Therefore, its energies are pointed in the right direction which makes it powerful!

The Yes & No Aspect

On the same token, a Leader that has its “yes” and “no” aspects in order, (positive molecules and negative molecules of the magnet) has the kind of aura that exudes a resilience that sends confidence to the workers and magnetizes them to the purpose of the organization.

Therefore, Blue intelligence opens the doors of possibilities by setting clear governing principles and parameters of procedures. It is to do with boundaries that come from clear priorities that were instituted in accordance with the level of importance.

Feeling of Security Gives Productivity

When people know what the Leadership will not do, it provides for them the feeling of safety. The all-important feeling that they will not be surprised by “bad news” and that someone has their back. This is the one aspect that is responsible for high level of productivity than any other aspect. Low productivity is a bi-product of insecurity and the need to protect oneself which steals important energy that otherwise would go towards excellence in the workplace.

In other words, if people have to worry about what is known as “magnetic stability” their level of performance sinks!

In Conclusion

With the Big Picture there is context for actions taken, which is extremely important, as it provides for a greater view and understanding. By analogy, when you are climbing a mountain you don’t see the view while climbing. Once you get to the top you see the whole view, “the big picture”. It may be that you just climbed the tallest mountain or that there are other bigger mountains to climb, but you only know that when you get to the top. The human mind can get to the “top of the mountain” by engaging the Blue Intelligence, I.E pre-thinking, strategic thinking, critical thinking, study of consequences and more.

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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™