The Next level of Change Management Training -Thinking Different!

How to understand Thinking in a different way?

The Next level of Change Management Training -Thinking Different

It is like carving a tunnel for water to flow through, and the deeper the tunnel the easier the water will flow…the more you think similar thoughts, the more it will be easy to think the same thoughts in the future – The question is What Kind of Thoughts?

The following analogy will explain why strategic thinking training is such an important part of what is referred to as soft skills.

Strategic Thinking Analogy

We all know what slot machines are, don’t we? So here we have one, but it’s a special one. It’s a slot machine that you can only win with. You’ll always get more of what you put in. It gives you return according to the value you “insert” into the machine. Each of the coins represents different value or different quality of thinking. Penny value thoughts, Nickel value thoughts, Dime value thoughts & Quarter value thoughts.

There are the lowest value Penny thoughts, and when you insert pennies, the slot machine is extremely generous and gives you back a lot more than what you put in. Yet, curiously you somehow feel that you are always penniless.

Then there are Nickel value thoughts. Here also you get large returns from the slot machine but there is a feeling of having slightly more to keep, than with pennies.

When the Dime value thoughts are inserted the machine gives you a nice return on your investment and you start to feel like you accrue some wealth. You get a sense of satisfaction that wasn’t there before with the Pennies and Nickels.

With Quarter thoughts it seems that you get much less quantity return, but when you check what you have, you realize that you have much more than you thought and the sense of quality and intactness is greater. You feel enriched and satisfied.

What does this strategic thinking analogy mean?

This analogy refers to US currency coins where penny is the least valuable and quarter is the most valuable.
How we think and what we think about collects energy and that is the slot machine. We will have a bank account of thoughts that grows on our behalf where we decide the quality and quantity of what accumulates. What accumulates will be there for us in the future. Our strategic thinking capacity will determine what level of thinking we want to have in the future and why.

Penny value thoughts

Me Against the World – I am not good enough, they are better, I am not popular, I’ll show them…,they hate me, judge everyone who doesn’t agree with me, I am an idiot, they are all against me…mundane thoughts of Gain and Loss that are regurgitated endlessly by the masses of people.

Nickel value thoughts

Blind Ambition-How can I get away with doing the minimum to get the maximum? How can I take advantage of everything? Get results in any means, lie, cheat, step on everyone on the way, say whatever it takes to get your way and then once you got what you wanted, deny you ever said that…I am the center of the world…

Dime value thoughts

These kind of thoughts revolve more on what can be done to improve all around performance and conditions, skill improvement, how to help others improve, willingness to learn and put to practice creative ideas, stretch one’s comfort zone and breathe the fresh air that is “out of the box”.

Quarter value thoughts

Here we enter a new realm of thoughts where the Motivational parameters of Change Management and Critical Thinking are considered. How to become an agent of change that leads by example from the front, a motivational leader that understands that being positive is a matter of high quality Strategic Thinking principle and not just a nice idea. This is a level of personal and collective leadership thinking that always finds new opportunities and new ideas for problem solving, and provides hope for a better future.

A Quarter value person is not perfect… they also have penny, nickel & dime value thoughts- it just means that their center of gravity is pivoted around personal growth and personal effectiveness, they are focused on long-term results and are motivated by reasons that go beyond just their personal profit.

What this strategic thinking analogy means for you?

What that means is that when people think the same low levels (penny) thoughts, habitual (nickel) thoughts, new knowledge (dime) thoughts or “out of the box” high quality strategic thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking (quarter) thoughts, they will always get more of the same in the future. In other words, the way they think today will have a huge impact on how they think tomorrow. This will define their decision-making skills, their leadership capacity and their ability to develop new levels of personal effectiveness. Ultimately, the quality of thinking is the main single parameter that shapes a person’s level of being and doing, their attitude, their self image, how they think about others and… how others will view and think about them, which is a high level of strategic thinking enactment. This is a much broader definition for Success.

What can you expect from The Thinking Coach training seminars?

The Thinking Coach Leadership Seminars include high level soft skills tools, such as strategic thinking, creative thinking and critical thinking programs that demonstrate how to think your way into success and excellence by using simple and effective training techniques that utilize both sides of the brain. The seminars will challenge old ways of thinking and provide for practical tools for professionals, to rediscover mental toughness and emotional intelligence and blend them together to a much higher level of excellence.

There is an old saying that most philosophers agree on, which is:

“You Become What You Think About”

The Thinking Coach seminars train you to:

“Think What You Want to Become (strategic thinking), Do It (personal leadership training), & Become It (Change Management)

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