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Do You Believe in People? No…Really?

The Challenge

We live in times of constant and rapid changes which, often, have adverse effect on the Organizational Family, in its stability and profitability. Everyone is scrambling to adapt, accommodate to the changes and survive.

Very often, the solution is to make cut backs in men and women power, while exerting more pressure on the existing and remaining work force. It is the “short-term” results seem to guide more and more organizations in the global business place.

The Effects on the Organizational Family

And in correspondence, the organizational family is  very often lead to feelings if insecurity. There is a disconnect between management and workers and a situation of lack of trust and belief. Instead of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in common purpose, workers and management are facing each other with separate agendas.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not money that makes the difference. The main motivating power for productivity and personal effectiveness is the feeling of BELONGING. To provide the worker with a safety net, that they are part of a family and that they are valued and their back is covered, ranks much higher than monetary compensation. Yes, money is the bottom line of survival in today’s world, and indeed this model will show how to elevate this bottom line.

Can it be different?

Yes, of course it can, but it requires a new way of thinking, which is really not new, but is seldom applied as a strategy.

The Solution

The Organizational Family Strategic Thinking model introduces an organizational culture that focuses on the Top Line as the leverage of the Bottom Line. The Top Line strategy introduces a system which is based on value and trust, whereby workers are treated as capable and responsible humans and not as a commodity. It introduces a different way of communication, a feed-back strategy, a performance strategy and Think Tank Decision Making mechanism, Mental Toughness & Emotional Intelligence that promotes unity and excellence. Workers who feel truly part of a family will produce more & better, take much more personal responsibility and become happier workers.

The Organizational Family is an obtainable concept that is a win-win situation. It reduces the levels of unnecessary stress dramatically, while replacing it with hope and satisfaction.

How is it achieved?

The way it is achieved is by working in unison with top management, mid management and the workers to build a new system, which is the only system that will endure these times of instability.

The cynics claim it can’t be done, usually as means of maintaining the status quo and they use the past as their proof. But if the correct tools weren’t applied in the past what does it prove? I will tell you from my extensive experience of working with professional world-wide for over 2 decades, that it can be done, only that the mind set needs to change AT CORE.

Eventually it will happen, because we humans tend to react only when our back is against the wall – well the wall is real close and those organizations who want to stay ahead of the game must need and will come to the obvious conclusion that their real asset is their human capital. It’s time to take the lead instead of expecting workers to perform out of fear of losing their livelihood. They will perform but you’ll never know what the real story can be.

It takes an investment and time but it is much cheaper than the other options, of disgruntled and ineffective workers, constantly having to bear the costs of training new work force, a disconnected management and low morale.

The Organizational Family is a way of life, where the top line and bottom line are reconnected and the organizational culture harnesses its true power towards long term stability, competitive edge and…increased profits.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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