The Rat Race or The Art of Care? (Circles, Circles, Circles….)

Isn’t the title an interesting anagram?….The Rat Race….The Art of Care

This article is not so easy to grasp…but is extremely important to understand, if your level of excellence and continued development as a human and as a professional is important to you. This is where the Art of Care needs to be taken into consideration.

The term circle is used for different ideas, usually negative, such as the circle of Crime, circle of Violence, Circle of Blood Brotherhood and so on… with the idea in mind that one becomes part of something that already exists…and once it is entered it is difficult to exit. It is important to understand that members of a circle don’t necessarily know of each other and are unaware that they are part of a circle where everyone is affected by each other, thinks the same and often does the same.

A circle is often a closed unit which circulates a particular energy. It doesn’t really exist physically but does very much exist metaphysically. Each circle energizes and is energized by its subscribers. The energy of the circle is locked-in within its unseen borders. That energy can be there from as far in history as we can perceive, and is powered according to the amount of people that are part of that circle now, or were part of it in the past.

The more common are the circles, the more accessible they are and equally the more difficult they are to leave. Once a person has been involved in a circle long enough the circle becomes part of them and they are locked in to a pattern of thinking, feeling, emotion and action that they cannot change. Take for example the “circle of gossip” within a workplace….do I need to explain further….

In addition, it is important to realize that people infect people with “viruses”, not only by sneezing but mental and emotional viruses, which they can “sneeze” upon each other quite regularly.  (Ref. Read the book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman).

Here are some additional examples for you to further understand the concept of circles:

The circle of Revenge; where adversaries & enemies become, unbeknownst to them, members of the same circle… and are followers of one another (Think about that one…) And then there is the understanding that some circles hang together like the circle of Generosity and the circle of Compassion and others that don’t mix together such as the circle of Cruelty and the circle of Compassion…

At this point you have to consider a stunning fact…negative circles tend to suck people into them and then exert control upon them, whereas Positive circles are invitational and promote free choice without exerting persuasive control….people tend to enter positive circles with conscious choice and decision, for example voluntary circles of humanitarian assistance.

Of course it is impossible to ignore the meaning of Freedom and Choice when one begins to understand the meaning of circles and how they affect their lives….with an obvious question that looms immediately…Is Automation a Freedom?

There is so much to be understood about circles, which is quite intricate and not so easily seen.

This is just a small foray into this vast subject…that can open many doors to many new possibilities.

The intriguing concept of Circles and its implications to the business world is opened in depth in The Thinking Coach, International Excellence Seminars where practical tools are provided for entering the Circles of Personal Excellence!

Further Practical understanding:

How does the notion of circles impact you – the professional?

You are affected by the level of energy that exists in your work place, which is part of different circles according to what is at the very core of the company- your level of excellence and productivity is dramatically affected by the collective energy that you joined!!!

How to enter a circle?

By thought, belief (intense thought/emotions that often does not require logic), emotional disposition, mindset, talk, active participation, quiet agreement… and most importantly… Repetition of all of the above. A person eventually identifies with the circle he is part of (such as the circle of football fans).

Again…The level of repetition will determine how much a person is part of this or that circle!

How to exit a circle?

By conscious educated choice that is well reasoned and is accompanies by the right kind of emotions!!!

Get conscious about yourself and ask questions such as;  “is this really what I want?” and if not, make a decision, find the self-discipline, the strength and conviction, and make a run for it, and…never look back or the Circle will suck you back in…

Think of the biblical story of Lot’s wife (again, more information and tools will be provided in my seminars…sorry…)

It is worthy to note that the more subtle is the circle, the more difficult it is to realize that one is part of the circle and therefore it is more challenging to leave it.

Let me take it to another level and open up for you the possibility that there are many circles, of different kinds, levels and denominations, which enable humans to exercise different levels of excellence.

Here are some examples of circles in different levels, from the mundane to the profound, that may elucidate the matter further (to those of you who often find themselves communicating with others, here is an important tip- Give lots of examples to what you say as it drives the point you are trying to make, home!!!)

Circles of Interest & Activities: Facebook addicts Circle of golfers, tennis fans, football fans, knitting clubs, circle of employees (easily identified by similar mind set where ever you go in the world), circles of the  self-employed, of careful drivers, of wild drivers, nature walkers, bicycling, motor cycling clubs, tattoos, (note how these two seem to merge tattoo and motor cycling), readers, writers, drummers, musicians, alcoholics, circle of obesity, of TV couch potato couch, video games, computer games, circle of youth, middle age, old age, (a well known concept in the Florida is what came to be known as Doctors Parties) young families, divorced couples…and thousands of other circles.

All represent circles where many people are part of…but we seldom realize that we are part of a huge group of people that we often don’t see or know.

Let’s go deeper to the Circles of Human Character…circle of Giving, circle of Taking, circle of Empathy, circle of being a Victim, circle of Cruelty, circle of Gossip, circle of Inferiority, circle of Superiority…and many other examples that I am sure you can add to the list.

Let’s go deeper still, to Circles of Personal Development, Refinement and Purpose… there are rare circles of True Leadership, which means Leadership By Example (By Example are the two most important words that belong within the circle of leadership), circle of Team Work bound by lasting Values, Circles of Happiness of Common Purpose, circles of Inter-Support, circles of Love (where Love has become part of the person and accompanies them in everything they do) circle of Inspiration (spiritual quality that can energize people in a very powerful way to achieve success and levels of excellence they never thought possible…) – This is where the term “Your Excellency” truly applies.

A person may be part of many different circles…and once you know that, and truly understand it you need to ask yourself some serious questions:

  • What circles are you part of?
  • What is the intensity of your participation in them?
  • Is it a result of conscious decision or did you just drift into it?
  • Are you free in your decision making process or are you influenced by the circles you are part of?
  • Are the circles that you are part of enable you to achieve your full potential as a human being and as a professional or do they detract from your natural abilities?

Many more such questions that are examined in The Thinking Coach Workshop Seminars

For example, being part of the circle of fear means that you are not a free thinker or a creative person.  Wrong fears feed on the Human creative Potential- in other words, if people live and work in a punishing environment they will tend to be not creative…makes sense doesn’t it???

How to move forward:

  1. Become aware of the reality of the existence of circles.
  2. Get to know which circles you are a part of – from the 3 above mentioned categories.
  3. Make fresh decisions about which circle you want to be part of in order to fulfill your goals.
  4. Actively pursue and join the circles that make you much, much better, not just better.
  5. Become active member in a circle from a position of conscious choice, reason & feeling.

You may wish at this point to consider the fact that we live on a circular planet and each of us completes at some point the Circle of Life…you would be hard put to find anywhere in nature 90 degree angle shapes, whereas life around us seems to be anything but hard and sharp angles of human activities.

And so…to complete a full circle to this article, here is the point:

The Circles we join will determine whether we are part of the Rat Race or the Art of Care!!!

Oh, there is so much more to all of this…

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

4 Replies to “The Rat Race or The Art of Care? (Circles, Circles, Circles….)”

  • You are so insightful about intelligence and leadership. I think we have all experienced leadership that just didn’t seem to do much or really inspire. Its hard to follow leaders that are lacking in emotional intelligence. I love the article about Federer. World leaders should take a leaf out of his book!

    • Thank you Megan for your kind words, the insights come from years of conducting world wide of groups and individual training of leaders and would be leaders

      If you need any help or know of those who need please don’t hesitate to call on me

  • Such great words! The way you put this is incredible. I found it hard to understand for a long while but the people I surround myself with I’ve come to realize have a HUGE impact on how I am. I used to not put much thought into it but through some brutal trial and error, I’ve found the right people that motivate and support me.

    Thanks for a good read and putting this message out there!



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