The Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate

Leadership? …. Emotional Intelligence?…

Here is a review on Emotional Intelligence from the Trump-Clinton Presidential Debates, and how EQ was not present in this Leadership debate.

  1. The ability to chose emotions that add to your intelligence and the overall intelligence of those that you deal with.
  2. Emotional Intelligence is a throughout theater of positive feelings and emotions between two or more people with the idea in mind of improvement and win-win collaboration.
  3. Emotional Intelligence is an intelligence that facilitates negotiation, selling, buying, speaking, leading, and many other actions that we regularly do in our lives. It’s an art of facilitating teamwork.
  4. Emotional Intelligence is a vital necessity for leadership and should be an integral part of leadership training, (it is an integral part of The Thinking Coach Leadership Seminars).

So what did we actually learn about Leadership & Emotional Intelligence from the debate last night?

Oh boy! Nothing!    This was NO lesson in Leadership from those who aspire to lead this nation.  On the scale of Emotional Intelligence it didn’t even register!

Aspiring for the highest office DEMANDS a high level of values, standards and Emotional Intelligence, and there was none of that present last night!

The fact that we are willing to settle for so much less doesn’t bode well for our country.

We witnessed two human beings of opposite gender locked in a typical “living room divorce” fight with almost no relevance to the essence of Leadership. There were no governing principles or standards that gave you any hope about the future and the prospect of collaborative humanity. To think that these two are vying for the highest office of the nation….

Emotional Intelligence is about having a positive outlook, its about kindness, its about empathy, its about feeling and registering the pain of the other person. And I will let you be the judge of how much of THAT you saw last night.

What I am about to write is not taking any political side, but I tell you what, I felt insulted as a man to see Trump’s demeanor.

What I saw was a sleazy businessman who tramples upon everything in his way to get what he wants; lying, cheating, patronizing, bullying, accusing, using the worst kind of “smoke screen” demagoguery, with intelligence levels of a five year old. This was a terrible demonstration of ego display with the most negative level of communication I’ve seen in a long time.

I may not agree with Hillary Clinton’s views, but at least she was civil. She showed some stature. She stuck to her values. She listened intently when Trump spoke, and she had some containment and equanimity about her. She even attempted to answer the questions she was asked.

Trump, on the other hand, was making faces like a five-year-old child sucking on lemon! Behaving rudely throughout, while attacking, attacking and again attacking with negative irrelevance. In my professional view this was a pathetic display of an immature adolescent who is full of himself, to the point that there is no room left for anyone else.

With his level of Leadership & Emotional Intelligence I would not let this guy run a horse stable let alone a country

Which, happens to be, a great country!!!

Folks, there is such a thing called “the first principle of dealing” and the first principle of dealing with a human being, no matter what the context is, is that one human is dealing with another human and that calls for RESPECT. (Respect is an extremely important ingredient of Emotional Intelligence & Leadership).

Take note: None of that was present last night. What we saw was a man bullying a woman without any regards to the fact that she is a lady, a mother and human being that loves her country.

She, on the other hand, has a long way to go in Emotional Intelligence as well, because she is far too dry and far too mental in her delivery and doesn’t reach people’s hearts.

What vital leadership lessons can be derived from the first Clinton-Trump debate?

That’s an easy one…

How to NOT  be.

How to NOT communicate.

What attitude NOT to have.

Sometimes it is important to know what you will NOT do and where you will NOT go, and what standards you will NOT go bellow.

This debate can teach you that.

It also shows you that there is a deep crisis of leadership today, where those “so called” leaders have not added up that the first principle of leadership is


They have not surmised yet, that a leader that has no values is only a leader by title but not by function or merit.

Potential leaders take note; you must be able to have a platform of values and standards that you don’t go below, otherwise you will never have the lasting power or the charisma to really lead.

What can The Thinking Coach Leadership & Emotional Intelligence seminars do for you?

I can guarantee you one thing, you will not come out of them “Trumpish”! Or for that matter “Clintonish”! Because what you saw last night was abysmal.

I will show you and train you how to effectively use Emotional Intelligence as an important part of your Leadership tool kit, so that you will NEVER allow yourself to stoop to such a level as we witnessed last night, Clinton-Trumps first debate!

For more information on these so important tools contact us.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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