Decision Making Under Pressure

The “Zoom-In Zoom-Out” Panoramic View

Decision Making Under Pressure

Any person who is in Leadership function will, undoubtedly, profess to the fact that a huge percentage of their responsibility, as a leader, focuses on problem solving  and decision making under pressure. Obviously, Problem Solving and Decision-Making are intertwined, because when you make sound decisions you can solve problems with greater effectiveness.

The following tip, which we focus on, in our Leadership Development Seminars, will go a long way to show how to gain the correct perspective of a problem, and solve it with the right emphasis, focus and energy.

The “Zoom In- Zoom out” method – A Leadership Development Tool

Very often we get caught up in problems that seem to take all of our energy, consume our mind and emotions, and make us feel helpless in trying to figure out what to do next…. haven’t we all been there? Isn’t that exactly the time when you yearn for a coach, a counselor, someone who knows…and there is no one around…only you!

The following Leadership Development tool of how to have the ability of decision making under pressure, can be of great help.

When we have to solve a problem, we usually “zoom-in” on it, develop a “tunnel vision”, focus, worry, get personal, allocate a lot of energy, which, can often be the wrong kind of energy. This is natural to any problem solving process, but this should be only half the effort. The other half of the process is crucial to the overall success of solving the problem.

The other part of this Leadership Development tool is the “zoom-out” aspect. The ability to step back and look at the big picture of what else is connected to this process. Stepping back is not so easy to do, when you are all “zoomed-in” on a problem. “Zooming-out” needs to be done consciously, because there’s so much that we miss when we focus hard and “want” too much.

The “zoom-out” process helps us see what else is part of the dynamic that we couldn’t see when we were “zoomed-in”. It alleviates unnecessary worries by placing the problem in a greater context where nothing seems so critical or threatening. Engaging both parts of the process helps us deal with fear. Very often fear becomes magnified when we only “zoom-in”. By “zooming-out” we give fear its rightful proportion (there is nothing wrong with fear, as it is a primal safety mechanism that serves to protects us. The problem is when fear assumes a “leadership role” and starts to manage & control our thinking and decision making process).

The “zoom-in, zoom-out” process helps put things in perspective to allocate the right energies for the right issues.

When we just “zoom-in”, then the wrong kind of emotions can get in and divert our attention from what is really important. For example, fear, anxiety, being short tempered and more. You may have heard the expression “ambition is blind”…well, this is exactly what this refers to. Very often we develop blindness when we want something too much, too quick, too hard. That’s when we make mistakes!

The “zoom-out” process helps us see the long-term implications of decisions, where as the “zoom-in” often focuses on short-term consequences only.

The “zoom-in zoom-out” methodology is a vital Leadership Development tool that opens the door to new a kind of intelligence and high level of decision-making.

How to do it?

Just do it!

You gain this valuable leadership development tool by using it, you “Catch the Way” of it, by trial and error, by simply refusing to “zoom-in” only.

•Stop •take distance from the problem •look at the big picture of what is connected to the problem •what caused it •what importance it has for the organization  •what will be the short and long term pros and cons •How will people be affected •what else •what else… •ask over and over again “what am I not seeing” •“what am I not taking into account”?

This will slow you down and make you a much safer and more cautious leader. It will give you 80% of the picture (the other 20% is your gut feeling, that you make sure not to avoid, but only after you have done the “zoom-in, zoom-out” process)

The more you do that the better you’ll get and your level of Leadership Development will grow by leaps and bounds!!!

It is a fact that the majority of leaders “short circuit” this process and consequently make fundamental mistakes that could have easily been avoided, had they done it.

Leadership Development Wisdom

In our Leadership Development Training Seminars, we show and demonstrate how to use this “Zoom-in Zoom-out” technique w

A small problem in a small space becomes BIG.

A small problem in a BIG space becomes proportionate to its correct dimension!

The Thinking Coach Leadership Development Training Seminars

In our Leadership Development Training Seminars, we show and demonstrate how to use this “Zoom-in Zoom-out” technique with great effectiveness, with practical workshop activities which include role-play, while using actual organizational problems. The participants learn how to use the technique in various scenarios, which contribute significantly to their Leadership Development level.

For more information contact us.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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