Trumping Positive Thinking – The Real Story

Did you know that Positive Thinking is one of the most difficult tasks for most people to achieve in their life? The cost of its absence is extremely expensive in the long term. If there was one challenge to be had is Trumping Positive Thinking!

Positive Thinking ought to be a strategy for life, not just a good idea whenever it occurs to us, it is a must for every person, if they want to be healthy in mind and body. People ‘sort of’ get positive from time to time, but the regular order of business, for the majority of people, particularly in the West, is to be negative and complain, judge, criticize, demean and put down themselves and others, it’s a “given”.

The negative attitude is so ingrained that it has become an automatic response in the majority of human interactions, we take it as “normal”!! But it isn’t, it’s a viral disease!  I see this tendency in my leadership training throughout Europe and the US but interestingly it is not as acute in Africa or China.

It seems that the more people have, the more they complain…curious, isn’t it?

I have never heard anyone come out and say that they are negative people, but most are…and they don’t realize that positivity is the only path to long term excellence. You can’t blame them, life teaches us that negativity works!

Nothing more than the Trump victory to show us how powerful negativity is, and how we are influenced by it, much more than positivity. That’s why the news are filled with negative news and we may get a positive item at the end, where a fireman saves a cat that got stuck on a tree.

The Agony, The Ecstasy & The Hypocrisy

The Trump victory showed everyone that “positivity is wuss” and “negativity has muscles and gets things done. You see Negativity works…but, that my friends, is only because the masses are infected with the disease called Negative Thinking or as it is commonly referred to in Emotional Intelligence: Negative Emotional Viruses. In my professional view, long-term consequences of Negative Thinking are horrific, and I am afraid that we will witness that in the US.

The roots of negative thinking come from the wrong interpretation of Competition, which was only ever meant to be an expression of Personal Excellence, but it became a system of excelling through beating up the other person. Another reason is the “I am Right” syndrome, which unfortunately leads to conflicts because people are all right, aren’t they?

So let me complete the cycle for you…Negativity is the way to put others down so one can feel they are better than them, without having to develop, improve & become excellent. It’s a lazy man’s way to personal profit and glory. That’s all!

Positive Thinking is strength, but nowadays regarded as weakness. The collective brains cannot perceive beyond the short term, immediate survival needs which seem to get quick results through the avenue of negativity. The common talk at that level is that (human) values don’t put food on the table but low level values do (everyone has values the question is which ones).

This article is challenging and uncomfortable because if you are honest with yourself you’ll get a reflection that you may not like and you might even be…negative about it. (Disagreement is not negativity).

One more point…the fact that after bitterness, hate, personal attacks, gender insult and God knows what else, everyone rushes to adapt a new theme of “let’s heal and unite” is nothing more than hypocrisy!…Weren’t we all Americans before all this garbage was paraded in front of us daily? and now let’s just love one another?….but you see, the long term after effect of negativity cannot be undone just because we now decided that we love each other.

The poison is in and it is just a matter of time and small circumstance shift before it rears its ugly head again.
More than ever, this is the time to “Couple With The Positive”

So Yes, Positive Thinking!

The Thinking Coach trains professionals worldwide to reach high levels of personal effectiveness through the mastery of Positive Thinking as a strategy for continued success.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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