Living In Times Of Change – Understanding What Change Is About

Accepting Change As Integral Part Of Life

It is critical to understand and accept What Change Is About, in order to adapt to and manage change.

What is reality in our time? The Reality Is that Change has become an integral part of living, which calls for dynamic humans who can be flexible and creative, while being able to focus on what is the need of the moment.

Things always change, and life is always dynamic, yet, we are witnessing an acceleration of change in all walks of life at an unfathomable rate. The examples are many, here are a few:

3.5 billion people shop on line, never leaving their home (and all the changes that represents)…

2.5 billion people are part of social networks,

The birth of a new child, what a change!

By the time one walks from the store to their car with a new computer 4 new ones were invented.

The empowerment and resurgence of women all over the world with a new kind of energy. This is a big change, which in time will cause further changes that will make life different to anything we have ever known before.

Almost every person (4 Billion adults and young adults) has an attached computer/phone that they almost never depart from…woow!

There are so many more changes that just happened upon us compared to even 5 years ago.

There’s A Lot New Under The Sun! Just need to look!

Living In Times Of Change - Understanding What Change Is About

What Is Change About and What Is Change Management About?

What Change Is About is often not clear, until some time lapses. The fact of change is often realized in hind and sight.

The ability to read and decipher what change is about requires strategic thinking training of a special kind. The kind of strategic thinking training that alerts you to the moment when it happens.

Change is a friend not a foe. It need not be feared of,  but rather welcomed, as it’s natural to our being as humans.

Every day represents change compared to the day before, it’s not just a repeat. Our mind, however, can make a new day to be ‘same old, same old’.

The ability to think according to a new reality is a matter of training and development. Otherwise, we forever use yesterday as benchmark for tomorrow and thereby, block change and make wrong decisions.

Fear of change limits people’s vision, possibility, and inspiration. it encloses them in the box of yesterday. As the saying goes: trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Change and Change Management should not be far apart but rather near one another, which means that there needs to be a process at play that makes sure that they are close. Realizing change and managing it. What is management, where change is concerned, is addressed later in this article.

The 3 Main Steps Of Adapting To Change: Recognition, Acceptance, Management

First Step – The process of recognizing change to understand what change is about in the present time, and what are its symptoms. This is done through the understanding of what is white space about.

Second Step – The process of learning to accept the fact of living in times of change and figuring it in, as an integral part of life and doing business.

Third Step – Learning and mastering all the dynamics to understand what Change Management Is About to be able to manage change instead of being managed by it.

The Dynamic of Change – The 5 Changes

It is important to be clear about the fact that there are external changes that happen upon us, and internal changes that we go through, permanently. The very essence of life is dynamic, moving & changing.

Nothing stays in the same place.

1.Natural Changes

There are so many natural changes that we are unconscious of, here are some examples:

  • Aging happens all the time, representing constant change.
  • Every day is constantly changing from morning to night.
  • Planet earth keeps moving at a 1000 mph around its axis, yet we don’t fall. We go to sleep in one place and you wake up in another.
  • Billions of cells in our body change every 6 seconds!
  • Our blood system is moving all the time, carrying nutriments in, and wastes out.
  • The digestion of food after we consume it and the process of extraction & distribution.
  • The growth of hair and nails.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Enormous amount of changes happen within us, and we only become conscious when something is wrong, which we are informed of, through pain and discomfort.

2. Changes Of Every Day Living

The process of living is all about change, some instigated by us, some not.

Meeting different people, carrying out different tasks, changing diets, changing eating habits, changing jobs, changing cars, changing spouses, changing countries, changing careers, and more, much more.

We are conscious of these changes, but we are mostly unconscious to how they affect us.

3.Global Changes Understood

These changes can be nature changes, such as, weather changes, earthquakes, storms and the like.

There are also global changes caused by man, such as wars, or, life changing inventions, like the light bulb, computers, cars, aircrafts, and all the things that have become part of our life that weren’t here even 100 years ago.

There are also special people that come and go that change perceptions and attitude and provide new ways to think about living. One example would be Martin Luther King.

There are many others some known, some unknown.

4.Global Changes Not Known Or Understood

This is the metaphysical realms, which are not understood or known about, which affect our lives on deeper levels, and are causative to how we live our life, how we feel, what becomes important to us, what is not, how we view life, our belief system, value system, family structure, our level of thinking, level of well being, the transformation of what is a win and what is a success for people today as compared to 5,10,15 years ago, and much more.

Some questions regarding not so understood causes of change:

  • What caused the technological advancement and at the same time the break down of human values, that is evident all over the world?
  • Why are women becoming influential in redefining what is leadership about and what is management about?
  • Why has evil increased to epidemic proportions?
  • Why has the youth lost hope?
  • And at the same time, why is there such obedience to defunct education and corrupt government?
  • Why are methods of fear and control so rampant in leadership, in supposedly the greatest times of freedom?

These and many other questions need to be considered without bias, to start to see the BIG Picture that will gradually reveal the nature and process of change.

 5.The Empowered Internal Change – what life leadership is about

Personal development plan template – this is the most catalytic and lasting change there is, because it comes from the person. Personal development changes that have a purpose and reason are the most empowered changes.

What Is Change Management At The Corporate Level?

The answer to this is simpler than one would think.

Change Management is all about investing in people’s soft skills.

What are soft skills is often not understood. Defining soft skills in the context of change management is crucial and is the answer to many problems.

Soft Skills for the Work Place make the difference between being managed by change or gaining the upper hand.

Soft skills training have huge impact on stability and productivity, simply because humans are rattled emotionally and mentally at times of change and need tools to deal with stress personally, and within a group setting.


Living In Times Of Change - Understanding What Change Is About


We are all born to change, it is natural for humans who are in movement, but a threat to people who are stuck in yesterday.

We are meant to redefine, each and every day, what is a win and what is a success for us by moving on, changing, adapting to new circumstance.

Change is not a threat, it is an opportunity, and the power of positivity is an energy that will help you trust and accept change, if you learn to trust and accept you.

For Professionals, which I work with extensively, it is extremely important to understand what change is about and what change management is about, as it will help them relieve stress and aggravation, improve their skills and services and make their time at work pleasant.

In The Thinking Coach Leadership Training courses, Management Training courses and Employee Training Development we provide the kind of training and soft skills tools that allow for running along side change and reaping the benefits personally and organizationally.

Call On me! I Am Here For You!

Eli Harari

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