The Inside Story Of What is Emotional Intelligence About

These two words, Emotions and Intelligence somehow joined together to form a phrase, back in the 90’s, highlighted in a book written by Daniel Goleman. In my experience as a trainer, coach and speaker, I discovered the tremendous importance Of What Is Emotional Intelligence About, in many my of the leadership training courses. I saw what happens in emotional intelligence training programs that I conducted over the years when professionals are able to channel adversity into positive power thinking and onto empowered actions. That is exactly what is emotional intelligence about. Conversely I also saw what happens with the lack of emotional intelligence, how when the negative emotions take over, everything deteriorates fast and the performance deeps.

The Inside Story Of What is Emotional Intelligence About

What is Emotional Intelligence?


The Motion of E(energy) in a powerful way- the e-motions have a very powerful energy, much more than thinking, and therefore it is a double edge sword which can work for, or against, depending on the skill of Emotional Intelligence.

One side inspires, the other oppresses, so it really depends which level of the emotions we are talking about. There are different levels and qualities of emotions.

There are fine, positive emotions, which we call power positive thinking and coarse, negative emotions which seem to be used much more in today’s world, but are less powerful.

It takes Intelligence & Strategic Thinking combined, to choose which emotions belong where and in how strong to use them. High-level, elite Strategic training and Mental Toughness are necessary to employ some measure of control over the emotions.

Emotions can overtake a person with their gushing nature, and therefore it takes wide range of soft skills to apply the right kind of emotions, to cause the desirable results in any given human interaction.

Emotions are much more powerful than thinking in their immediate effect, and can be likened to torrid water that run fast and furious, as compared to slowly streaming water that could be likened to thinking.

It is curious that each need the other for different effects. Thinking to cool down furious emotions and emotions to fire up and motivate dull thinking.

Emotion can be very explosive so it is necessary to exercise caution with the emotion to minimize the point of friction or Flash Point as it is referred to. When the stress is too much for a person to think it is usually the emotions that take over.

Much more could be written about the Emotions but for the purpose of this article we have a base from which we can continue to what would be Intelligent Emotion.

What Is Intelligence For?

Intelligence is all about how to think, specifically how to process knowledge. Knowledge is neutral, intelligence is what is done with that knowledge. When the word intelligence is added to emotion it simply means being able to use the right emotions for the right situations. Intelligence is the ability to know, to apply, to express and thus to CONNECT to more intelligence. It is an ever-growing dynamic that is constantly evolving. It could be said that intelligence invites more intelligence.

Thus, intelligence in its holistic form has five levels:

1.    To know,
2.    To apply the new knowledge and thus gain internal intelligence
3.    To master the intelligence internally,
4.    To master externally,

5.    To keep moving forward

Emotional Intelligence Definition

  1. To know the range of Emotions that we as human beings are capable of having
  2. To develop and rediscover natural sensitivity and compassion for others and practice them effectively.
  3. To start exercising internal conscious control upon what Emotions we want to express and why.
  4. To realize that the E-motions are a powerful tool in human engagement and employee engagement training, and to use that tool in a natural, team building, power positive thinking way, that makes people feel at ease about each other and their work environment.
  5.  To never think we know it all and to keep evolving in the territory.

Finally, in the context of corporate training, What Is Emotional Intelligence About includes foray into  what is self motivation about, within the big picture of what is motivation about. It inspires the work force to redefine What Is a Success, and to accomplish the next level of teamwork unity, where people are excited to take ownership and do the extra, not just perfunctory.

It is the everlasting wish of every leader or manager that I ever knew, to have workers who give extra merit and take personal ownership and responsibility.

The question is, however, do they understand that unless they improve the level of soft skills for the workplace, people will never give more than just the bare minimum and never step out of their comfort zone.

In my seminars people will get the fundamental Emotional Intelligence tools that will make them much more effective in their interpersonal skills and sensitivity.

In part 2 of this article ‘The Impact of Emotional Intelligence Training in the Corporate World’ a broader understanding to emotional intelligence training will be provided.

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