Defining What is Intelligence For- The 5 Power Intelligences

The Onion Principle

Defining What is Intelligence For- The 5 Power Intelligences

This is the second post on the 5 Intelligences. What is Intelligence For will be explored here from a different point of view. We’ll consider the reverse process from White to Green.

White to Green – Building From The Ground Upwards – The Constant Review How To Do Things Better And Align To Current Requirement.

This process is a building process from the ground upwards, with the intention of finding new and better ways to operate the business (Green),  seeking to be better aligned by reviewing what we know about something to discover how to think about it in new ways.

This is called the Onion Principle, which in a sense is the process of new discovery by peeling off layers to get to the core of something. We are, therefore, traveling from the known to the unknown through the 5 intelligences.

It begins by reexamining our “storehouse” of facts (White), to revisit the knowledge we think we have about something. In a way we check what we have in storage in terms of facts.

We look to see if we used these facts in the best possible way, by reasoning again and anew, with new vigor, why we do what we do? (Red). Having invigorated our facts and actions by reviewing their current authenticity, we look again to our guiding principle (Blue) to determine if they still fit, and how to safely proceed.

We try to establish together what new scope has been revealed to us by collective input and effective interpersonal communication, which solicits new views from different people (Yellow). We are now ready to examine new ideas and new possibilities in an attempt to be better aligned with the needs of the now (Green).

A Life Example of How It Works From Green to White

A young child is introduced to a new item for the first time, say a ball, (Green).  It’s a new experience for the child, for which there’s no reference.

The child examines the ball and begins to get a feel for its nature, gets to hear the name “ball” and starts to discover how it can be used (Yellow). In a way it gets to see what the ball connects to. Then the child finds out the do’s and don’ts of playing with the ball, by hitting and possibly breaking a vase and then they know that it’s not safe to throw a ball at the vase and it is safe to play outside (Blue).

The child then understands the reason for the Ball’s existence.  ‘Ball is for playing with” (Red).The ball then becomes part of their reference field, which they use to play repeatedly with and communicate about with others through, because the ball has become a fact of life for them and part of their reference field (White). That’s how the 5 intelligences work!

Green to White is the process of discovery of trying to figure out what something is, what is the big panoramic pictures of possibilities & what it is used for, what are it’s defining principles & parameters, and what’s the reason for it’s existence and usage. It all comes to rest in having new factual references, in White.

What Is Intelligence For?

These two ways of usage of the 5 intelligences is very seldom applied in organizations. .

When this system is applied regularly, it demonstrates What Is Intelligence For, where intelligence is not static, but rather a system to live life and increase the skill base constantly. becoming increasingly effective in a creative and strategic way. The 5 Intelligences can solve and cure many problems, and even prevent them before they occur.

The system can situate organizations at the forefront of competition through its useful and organic mechanism. Furthermore, the process of decision-making becomes much more accurate with greatly reduced margin of error.

In Summary

The core question What Is Intelligence For is evident in the process of the 5 intelligences.

Green to White is the process from outside to inside, of accommodating change, from the arrival of change as something new all the way to practical usage, fact-finding and understanding, which means the establishment of a new state of affairs. Thus contributing to the process of smooth change management.

White to Green is from inside to outside, a process of updating and aligning, starting by simple facts that we already know, but choose to reexamine and climb through the ladder of the 5 intelligences to arrive at new ideas or changes that we didn’t perceive before.

Why is This an Effective Tool?

These 5 colors together, link our mind & emotions to nature, and the energy associated with it.  The energy associated with nature tends to be charging, invigorating, illuminating and also calming. Therefore, Leadership training courses that use this methodology are extremely powerful and energizing. What is Intelligence for is to be able to deal intelligently with the changing requirements, in the ever-changing reality of our times.

The 5 intelligences provide the range, coverage and set of skills that can and will deliver a much better response to the question ‘What Is Leadership About’

Furthermore, the more this tool is used and applied, the more it becomes effective in solving problems, making decisions, building trust, forging new paths of creativity, giving a new meaning to What Is a Team, forming Think Tank circles & creating a business environment that everyone wants to be part of and ultimately redefining What Is A Success.

(Thus handling the colossal problem of workforce retention)

Training is a MUST!

Clearly, as was written at the beginning of this article, What Is Intelligence For, is to learn how to think and use the 5 intelligences in a way that they become a handy performance information tool, and performance tool, as part of personal development plan template. This is what the  leadership training courses and employee training development provided by The Thinking Coach, are all about.

Call me, I am here for you!

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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