Redefining What Is Leadership About In The 21st Century

What Is Leadership About In The Context Of Soft Skills

Redefining What Is Leadership About In The 21st Century

You all likely know the saying “if you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you got” I would add to that “It is small changes that can make a big difference in development and performance”. The small changes are always in the area of soft skills, never in hard technical skills.

The key is, to find the “hinge” point where these small changes can be made, spot them, understand them and devise a course of action that makes the big difference for the individual.

What makes these Leadership Training Courses special is, that they produce a professional training environment where the participants can find their “hinge points of change” and get to have a tangible answer to the question, “What Is Leadership About?”, and, “What Is Motivation”?

In order to inspire people to make the small necessary changes to improve their effectiveness throughout, The Thinking Coach provides Leadership Training Courses, and workshops that are characterized by high-level of new relevant performance information tools, interactivity ,synergy and performance tools that help redefine, what is team building, and, What Is Leadership About, in the 21st century.

The Essential Keys to Leadership Training Courses

There are key essentials that characterize these training programs:

  1. The teamwork collaboration that the participants experience in these seminars, is a central aspect that is critical to whatever the theme of the training is, which they can then take and incorporate in their respective business environment.
  2. “Success in process” is a mindset that is critical for success. Everything becomes important with this mindset, and therefore success is not limited to the final result. There are many successes on the way, where the big picture of success opens to multiple results.What is critical thinking about, in this context, is that it redefines; what is a win, explains and shows what is soft skills, and what is their significance to a healthy and productive workplace.
    Furthermore, the notion of success gets a new meaning where many can become part of its multi expression. Success is thus released from its common singular confinement brought about by the wrong interpretation of competition.
  3. Connecting “two in one”, The understanding of what is life leadership and what is transformational leadership about resulting in a person who leads their own life in a way that empowers his professional life.
  4. The five intelligence is the unique method used in all  of The Thinking Coach seminars which provide coverage, information, depth and continued development for the participants.

Redefining What Is Leadership About In The 21st Century

What to Expect From ‘What Is Leadership About’ Seminar

The overwhelming majority of professionals worldwide, who have attended The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Courses have found the programs to be extremely informative, practical, profound, holistically valuable, capturing and…very valuable in redefining What Is leadership About in the 21st century. Professionals attending the programs were able to grasp the Real Significance of what is soft skills, and their importance to professional success by applying them with great effectiveness to their everyday tasks.

The courses are attitude changers, where soft skills training are concerned, and confidence building in the ability of professionals to redefine what is a success through the application of these great performance information tools. This is critical, given the negative oerceptions and dismissive attitude that professionals tend to have about soft skill training.

The following is an imaginary, but, very real conversation that took place many, many times over the years, between a skeptical participant and The Thinking coach, which commonly sound like the following:

 “it’s not important, it doesn’t put more money in my pocket” – It is more important than you think, it can take your career to the next level and yes you will make more money, if you learn how to think strategically…which is a soft skill…

“I can’t change” – sure you can but you need to want it enough, and to train in the right kind of skill development.

“the environment doesn’t allow me to express new skills” – you can affect the environment more than you realize, don’t wait for the environment to change, you change first.

“there is nothing new under the sun” – Oh, yes there is, all the time! “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.

“it’s interesting and so hopeful here in the class but I can’t do anything with it in the office”- indeed a culture change takes everybody’s effort to change the work culture, but why won’t it start with you?

“it’s great in theory but not practical”- it becomes practical when you fight to put it to practice!

…And other skeptical and cynical comments such as these, which curiously, only reflect the disbelief of the person in their ability to change. The reality is EXACTLY the opposite! An overwhelming amount of studies show, (beyond any shadow of a doubt) that 90% of firing, and employee turnover occur due to lack of soft skills and only 10% due to lack of domain (hard) skills.

Why then, would you think that companies stick to old “proven wrong” paradigms and invest 90% of their training budget in domain skills and only 10% in soft skills training? strange isn’t it?….

What makes the Thinking Coach Leadership Training Courses programs different and unique, is the interactive, down to earth approach and lack of cynicism,  that people gradually experience in regards to their lack of belief in modern professional training, and the bonding that takes place between the participants and with The Thinking Coach and the staff. In the end  all of the above mentioned translates to Productivity, Effectiveness, and Personal Satisfaction, which are the ingredients that make a company succeed. Participants can take the codings of success from the training  class and implement them in the workplace.

The following soft skills dynamics are available in Leadership Training Courses and employee training development 

  • What is soft skills
  • What is life leadership
  • Soft skills for the workplace
  • What is a win, within the term “process oriented” Vs. what is a win, in being “result oriented”
  • How to think
  • What is life leadership about – “being your own CEO”
  • What is self motivation about
  • What is inspiration about
  • What is a strategy
  • What is public speaking
  • The art of public speaking
  • What is motivation – how to motivate the workforce
  • What is an art
  • The power of positive thinking
  • What is team building
  • What is decision making process
  • What is a leader
  • What is a manager
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • What is critical thinking about
  • What is effective communication
  • Effective communication for the workplace
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Employee retention
  • What is stress about
  • What is stress relief about
  • What is stress management

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