Find Out What Is Management About In A Changing World

“What Is Management About Seminar” – Soft Skills For The Work Place

Find Out What Is Management About In A Changing World

‘What Is A Manager’ is a corporate management training program that includes the most important Soft Skills For The Workplace and will provide the big picture of what is management about, with soft skills list and team leadership skills, second to none.

This seminar includes the basic soft skills list in the most problem prone territories, those which affect productivity the most. It initially requires 3-5 days seminar for the material to satisfactorily transfer. This is not a one-time seminar, but rather a foundational building course that will need to be maintained. It will however sow the most important soft skills seeds, which in time will yield fruits aplenty.

It contains performance information tools and performance tools that are extremely effective in understanding How to think about the difference between, What Is Leadership About, and What Is Management About .

What Is Management About Comprehensive Seminar Dynamics:

  • What is strategic thinking about
  • What is creative thinking
  • What is critical thinking about
  • What is change management about
  • What is emotional intelligence about
  • What is team building about
  • What is employee engagement about
  • What is decision making process
  • What is public speaking
  • What is effective communication for the workplace
  • What is a stress
  • What is stress management about
  • What is a leader
  • What is a success
  • Power positive thinking
  • Motivation workplace

These Corporate Management Training Programs Focus On Two Mind-Sets:

1. Being – The Form, where core changes of attitude, value system and commitment can be made.
2. Doing –  The Content, actionable intelligence, where practical tools to improve performance can be applied.

The combination of these two mind-sets have shown to be absolutely essential in how to build confidence, personal initiative and charisma ,while fostering a lasting teamwork spirit that survives mental and emotional challenges.

The following outline provides an overview of this exceptional management training program out of which “tailor fit” curriculum  will be fashioned to meet the specific needs of any organization.

The Thinking Coach seminars are rich with list of leadership skills, that combine practicality with many interactive exercises. These, cutting edge, Corporate Management Training Programs proposes a personal development plan template that will take leaders to the next level.

Course Curriculum Outline

Module 1 – How To Think…

  1. What is strategic thinking about
  2. Strategic thinking definition
  3. Strategic thinking as prerequisite for effective personal management
  4. Consequence analysis
  5. Separating cause from symptom
  6. probability/likelihood analysis
  7. Problem solving skills training
  8. Thinking in parameters
  9. The Question behind the question
  10. Separating facts from fiction
  11. What is critical thinking about
  12. Critical thinking definition
  13. Critical Thinking Questions
  14. Critical Thinking Exercise
  15. Effective gender integration in strategic thinking
  16. Key strategic thinking questions 
  17. The art of decision making
  18. Think yourself out of yesterdays paradigms- practical creative thinking training
  19. What is creative thinking about-“Ideas factory” work shop
  20. What is positive thinking about
  21. The power of positive thinking
  22. Module 2 – Personal Development Plan Template – What Is Life Leadership About?

  1. How to think about personal development
  2. Separating facts from fiction
  3. “Zoom in, Zoom out” methodology
  4. Did you know the facts
  5. What is life leadership about
  6. 5 keys method to gathering information
  7. Mental strength training- finding a needle of Yes in a haystack of No
  8. Mental toughness exercises
  9. How to improve self confidence
  10. Magnetic/electric response mechanism
  11. What is decision making process-individual
  12. What is decision making process- collective
  13. The art of decision making – What is an Art
  14. Vision vs. Mission- personal Vision Mission Statement (…and strategy)
  15. “Know thyself” work shop
  16. The 5 intelligences
  17. How to create a personal development plan template for the future

Module 3- What Is Change Management About?

  1. What is change management about
  2. What is change management training about
  3. Leading culture change
  4. Leading transformational change
  5. What is a paradigm
  6. What is a paradigm shift
  7. Paradigm shift definition
  8. How to think about organizational change management
  9. Personal productivity definition-Shifting thinking polarity-N to P
  10.  “Infecting” your organization with positive mental attitude (mental & emotional viruses)
  11. Applying emotional intelligence training to maximize personal productivity
  12. Effective “Warmth Management”- positive thinking thoughts and actions
  13. The 4 characters strategy
  14. Equating expectations strategy
  15. Forming strategies in role playing
  16. Feedback model-positive thinking tips
  17. White space strategy:
  • white space definition
  • white space innovation
  • white space management
  • white space marketing
  • white space mapping
  • white space work

Module 4- What Is Communication About

  1.  Effective communication workplace
  2. What is communication about – An overview of communications in the 21st century
  3. Common communication mistakes
  4. Importance of communication in the workplace
  5. What is good communication
  6. What is effective communication
  7. The 3 levels of communication
  8. Communication skills in the workplace
  9. What is augmentative communication
  10. What is a language
  11. What is a body language
  12. What is a positive body language
  13. Why is body language important
  14. Verbal and nonverbal communication
  15. Presentation skills tips
  16. Overview- What is the the truth about the corporate communication skill level
  17. What is the truth about passive communication
  18. What is the truth about proactive communication
  19. What is the truth about the main stakeholder in communication
  20. Effective team communication tips
  21. improving interpersonal communication skills
  22. Definition communication
  23. Verbal and nonverbal communication
  24. Communication skills activities
  25. How to improve communication skills
  26. What is public speaking

Module 5-Executive Leadership Training – What Is A Leader

How to Improve Leadership Skills

  1. What is a leader – 21st century updated management & leadership concepts
  2. What is transformational leadership about
  3. What is transactional leadership about
  4. Transformational leadership theory
  5. Transactional leadership theory
  6. How to improve leadership skills
  7. What is a manager
  8. What is life leadership- To be the CEO of your own life
  9. The 3 essential strategic wheels for transformational leadership
  10. Transformational Leadership Style 1- Inspiring support system (neutral from the back)
  11. Transformational Leadership Style 2- “By Example” (proactive leadership, from the front)
  12. The enigma of charisma- transformational leadership style
  13.  Charismatic leadership
  14.  Sustainability of core leadership and management skills
  15. Effective application of the 2 natural response mechanism- magnetic/electric
  16. Leadership level-essential balances of mental toughness training & emotional resilience training
  17. Maximizing the human potential in your organization
  18. The power of positive thinking- “Positive emotional viruses”
  19. Mind versatility in leadership- leading, guiding, supporting, delegating
  20. Creative thinking as key ingredient in management training program
  21. How to build trust in your clients and workers

Module 6- What is Stress management

  1. What is stress
  2. What is Stress about in today’s corporate world – overview
  3. What is Stress Workplace – overview
  4. Causes of stress in the workplace
  5. Symptoms of stress in the workplace
  6. The Match box analogy
  7. Overview of The difference between the 5 stress strategies
  8. Dealing stress strategies – how to deal with the stress
  9. Coping stress strategies – how to cope with stress
  10. Handling stress strategies
  11. Stress management strategy
  12. Stress relief strategies
  13. What is stress management- overview
  14. What is stress management about- causes and symptoms
  15. How to reduce the stress in employees
  16. How to relieve stress from the workplace environment
  17. How to relieve stress from the leadership
  18. How to reduce stress in the management
  19. Workplace stress relief activities
  20. Workplace stress relief techniques
  21. Ways to relieve stress and ways to reduce stress
  22. Stress management tips
  23. What is stress management
  24.  Coping skills strategies
  25. Handling ease with pressure and pressure with ease
  26. The 10 actors methodology

  Module 7- What is Team Building About

  1. What is Team Building
  2. What is a team
  3. Corporate team building objectives
  4. Team building in the work place
  5. Skillshare – performance information tools – performance tools
  6. Strategic thinking training
  7. Team motivational tools
  8. Life skills training  in a team – identifying the individual excellence in team members
  9. Emotional intelligence training – empathy, feedback, cooperation
  10. Building teamwork workplace – Effective teamwork strategies – the what, why and how
  11. The power of positive thinking in team building
  12. Team building activities work
  13. Exercising powerful leadership skills within a team
  14. Teamwork training activities
  15. Skillshare
  16. Fundamentals to Team Synergy
  17. Value/quality work shop
  18.  Future projection strategies & harnessing will power
  19. Motivation strategies
  20. Take home performance tool kit

What Is Management About – Seminar Objectives:

  1. To provide managers with the big picture of What Is Management About, in the 21st century, with practical and updated transformational leadership skills and transactional leadership skills that fit the current needs and requirements of the corporate world
  2. To provide managers with performance tools that build charisma and foster team work
  3. To provide managers with performance information tools to increase the ability to analyze, evaluate and judge situations accurately
  4. To teach how to think, according to what the reality is, take greater responsibility, be decisive and make decisions that are based on system thinking.
  5. To give people a positive, inspiring and constructive training experience that will encourage continued learning and development.
  6. To provide people with self confidence and belief in their capabilities, potential and ability to produce.
  7. To demonstrate how to create a professional “together” ecology that integrates vital human soft skills of “Being” with practical application by acquiring “Doing” skills.
  8. To help people discover the ABC of their own leadership style- Attitude, Belief, Commitment
  9. To motivate people to apply newly acquired performance information tools and performance tools.

Call To Action

What Is management About is a must program for management in the 21st century providing extraordinary performance information tools and performance tools that every manager needs just to be able to survive the massive changes in the corporate world. To excel as a manager these acquired tools would need to be applied and become second nature.

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