The Secret Of What Is Strategic Thinking About, Revealed!

This is a Brief Description of What is Strategic Thinking About 

This is an important part of corporate management training programs, leadership training courses, and employee training development.

What is a strategy? How to think about what is a strategy? These two questions are different, because before we understand what is a strategy, we need to learn how to think about it.

Strategic Thinking is about the future and gaining the only advantage we have by thinking now and project to the future.  This precedes what is strategic planning. It is important to understand the difference between what is strategic thinking and what is strategic planning.

Strategic Thinking is how to think about an issue, the facts, the reasons and the principles that guide us, only then can we start planning strategically. this may sound complicated but this seminar makes it quite simple to understand and implement.

These Strategic Thinking Training Courses will explain, demonstrate and workshop, what is a strategy, how to think systematically, and how to go about forming strategies. It provides the participants with performance information tools second to none.

What is Strategic Thinking is defined by a qualitative decision making process that takes into accounts the facts only, evaluates short term and long term consequences and makes decisions, which are logically correct and feel right as well.

The Secret Of What Is Strategic Thinking About, Revealed!

What is Strategic Thinking – The 3 Basic Levels

  • Personal Strategic Thinking – how to improve strategic thinking skills on a personal level and apply them to every day personal tasks, this comes under the title of “What is Life Leadership” where what is a strategy gets you to be an effective CEO of your own life.
  • Interpersonal Strategic Thinking – how to improve strategic thinking skills that stretch to inter-connectedness, human to human, while applying verbal & non-verbal communication and adding to the a strategic frame of mind that is designed to get a specific result through the art of communication.
  • Task Oriented Strategic Thinking –  This is the most common territory of strategic thinking. How to think strategically about something we want to achieve.

What is Strategic Thinking – Curriculum

  1. What is a strategy?
  2. What is strategic thinking?
  3. What is strategic planning?
  4. What is life leadership?
  5. Did you know the facts? Thinking factually – being able to gather and think according to facts without bias.
  6. Thinking in parameters – understanding all relevant parameters and thereby increasing the scope and perception of your base thinking
  7. Consequence analysis – learning to think about a wide range of possible consequences that may result out of an intended action, mapping them out and being strategically aware, long and short term
  8. Question analysis – learning to discern the question behind the question and thereby get to the actual problem or task.
  9. Symptom vs Cause analysis –
    • What is a symptom
    • What is a cause
    • the difference between cause and symptom is crucial to thinking strategically as causes are hidden behind symptoms yet are the most important consider.
  10. Strategic thinking case studies – Applied strategic thinking to case studies
  11. Strategic thinking exercises
  12. Strategic thinking questions
  13. What is strategic evaluation
  14. What is strategic sourcing
  15. Strategic thinking skills
  16. Strategic thinking tools
  17. Strategic thinking vs strategic planning
  18. How to think about strategizing
  19. Strategic planning process steps
  20. Strategic planning tools
  21. What is critical thinking about
  22. Critical thinking tools
  23. The FED system thinking
  24. SWOT analysis template

Call to Action

This is a dynamic Thinking Coach, top leadership skills Seminar, that stretches far beyond formulas and power point information. It’s challenging to old ways of thinking and rich with strategic thinking exercises and strategic thinking tools, while delivering basic information of what is a strategy, what is strategic thinking, what is critical thinking about and what is decision making process.

The main objective is to improve strategic thinking skills in leaders, managers and employees with leadership aspirations, through employee training development. This is one of the top 10 leadership skills that features throughout The thinking Coach’s corporate management training programs.

This program will make sure that you know at depth, what is a strategy, inspire you to use it as a tool, and build confidence in your ability to think strategically while providing you with tools to continue to improve strategic thinking skills beyond this seminar.

The future is unknown and to be prepared for the unknown you must learn the art of strategic thinking. What is an art, in this case, is the ability to use strategic thinking as a second nature.

The only head-start advantage professionals have over the future is the ability to think ahead and be prepared. How to think about the future is a skill taught by The Thinking Coach in the corporate Strategic Thinking Training courses.

Call on me, I am here for you!

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™