The Next Level Of What Is Stress About – The Ten Actors

 The Ten Actors

 Executive Development Training Program

Employee Training Development and leadership training courses are essential for the workforce to understand what is stress about, which is the basis of understanding What Is Stress Management About.

. The workshop addresses two key questions:

1) What Is Stress About -Learning how to think What Is Stress About is a key as it provides the understanding of the causes of stress and helps the participants gain a 360 degrees view of stress. By identifying What Is Stress About one can identify the face of the enemy and therefore know how to protect from its ever increasing harassing features.

2) What is stress management about – This is the aspect that teaches how to manage stress from the inside out, with stress management techniques, performance tools and performance information tools that reduce stress and increases productivity.

The Next Level Of What Is Stress About - The Ten Actors

What Is Stress Management About

The first aspect in understanding what is stress about, is that stress can only be managed but not totally eradicated, which is a very significant point to understand, as attempt to eradicate stress will only cause more stress. This is the first point to understand in what is stress management about!

Therefore, applying stress management techniques is the best way to proceed . What that means is that it’s best to have a proactive thinking approach, (which can be gained from strategic thinking training and corporate strategic planning) about stress. This stress management seminar has both features.

Knowing that stress is part of “doing business” today and learning to accept it, helps training for its management in the most effective ways. Through understanding of What Is stress Management About, stress can be confined to safe levels, which is the best resolution to stress.

The 10 Actors Methodology – Stress Management Techniques

The 10 ACTORS methodology is a an advanced, employee training development program, and part of the leadership training courses of The Thinking Coach.

The principle behind long term success in stress management is having a Personal Development Plan Template. The more versatile the executive the more multi tasking the executive will be the more stress can be channeled to different aspects of that Personal Development Plan template, which is the ACTORS. When the capacity increases then stress can be handles much better. How to think about this method is that it creates personal development plan template that is practical and easy to follow, and continue to evolve with. It gives the big picture of What Is Stress Management About.

10 Actors -Training Course outline: What Is Stress Management About

Day 1

  • What is stress about – the definition of stress
  • The anatomy of Stress – performance information tools
  • The 2 major response mechanism- balance & movement
  • Personal development stress management analysis
  • Stress work symptoms
  • The causes of stress
  • The effects of stress
  •  evaluate strategies managing stress versus effectiveness
  • The connection between attitude and performance tools
  •  Power positive thinking
  • Core qualities to master stress management in the workplace
  • How to think about personal development plan template – How to grow the capacity to handle stress
  • Actors 1-3 description and explanation
  • What do you need to remove, and let go off, which is causing congestion in your path of progress
  • How to tidy up and get rid of personal obstacles
  • What are the areas that you need to check and make adjustment in to improve your services
  • What areas do you need to take greater responsibility in, and own up to
  • Practical examples of actors 1,2,3 in action.

Day 2

  • Actors 4 through 7, transference and work shop
  • How to think about your managerial skills in the context of stress- Do they relieve stress or…
  • How to think about spontaneity and creativity
  • How to think about humanity in the context of your responsibility – Humanity defined
  • How to think about the way you present yourself
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Personal development plan template – creating a “actors consciousness”
  • Learning to change to reduce stress – what is the comfort zone
  • Fundamentals of effective personal management
  • How to be spontaneous and versatile with confidence
  • Q&A
  • Practical examples of actors 4,5,6,7 in action.

Day 3

  • Actors 8 through 10, transference and workshop
  • How to think about delegation of responsibility and energy distribution
  • Effective sort-out mechanism
  • How to think about time and personal conservation
  • How to think about developing awareness and watchfulness
  • What is an awareness in the context of understanding needs
  • How to integrate soft skills versus hard skills in a bad workplace environment
  • Effective communication workplace – ambassadorial
  • Executive functioning skills – executive functioning skills strategies
  • Creating future frameworks and imagery
  • Detecting and discovering new trends
  • Actors 8,9,10 in action
  • Practical application- how to use the 10 actors to relieve stress
  • Provide the participants with Personal development plan template, to continue stress management
  • Q & A – Summary

On a Final Note

Stress management techniques are all to do with the things that you create in your personal development plan template, WHICH will be for you being able to sustain stress management. Very often people try to tackle stress head on, but it never works long-term. This stress management workshop, works different. It answers first the question, What Is Stress About, in a methodical manner and only then addresses the question, What Is Stress Management About, providing a remedial personal development plan template that will have lasting results.

It demonstrates what’s possible in the workplace with minor, consistent but powerful strategic adjustments. These strategic adjustments are part of the personal development plan template of the executive. As they develop, so will the employees for it will be True leadership By Example.

The potential of this stress management techniques is to reduce stress by 50% and increase productivity by 40%!!!

Call on me, I am here for you!

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™