Understanding What Stress Is About – Part 1

   Stress Management – Overview 

Understanding What is Stress About - Part 1

What is Stress About

Stress cannot be eradicated; it is a force to be reckoned with!  It has a firm grip on most people with devastating effect. Hostile work environment definition simply says: Stress Lives Here! Where stress is, hostility is not far behind.

Stress takes a great toll on all corporate personnel, leadership and management, and on the workforce as a whole. All are affected in adverse ways, where levels of effectiveness, productivity and business soft skills, are concerned. Unfortunately, this is true, worldwide, and it’s getting worse!

Stress is “manufactured”, “fed” and “energized” by the “cut-throat” hard style of today’s competitive business reality of “win at any cost”. There are many causes for stress, many of which cannot be controlled. However, these Stress Management Training Courses provide in depth information on what is stress about and how to best curtail its negative influences.

How To Think About De-stress Training

This is an extremely important part of employee training development and leadership training courses. I have a 25- year experience in facilitating such corporate management training programs, with great success.

This employee training development program, which is part of broad corporate management training programs, was created to provide professionals with a powerful soft skill list of performance information tools, and performance tools that can successfully defy Stress Workplace.

It is a multi-level, comprehensive, corporate training program, uniquely crafted for the current needs of 21st century stress, which is very different in style and stress levels, to any previous period in history.

This corporate training program truly makes a difference. It has been sensitively designed to spot strategic places where, with minor changes, positive, long-term changes can take place.

When personal development plan and collective team building strategies combine together, they have a positive influence, and produce many ways to relieve stress and ways to reduce stress at the workplace.

The 12 Common Key Questions About the Definition of Stress

During my 25 years of training professionals in companies and organizations around the world, I have been asked many questions, all trying to understand, What Is Stress About, and, what is stress management about.  I have summarized the 12 most common questions, the answers of which, when combined together, give the big picture of stress, which is extremely valuable.  constitute a cutting edge, “state of the art” corporate training programs, that includes continuing, employee training development, and leadership training courses.

Although these questions seem similar, the answer to each one provides a different definition of stress and involves different answers and processes. The questions are a great tool with which to examine many stress related symptoms and causes, such as personal stress, collective stress, change stress, work stress of different aspects, Stress workplace in general and much more…simply by adding the stress related issues at the end of each question, will provide a new and creative way of thinking.

The Key Questions to Understand Stress

  1. What is stress about…
  2. What is stress relief about…
  3. How to relieve stress from…
  4. How to relieve stress fast…
  5. How to reduce stress in…
  6. How to reduce stress at…
  7. How to deal with the stress…
  8. How to cope with the stress…
  9. How to handle stress at…
  10. What is stress management…
  11. What is stress management about…

The training will answer these questions, and, will empower employees with the necessary soft skill list. For the leadership, it will provide a much-needed leadership skills list to manage stress at leadership level.

Employees and leadership have different types of stress!

The slight shift in each question, using a different verb in regards to stress, opens a big picture and provides a personal development plan work dynamic, that gets into the specifics, in ways that people get the point…and there is a point to get!

These Stress Management Training Courses are based on the 12 key questions, within the 5 workplace stress solutions that are explained in this article.

Siblings from different parents – Natural and Unnatural Stress Workplace

Understanding What is Stress About - Part 1

What is Stress About – Natural Stress 

Understanding What is Stress About - Part 1

Did you know facts…. about the physiology of natural stress? For example, the natural stress hormone is called Eustress, and creates a “seize-the-day” heightened state of arousal, which is invigorating and often linked with a tangible goal…

Natural stress, which I would call “natural personal development growth hormone” is a necessary part of personal development plan work, employee training development and leadership training courses, as professionals’ world-wide, struggle to improve their personal development goals at work and their performance tools, in an extremely competitive business environment.

Very often, natural stress is the very thing that is needed to achieve that “next goal” in personal development work. It is almost as if this kind of stress “builds our muscles” for the next challenge that we need to overcome. For example, when you see a little child learning to walk, it is the stress of seeing everyone else walking while they can’t, that makes them reach for the next level. They try and fall, try and fall, until they succeed.

Natural stress does that. It prompts you to try, try again, and again, not stop, build self-confidence and positive mental attitude about yourself and your abilities to progress, while accomplishing your personal development work goals.

Natural stress is Process Oriented, which is the only Result Oriented there is.

What is Stress About – Unnatural Stress Workplace

Understanding What is Stress About - Part 1

Did you know facts …about the physiology of negative stress? For example, distress, or free floating anxiety, causes the release of a stress hormone called Cortisol, but because of its negative nature it doesn’t provide an outlet for the cortisol and causes the fight-or-flight mechanism to backfire…Did you know facts…

There are many other facts to know about stress that will explain why it is so important to know how to relieve stress from our personal life and how to relieve stress from our business life. (Cortisol, which is released by the body in response to stress, has many destructive effects on the body including the break down of tissues).

Unnatural stress, makes you think “you can’t do”, makes you lose hope, lose belief, come down hard on yourself, become acrimonious, develop a big ego, become negative, not do the things you love doing, promise and not deliver, make simple things complicated, personalize impersonal matters…and other such unfortunate traits. This very often results in a lose-lose situation, accompanied by mental, emotional and physical distress signs, and even different kind of diseases.

On a collective level, these work-related stress symptoms, can show up as workplace conflicts, lack of accuracy, lack of motivation, bad attitudes and…The list goes on (I am sure you can add to it from your own experience). The point is, no one wins, and no one really wants this state of affairs, but…it’s everywhere!

These Stress Management Training Courses provide workplace stress solutions that solve the problems caused by unnatural stress. Unnatural stress workplace is the resultant of repeat, wrongful, personal and organizational practices.

Stress has taken center stage in corporate affairs, and in fact, is the number one cause for concern for many advanced companies. It is therefore extremely important to get to understand what is stress about, in depth. These days, the question “how to relieve stress from…” while developing the necessary skills of reducing stress in the workplace, has become the main goal of leadership and management everywhere.

The causes of stress in the workplace are multiple, and curiously, the majority of them, are not understood by the management or by the leadership. The majority of stress management strategies are focused on symptoms, not on causes, which guarantees that Stress Workplace has more damaging effects than ought to be.

However, we will not explore here the depth of the negative effects of stress, as it has reached epidemic proportion in the workplace of many organizations and companies around the world. It would require an encyclopedia to explore the negative results of what is stress about when it has a free reign. It will suffice to know here, I general terms, what is stress about, and particularly destructive influences of what is stress.

Call To Action – What Is A win Over Stress

Understanding What is Stress About - Part 1

The Thinking Coach Stress Management Training Courses, which are part of Employee Training Development, and Leadership Training Courses, can make a big difference in getting to the bottom of What Is Stress About, What is stress management about, and What Is A Win Over Stress.

I will help your organization confine stress to manageable levels, provide strategic plan for the future handling of stress, and provide you with personal development plan template tools to understand and deal with :

  • What is stress about, and how to be prepared for it?
  • How to relieve stress from employees?
  • How to reduce stress in the workplace?
  • How to manage stress effectively?

This will be the best ROI course for your organization, bar none!

Call on me I am here for you!

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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