White Intelligence

Reinvigorate your knowledge base

White is the color, as we all know, that allows the appearance of all colors as they are, without bias.
Therefore, White  Intelligence is associated with the terms “no bias”, “just the facts”, “separate facts from fiction”.

The facts, of any situation, are the lines that define the portrait of what is happening in actuality. The ability to look at the facts as they are is the basis for correct decision making, and this is what White Intelligence embodies.

“White stress” is when we feel we don’t know enough, in the dark, and the training is to learn to gather information without pre-judgment.

This is a crucial pre-requisite to strategic thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking.

Guiding questions

  • Do you go through the process of collecting facts before you make a decision (as if it is a totally new situation)?
  • Does stress and pressure cause you to make assumptions?
  • Do you have enough knowledge to perform your duties sufficiently?
  • Does your confidence of what you know stops you from reevaluating situation based on new process of fact collection?
  • Do you know how to separate facts from fiction?
  • Do you have enough references to back up what you do?
  • Do you include your left hemisphere and right hemisphere when you gather facts?
  • These and other questions are essential to develop white intelligence, which is the foundation of anything that we do, no matter how many times we have done it!

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Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™