Women’s Leadership #1

This is the first of three articles on the all important subject of Women’s Leadership Skills, and how women can help bridge the divide that has opened-up between leaders and those they lead.

Preview to Inter-Gender Leadership

It is very important to re-think, re-evaluate and update what is the role of leadership in the 21st century, which is very different to ever before. Especially the role of Women’s Leadership  and the needs which are different, people are different, and the requirements from the leadership are different.

This article is not about Women Vs. Men in leadership, although it may seem so at first. It’s main purpose is to offer a new perspective on how leadership can, and in my professional view, should be, in the 21st century, where both men and women can bring their own unique gender skills to the “table of leadership”, to combine inter-gender excellence, which happens to be the core fundamental for productive & rewarding team work. For this Women’s Leadership needs to brought to the focus.

Such a situation would allow the best natural representation of the human race, where each gender brings its unique set of skills, which are different, but equally viable and necessary to the all- important function of leadership.

Leadership Training in the 21st Century

The best ROI (Return on Investment) in Leadership Training is when the leaders learn to invest “humanity” in their people. From The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Seminars experience, the acquisition of this particular skill by intending leaders is the one single most advantageous leadership quality to possess. “Humanity” to mean, among other things, recognition, warmth, being tuned to the real humane needs and providing exact measures, communication of a caring nature, to which most people respond with warmth and willingness of their own, and yes, respond with high level of productivity and personal responsibility (This often solves the problem that leadership frequently faces, of the workforce’ unwillingness to take ownership).

As noted above, this is, by far, the best ROI in the business world, which costs nothing and yields a great deal, and ….is very seldom used.  This can be characterized as the feminine influence on leadership. Feminine leadership does include men! Part of the natural brain functions of men is feminine, so it can be expressed equally by women and men, and can complement masculine leadership in a natural & enhancing way.

FLQ – Feminine Leadership Qualities

Before jumping to quick conclusions or known boxes of thinking, here is what FLQ means: collaborative, maintaining, nurturing, fostering the best of others and the best possibilities, positive thinking, emotionally intelligent, seeking for long term balance and results, avoiding jumping to quick conclusions, weighing the evidence, taking the time to consider and reconsider without ego interference, and more.

Again, it is important to reiterate that these Feminine Leadership Qualities (FLQ) can be had by both, men and women, though they are naturally more prevalent in women.  Men would need to develop these skills consciously, or rather be willing to engage these skills without worrying about their self-image. (Leaders that don’t continually develop new skills become irrelevant and invalid to their people). Very often men tend to think that to show emotions is to show weakness. However, many studies show that the opposite is actually true.

What Feminine Leadership Qualities (FLQ) Can Women Bring to Leadership?

Shining the light on the subject of Women in Leadership reveals simple truths and facts that must be taken into account in these pressing times. It is hard to ignore the fact that women are naturally trained in leadership functions, simply by being compelled to efficiently manage the household, which can be an intricate leadership task in the 21st century, often requiring the very same set of skills that are required to run a multi-billion dollar company or a government; the only difference is the scale.

The fundamentals are exactly the same; you need order, strategic thinking, competent decision- making, creative thinking, taking into account long and short-term consequences of decisions, good people management, you need communication skills that are sensitive to the receivers’ needs and ability to comprehend. There is the constant need to put out “fires”, human dramas, make sure people are well, inspire them to continue, hold them to their promises, keep an eye on the tasks they promised to do, etc. etc. (Just like raising

3 which will appear the following weeks.


What The Thinking Coach Leadership Training can do for Inter-Gender Effectiveness in Leadership

The Thinking Coach provides cutting edge, international Leadership programs with inter-gender emphasis bringing forward the best Leadership qualities that both women and men can blend together for ultimate organizational success.  Our training seminars are challenging, practical & gratifying. The Leadership programs range from beginner levels all the way to top Leadership & Excellence Teams, where we offer a year-long extensive Leadership, training agenda, second to none.  We help produce first class leaders who master a wide variety of soft and hard skills, and learn to lead By Example using advanced teaching and workshop techniques.  We also have a unique, “Train the Trainer” seminars, to help companies, organizations & government agencies create their own self-sustaining Leadership development programs.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any questions or opinions, please drop a comment below.

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