Women’s Leadership #2

What is Women’s Leadership?

It is as clear as the sun in a cloudless sky, that we live in a biased society that by majority, has shunned Women’s Leadership, Feminine Leadership. Unfortunately, somehow it has become accepted that women are “weak” and men are “strong” where leadership is concerned, despite the overwhelming evidence that men’s ego has caused incredible devastation in the world.

Yes, we live in a man’s world and the human race has paid a heavy price for it. The feminine influence that can “melt” hardness, provide a bridging influence between conflicting sides and cause collaboration and cooperation is severely missing.

We need a fundamental change in leadership that would bring back the lost trust that resulted from this malfunctioning territory called leadership.

Clearly, nowadays we are witnessing the beginning of a change where feminine influence is increasingly being felt.  It has become exceedingly difficult to ignore the fact that women have important skills in leadership that men simply don’t!  These skills are absolutely necessary for stability and proper maintenance in these times of expeditious degeneration & fragmentation of human values and structures.

Women’s Leadership Qualities Vital to Success

  • Women are natural collaborators, and tend to find the aspects that bind rather than divide.
  • Women can radiate an internal stability that gives people the feeling that all is well.
  • Women can be very good listeners and thereby convey Care & Empathy. (Listening is one of the most important aspect of communication, excellent for productivity).
  • Women tend to have organizational skills that create a stable environment, where people know where they are, and know what is expected of them.
  • Women are skilled at providing clear and consistent direction while following through on agreements made.

Women tend to have consistent thinking that demonstrates a clear connection between cause and effect.

  • Women are naturally more cautious than men, and so tend to measure and recheck facts before making decisions, which, in today’s ever changing reality, “throwing caution into the wind” can be of dire consequences.
  • Women are strategically prone, which means they are able to hold on to the long-view, and therefore avoid the storms of fluctuations and indecisions that are often characterized by short sightedness. (Men tend to be more tactically inclined, quicker to adapt to change, quicker to turn a profit, often ignoring the long-term implications and associated warning signs.)
  • Women are much more process inclined while men tend to be quick-result oriented. (Focusing on process is by far a better strategy to get results).
  • Women tend to be open to questioning ideas – many men tend to close issues (called being opinionated) before giving chance to new ideas.
  • Women’s nurturing aspect can often solve problems, concerns and stress, by its mere presence.
  • Women’s fostering nature tend to dampen the fermentation of an ego, whereas men are more prone to develop an ego about what they think, they know, thereby shortening the path to conflict with other men who behave the same way. (Men tend to be controlled by the “I Know” syndrome which tends to make others feel that they are not heard and their views don’t count).

These are some of the Feminine Leadership Qualities that their time has come, there are many more.

Leadership Programs

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The Thinking Coach™

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