Attitude – The Key to Creative Thinking & Just About Everything Else

Why Is Attitude the Most Important Concept In Corporate Training?

This article is pointed to those people and professionals who see personal development to be crucial for their continued success & to those who understand the concept of SUCCESS IN PROCESS.

It points you in the direction of many Leadership attributes one must have in their “tool kit” in order to succeed in their leadership role, and most importantly demands or gives (depending on your attitude) the key to Creative Thinking

One of the most important words in the dictionary is Attitude….when the attitude is right, everything else lines up…Strategic Thinking, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication  and of course is the key to Creative Thinking, which is first and foremost, The Ability to See Things Different.

There is always right & wrong Attitude about everything. The choice is yours!

The right attitude provides for inner enlivenment & is the glue between different skills that you have, and is the most important catalyst in the Trio of Personal Effectiveness:

Thinking, Emotions and Execution.

Attitude is a deep thing, it is in every human about everything, whether they are conscious of its presence or not. It is the “Where They Come From” to do what they do. It is the underline of what they truly want, not what they say they want. When the attitude is positive, believing, thankful, happy, appreciative, it opens the door for new possibilities and forms a bridge between the old and the new… a Bridge to New Perception.

Here is one of the key attitudes for Creative Thinking;

Today is a new day and I am ever so Thankful for this opportunity... That’s it…That’s the attitude to become more creative!!!

“Big deal” you might say “I can do that to become more creative and make more money”. Well then…Do It!

For most people A New Day is not an earth shattering fact, but it is! The fact that we lost the value doesn’t make it unimportant, does it? It just means that we lost it (try not to be one of these people who when they realize that they don’t have something they minimize its importance, just not to face the fact that they let something very important go, because of their loose mind).

A new day is a platform for your life, without which it all stops. So if we became familiar with that because it is here every day the Creative Attitude would be  to rediscover the value. It so simple, so easy and YET SO FAR- It needs a new attitude because most people don’t wake up with the WOW! (Wonderment of Wonder) of the gift of  “It’s A New Day”…do they?
(For children every day is a new adventure so don’t tell them it’s all the same – that’s an adult laziness and absence of mind).
For most it’s just another day characterized by the never changing reality, man-made, which they were dumped into ever since they were born…, called:
The Need To Make a Living …As it is ignorantly referred to… We don’t make a living , that, something else did for us, thank you!
We go out to do some job that gets us pieces of paper that buys us food , which, by the way, was here for free, to begin with. Anyway…so we need the Attitude to get us to remember the truth of: It”s a New Day

The 7 requirements for Creative Thinking Attitude

  1. You have to be trying to look at things differently (differently is everything but the way you look at it now- so you have a lot of options, don’t you…)
  2. Look at every day as a new day and every opportunity as a new possibility
  3. Don’t judge things – judgement is based on the past- instead, asses things as they pertain to the NOW
  4. Beware of your comfort zones, they are your past luring you back
  5. You have to think about things for yourself, not as everyone else thinks, even though you may be alone thinking for yourself!
  6. You have to be strong enough to put up with the judgment of other people who will judge you because you dare to be different. Secretly, they will admire your courage.
  7. You have to try new things and not mind making mistakes

Unless you are able to look at every day different, and are willing to pay the price, creative thinking will remain and be a fantasy!

Photograph By Eligius57 on devianART

Attitude which is different to previous attitude is Creative – it is as simple as that. When you decide, and you believe, and you have real reason, you have got a winning attitude which will get you everything. Attitude, can be likened to a moving escalator, it  will carry you forward effortlessly…but you got to get on the escalator.  When you adapt the attitude of It’s A New Day, although physically it may all look the same (that’s the Trap that most everyone falls into,…judging the day and themselves and everyone else by the physical familiarity which seems to be the same)  you start to feel a new kind of energy…it feels good, you are in control…and the results will come.

Here is the Secret, which is as real as Today is a New Day…

It is up to you to grant yourself the essence of the new day by your attitude, to confirm the truth of the newness by your choice and self-discipline… to look at everything different than before.

How Does that connect to Change Management?

If You Change the way You Look at Things the Things You look at Change!!!

So keep looking at everything you see as if it is the first time and you’ll discover a great wealth of Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence in yourself.

It takes some doing but the rewards are great!!

What The Thinking Coach Creative Thinking Training can do for your Organization?

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You Should Try It Sometimes!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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