Creative Thinking Training – Part 2

Creative Thinking Out of The Box  – How to use Creative Thinking  Training in Problem solving?

One of the great pitfalls of problem solving is to jump to quick conclusions by wrongfully thinking that if we solved a similar problems in the past in a certain way, we can solve NOW a similar problem in the SAME way!  This attitude creates many more problems than solutions, simply because NOW is very different to THEN, although the problem may seem the same.  Many factors, hidden and not so hidden, change with time!

The following Thinking Coach analysis and Creative Thinking  Training tips may help you change fixed ideas  that have become “holly cows” ways of thinking.

Remember, fixed patterns of thinking often detract from achieving high level of personal effectiveness.

Let go of the need to have a quick, bottom line, one-line-answer for questions, in the manner of passing traditional school tests.

Learn to think “Success in Process”, ask open-ended questions that allow new space to appear in you without the pressure to produce a quick answer.

Knowing to ask the Questions

Questions that lead to more questions are open ended. The Big Picture is thus revealed, the scope increases, there is context, there is room to explore, new ideas arrive, a fresh breath of “mental” air washes over the tired old thinking patterns, and by magic HOPE floods the system.  Suddenly solutions appear from everywhere.  Compare this to “this is how we do business” tired response, and make your own choice of where you want to be.

A small diversion…

Question about the attitude of Creativity:

Do you believe that you can engage creatively for real?

Or… have you given up on you?

Believing in yourself is absolutely essential to Creative Thinking.

Answering this question honestly may change your life and propel you to a success you never expected. So…. do you believe in you? And how is it connected to your creativity and innovation?  I will be pleased to receive your honest answer.

Back to the article now…..

Problem Solving begins by framing your problem within the Big Picture, rather than mistakenly turning your problem into the Big Picture.  Curiously “Big problems” shrink dramatically when they are viewed in light of a much bigger picture.

You cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem.

The Creative Thinking training here, is to not focus on the problem but instead to realize that the solution lies elsewhere. This is quite a big realization to fathom, truly understand and then make a “leap of faith” and put it to practice.

Many people think that to focus on a problem endlessly will lead to a solution. Not so!

All that happens then, is that you get mired with the hopelessness of the problem and you cannot see the way out, like the “Mirror Maze” at amusement parks.

Creative Thinking Training Exercise:

An excellent tool in Creative Thinking is to exercise your mind with unimportant questions as a “mind livener” for the real times. Here is one;

Why do you have 5 fingers?

Come up with as many answers as possible, don’t limit yourself by what you think is logical (remember you are not passing a test here, you are training your mind to think creatively so “right” and “wrong” don’t come into the picture).

Allow yourself to wonder and come up with answers ranging from the ”sublime” to the “ridiculous” , the more “crazy” the ideas, the better – let your mind go – produce at least five answers, ask your children if they are around, you will learn much about Creative Thinking through that kind of process. These are some of the workshop exercises you will experience in The Thinking Coach Leadership Training seminars.

It is at that point that your mind can register an exhilarating awakening, where you connect to a child-like curiosity, natural research capabilities, and the great human innovative power.  Once you do this enough times you can do it everywhere, and solve serious problems at work and in life.

As mentioned, the next step is to take a serious question that you may have and run with it, as if you have never seen it before. Do the same exact thing as you have done with the seemingly irrelevant question of the 5 fingers, with serious everyday business questions. This is the basis for “think tank process” and Creative Problem Solving, where new solutions to old problems appear, as if by magic!

The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Seminars, which are part of a broad Soft Skills Corporate Training Programs, take professionals through a series of workshop exercises to achieve balance, steadiness, inner-quiet and a “big picture” consciousness where a Creative Thinking State of Mind becomes “part of doing business”. It helps professionals rediscover their own natural Creative genius and shows them how to utilize it in everyday problems. It helps them engage in high-level Problem Solving process, and come up with new ideas for old problems. It is absolutely essential in these times of change and can make a real difference in answering the question

Does Change Manage You or Do You Manage Change?

I hope you have enjoyed this article and should you have any questions or comments please write them below.

Enjoy your Growing Development….

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

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