Find Out What Is Mental Toughness About In The Workplace

Many professionals and human resource consultants are unaware of What Is Mental Toughness About and therefore, what is mental toughness training about, both of which are extremely important to employee performance and effectiveness, especially when considering what change is about and what impact it has on the workforce.

This is an important part of program management training courses, leadership training courses, as well as employee training development, offered by The Thinking Coach.

The ability to understand what change management is about, on professional and personal levels, makes a huge difference, simply because one is not surprised, knows what change is about, and is therefore, ready for change, and furthermore not thrown off mentally and emotionally.

The skill of handling change is critical as change has become part of our life in an ever increasing way.

What Is Change About In The Workplace And Why Is Mental Toughness Training Needed?

Change causes stress! Plain and simple.

It is, therefore, important to accept the fact that changes always happen. Acceptance of change often creates inner space to accommodate its many expressions without being emotionally reactive in a negative way. This is where mental toughness training plays an important part, in the ability to handle the stress caused by change, personally, and in the workplace!

To understand what is stress about in the workplace it is important to look at the reality that faces all professionals today. The workplace has become a stress place that needs to operate in stressful conditions, which require long hours, handling heavy work loads in an insensitive, and often, hostile workplace environment, coupled with disharmonious and suspicion-based relationship with the management and leadership.

We see these conditions continue to worsen from day to day, week to week, month to month, resulting in permanent state of stress in many professionals. It wears people down and has extreme negative effects on their productivity and levels of intelligence.

This state of affairs often makes change the tipping point, where stress takes over. That’s why mental toughness training is required to be able to overcome the accumulative effects caused by stress.

Mental toughness training goes a long way to reduce the symptoms of stress in the workplace by providing a personal leadership development plan, which among other things causes awareness to what is stress about in the workplace and how it manifests.

What is Life Leadership About?

Creating a personal leadership development plan is one of the important features of what life leadership is about, and is a maturing of soft skills training ideas and soft skills activities, which basically means that a professional has soft skills list to choose from according to need.

Every person requires a different personal leadership development plan which can be fashioned uniquely to create their own unique soft skill list.

Such a plan is the best ROI where employees are concerned.  The Thinking Coach has extensive soft skills for the workplace programs that cater to the needs of  professionals in the corporate world. These soft skills programs are critical in the ability to redefine what is a success on personal and organizational level.


Mental toughness training

What Is Mental Toughness About

Mental Toughness and the power of positive thinking are coupled together, while mental weakness is a bi-product of a workforce environment that is negative, punitive and threatening using fear tactics.

Accepting the following paradigm is a key to professional success:

Negativity weakens, while  the power of positive thinking empowers!

Mental Toughness Training will, therefore, focus first and foremost, on the power of positive thinking!

You have to understand that to fight external negative influence you need internal “antibodies” that can fight off the invasion from outside. Just like with the process of immunization. Therefore, getting mentally  tough and emotionally resilient  through mental toughness training and emotional resilience training is absolutely critical to workforce stability.

This is a fundamental basics “that you should never leave home without”.

By using the necessary training & development processes, you develop the skills to offset the negative external influence. Again, It is important to keep in mind that the power of positive thinking is far stronger than being negative and causes a chain of effective thought patterns and actions, which truly redefine what is a success, in an unimaginable way!

How  Do You Know That You Are Mentally Tough – The 10 Main Symptoms

  1. You don’t give up trying- always have a comeback
  2. When you are under pressure you become more positive
  3. You believe in yourself even if you lose
  4. You smile in adversity, able to absorb stress, be flexible, expand (not shrink)
  5. “It can be done”, “I can do”, “We can do” are words you commonly use
  6. Power positive thinking becomes YOU
  7. You redefine what is a win by your attitude – ‘success in process’ is your motto
  8. You constantly redefine what is a success for you, believing in your self, no matter what!
  9. You become connected to the “natural you”.
  10. You toughen up,(not become hard) and proceed confidently to your next challenge

The ability to absorb, be flexible, have a come back, not give up, have positive mental attitude in spite of negative challenges, stay calm under pressure…all of these are important personal powerful leadership skills, which are part of personal leadership development plan, essential for survival and excellence in today’s reality.

There is a need to understand that effectiveness and productivity are all bi-products of the above, it doesn’t happen through learning new information.


Mental Toughness Training as Part of  a Broad Plan Soft Skills Courses

It is curious that soft skill training receive minimal attention, translating to an extremely limited amount of soft skills courses  in the corporate world. The perception of the effectiveness of soft skills versus hard skills is grossly imbalanced. Soft skills courses are much more influential on the effectiveness and productivity of employees but that isn’t the perception, but as you well it’s perceptions that count, not the reality.

Many studies prove that soft skill training courses are 10 times more important to effectiveness and stability of the workplace, than hard skills (technical skills, domain skills) which are necessary , but far less  important than soft skills for the workplace.

The main result achieved by the Mental Toughness Training provided by The Thinking Coach is the active presence of the 3 C’s as one of the best leadership skills:

Cool- Calm-Collected

The Thinking Coach’s quote:

Mental toughness is the ability to turn challenges into a springboard of opportunity.

In summary

This high caliber, Thinking Coach Mental Toughness Training will go a long way to teach professionals to say NO to weakness, and YES to connecting to their natural personal strength!

mental toughness training

mental toughness training



Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™

4 Replies to “Find Out What Is Mental Toughness About In The Workplace”

  • This is so vital in the workplace as many of us have come from different backgrounds and influences. Even with highly intelligent people, there is there is lack of confidence in themselves and intimidation restricts them from making progress. In each of us there is a leader waiting to come out with a little help from a coach like you.

    In my experience I have found some organizations take it for granted that everyone should function at a certain level, without regard for background, personality etc. They like ready-made people.
    When they invest in these training programs, two things happen. The employee and the company become better prepared for change/progress etc..

    It is good to see your tailor-made approach.

    I did watch your video and was impressed.


  • “Mental Toughness Training” should be mandatory training in our Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
    I find the area of “soft skills” very useful in today’s toxic work environments.
    The good thing about these toxic work environments for me was that I finally “left-it-all” and decided to work for myself!
    In addition to removing myself from these poisonous situations, it enabled me to treat the people that I deal with every day, in a more respectful manner.
    I have bookmarked your site for further reading.
    I am fascinated by the “colors of intelligence”.
    Thanks for this excellent post, Orion.

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