How Conscious Are You To The Power Of Now?

What is The Power Of Now?

Do You Understand What Is The Power Of Now?

Ekhart Tolle wrote the best seller The Power Of Now, which stirred deep interest is some circles.

“The Power Of Now”  has a deep meaning for a developing person who understands that life is a moment by moment love affair.

The ability to be fully aware of your now as it happens has the bonus result of being able to redefine what is a win and what success is about because winning and succeeding are dynamic and depend on the ability to connect to the power of now.

Change Is A Now Thing! When you are fully in the now you are winning and success becomes a way of your life.

The power of now is not about winning over others but rather a series of moments of small victories that amount to an ever growing success.

It is a special power to be and to do, whatever fits the moment, in the best possible way.

It is a powerful energy indeed, as if something cheers you on because it loves you being just you!

This is one of these things that is not easy to explain in a brain way.

It is something that needs to be felt. Feeling is a highly sensitive apparatus in the human, much more than understanding.


The Energy Of The Now

Whenever the question “What Is The Power Of…” is asked it pertains to energy.

The direction it points to is that everything with power means it’s getting energy from somewhere, which is either positive or negative.

It’s all about the energy! The past has energy, the Now has energy…and so does the future.

‘The Power of Now’ energy, is the most powerful, creative, and new because it is happening New in the Now! When something is alive and happening it’s powerful.

When two or more people meet and it can be a powerful thing if they let the moment be free of the past, or expectations of the future.

If something new is not used it weakens and at best becomes a subject to talk about from the past.

An example of this can be seen when people keep talking about their past achievements, over and over again, and everyone around them rolls their eyes.

However, when The Power of Now is felt it causes a different response!

“Now” Is The Time That… Changes All The Time

Do You Understand What Is The Power Of Now?

This is not philosophical, it is very real.

To be with The Power Of Now you need to be with you, in the present moment, because it is all changing quickly, You and the Now.

Our lives are made of many NOWS and the question is:

Are we vacant enough to be with the many Nows or are we full from the past, or wants from the future?

Examples of being full…,expectations of what the Now should be, our opinions, our psychologies, forever living for tomorrow, conditions, assumptions and prejudgment, as well as many other internal noises and “excuses of laziness” that, simply, don’t allow the NOW to be part of our lives.

One of the most glaring examples is when girl/boy meet and look at each other of the eyes of expectations of what they think the other should be, or fear of being hurt.

Is there a sign on our “door” that says No Vacancy?

How Conscious Are You To The Power Of Now?
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Obviously, to connect to The Power Of Now is a natural thing.

Look at children, observe and learn, they are ‘ALL In’ the Now, until adults “educate” them with their own psychologies and fears.

Children never went to university or to personal development courses to learn to be in the Now, they just are.

…And so were you…once, which is a good thing to know, because it is somewhere in you, and you don’t need to learn it. You need to discover it again inside you, access it and live it.

The amazing part is that once you find The Power Of Now you can always connect to it and it will always empower you.

Adults tend to talk about what was and what will be, but seldom do they live the now.

For most adults the TV News is the Now, and they preoccupy themselves with what the media chooses to feed them, which then they regurgitate and form views and opinions without realizing that their mind have been ambushed and they are full of something that excites their brain, but it isn’t the Now and it ain’t them.

Children live the now, while adults talk about it, read books about it, go for psychological treatments to be able to let go of their past, have to learn how to think and understand the Now, meditate on it and other such ancillary features that seldom get the job done, beyond the short term passing episodes.

The insatiable appetite adults have to understand things separates them from the Now.

They try to understand the Now with their past and they simply miss it. The Now is to be lived not understood necessarily.

The only thing there’s is the Now, so the question is where are is the adult mind located?

What Is Now About?

This is a tricky question that can lead to confusion.

There is The Now and there is What You Make Your Now To Be. They are often different.

To be in The Now is to open yourself to what is happening at that moment without preconditions or bias and to respond according to need.

To be in ‘Your Now’ can often be a biased interpretation of ‘The Now’, according to your past experience or psychologies, which are, very often, a transference from past experience or wishful thinking, imagined to be the Now.

So what Is The Power Of Now? Very simple, the power of now is your true power when you are empty of wants, wishes, desires, expectations and all the other things that can fill you up.

You are with you at the moment and that is a powerful thing, because the best you can ever be is You.

Do You Understand What Is The Power Of Now?
Think About What You Think – Podcast The Power of Now! Leadership Thinking

How To Connect Back To Me To Be With The Power Of Now?

If the Power Of Now truly concerns you, there are several things that you could do, or rather be!

First get to become better at How To Think:

  1. What Is A Success, for you, will matter a great deal. Decide that Success for you is not just one-thing, an end result, which is a mistake.
    Success a process and a moving dynamic that has the ability to expand and grow.
  2. Learn To Expand Your Success To Occupy Every Now. If every moment is treated with importance and you give it your all, you are in the Now and you will feel The Power Of Now.
  3. What is a win, for you, must be redefined and become an internal aspect rather then external.
    We are used to think that we win over others (external) but that isn’t true (if a win is something that you have to have over others, then you are not in the Power Of Now).

    We only ever have to deal with ourselves and win over what stops us from becoming effective, happy and with The Power Of Now.

    A win, has to have a much broader and deeper meaning for you, where the context becomes winning over your own inhibitions, bad attitudes, bad habits, irrational fears, etc.

    So whenever you manage to overcome your unfortunate traits (we all have them), it’s a win!

    When you are struggling with trying to be the better you, you are close to The Power Of Now!

  4. Try not to have an agenda about everything. Let yourself be a bit free of wanting things all the time.

    What I am saying here is that most people are not connected to the Power Of Now because they are full of what they want, which is usually formed in the past or by influence from outside.

    In a sense this is suggesting to you the opposite of everything you have ever been taught…that is if you want to be in the power of now.

  5. Without personal development plan template, without understanding what leadership is about, specifically, what life leadership is about, a person cannot connect to the power of now as a way of life.

What is The Power of Now In The Context Of The Business world

Do You Understand What Is The Power Of Now?

The ability to connect to the power of Now depends on developing soft skills for the workplace, especially learning what emotional intelligence is about, and what impact it has on the workplace.

It also has to do with the power of positivity, what is stress about, and what is motivation about.

The power Of Now in terms of the workplace, is to be present in the needs of the moment. The imperative word is NEED.

To take responsibility when needed! The ability to be 10/10 with your efforts. To enjoy work, to enjoy the people you are with and to engage with the power of positivity.

What Is An Art and how does it connect to the power of now?

to which the answer is, Art is anything you do with all of you, fully committed to give out 10/10 effort creatively, inspiringly With The Power Of Now.

Anything! The art will happen upon you “out of the blue”.

As The Life Coach for professionals this skill helps people let go of much unnecessary stress and increase their performance excellence.

It is part of my Executive Leadership Training, Management Training Courses & Employee Training Development that I conduct world-wide

 Become An Empowered Executive To The Power Of Now, Connect Call on me! I am here for you!

Eli Harari

The Life Coach for Professionals™



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  • Hello
    This is by far the best article I have read this week!
    I really like how you broke things down until I got my answer to the question what is the power of now!
    Sometimes I wish to go back in time and be a child again to live the now rather than just talking about it.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I am curious what practical tool you got out of the article and if you intend to put it to practice.



  • Hey Eli, I really enjoyed reading your post. I think it is super important to live more in the moment than in the future or past. Also, humans are the only animal that does that. I think it releases a lot of stress not thinking so much about tomorrow or yesterday and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the moment. Really great post. Gonna come back here. 🙂

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