Redefining What Is Team Building In The 21st Century

What Is Team Spirit & How it Impacts Organisational Development

“What Is Team Building” is addressed in depth, in The Thinking Coach leadership training courses, and employee training development, which demonstrates what is team spirit, for real, and is at the core of team leadership skills.

What is the truth about the team spirit in organizations?

Redefining What Is Team Building In The 21st Century

Unfortunately, the truth about the spirit that makes a team work is that it’s in an all time low. If however, team building is consciously sought after it potentially has the solutions for the majority of the organizational problems!

Most problems in organizations arise from the workplace that does not understand what is team spirit. Strategic planning template, needs to be put in place, in every organization, which is accomplished through strategic  thinking training, by addressing the future of ‘What Is Team Building”.

“What is Team Building” Today? 

We live in times of constant and rapid changes which, often, have adverse effect on organizational stability and profitability. Everyone is scrambling to adapt, to try to find out what is change about and how to adapt and survive.

Very often, the common chosen strategy to deal with change and beat the competition, is to make cuts in men and women power, thereby exerting more pressure on the remaining workforce, who is now forced to do more, with less. What is not understood is, that very often team building activities work wonders and are often the solution, resulting in productive and happy workforce. Instead, many companies tend to invest more and more on hard skills, while ignoring the obvious need of soft skills for the workplace, in which team building ranks very high. corporations and organizations focus only on short term solutions, instead of long term, when in fact, it’s the long term considerations that achieve long lasting results, and can truly be called Result Oriented. The lack of team building ideas and team building spirit, results in workplace stress, where people tend to see each other as threat rather then as friends.

The clue is in ‘how to think’, about what is a success. The concept “result oriented” has to be understood in depth as it is the most important parameter. Team building activities work! In their absence the workplace is inundated with personal conflicts, feelings of insecurity, disconnection between management and workers, leadership and workforce, and within the workforce, all contributing to a culture of suspicion, where lack of trust and belief prevails.

What Is Team Spirit – The Better Option

Contrary to popular belief, it is not money that makes the difference. The main motivating power for employee productivity and personal effectiveness is the feeling of being part of a team, which is imbued with team spirit.

What is team spirit, in this context can be understood by getting to understand what is motivation about and within that what is self motivation.  It is a spark that comes out of the knowing that you are a part of a collective endeavor, that you have a safety net, your back is covered and you are valued. This sense of belonging is the spark of what is team spirit, and it ranks much higher than monetary compensation. Yes, money is the Bottom Line of survival today, but the facts are that employees seek for the Top Line as well, which is a humane workplace, which offers them a future and a safety. They even know that somehow the finances will work out too, because there’s a confidence and surety that accompanies team spirit.

What is team building in the workplace? Two words: ‘Motivation Workplace”. Team building Motivates! As simple as that! It is by far the better option. It is when employees stand shoulder-to-shoulder, workers and management alike,  sharing a common purpose, all facing the same direction, instead of facing each other with conflicting agendas.

The understanding of, What Is Team Building, offers many out-of-the-box solutions to many problems. There’s a great power in togetherness, far more than commonly understood and this training seminar will show that.

Spend Thousands, Save Millions

Redefining What Is Team Building In The 21st Century

Can It Be Different?

Yes, of course it can!

It requires a new way of thinking, and a different attitude about coming to grips with what is soft skills. Soft skills have a huge affect on the organizational culture.

Perceptions must change to reflect that reality. The reality is that in many instances the workplace, which is home base for employees, has become a cess pit of human interaction, resulting in the inability to retain top talent and high rate employee turnover.

The lack of willingness by organizations to invest consistently in employee training development, and leadership training courses, costs companies millions, not only in employee turnover but, in also in productivity and ultimately in profitability.

Make no mistake about it, the absence soft skills for the workplace, in Skillshare, and in team leadership skills, is where the fault line is! It is so simple and so obvious that no one sees it.

It results, for example, in not knowing how to make a decision, which of course translates to bad decisions,  often costs millions of dollars. Much more than any employee training development or leadership training courses would ever cost. This is a simple mathematical equation that must be perceived.

Yet, the rigid corporate state of mind persists. The problem is very often, lack of team leadership skills!

By making small but powerful adjustments in critical, strategic places within the organization such as investing in team leadership skills, much can be achieved!

The Solution – Understanding the concept of the Top Line (Not only Bottom line)

We are all aware of the need to quickly understand the bottom line of anything – don’t we! Well, there is another part to this bottom line “business” (bottom line being end results, profits, judgement, all quick, quick, quick). The other part, which is the unseen part, is the Top Line.  It would make sense then, wouldn’t it, that there cannot be a bottom line without a top line.  But you never heard of it before, have you?  It would be clear to think, that it is the “top line” that pulls the “bottom line” up, and the further up the “top line” goes, the further up the “bottom line” will also go. They move in synchronicity.

 What is the Top Line?

In short it is the culture of the organization,  the internal processes which consist of 90% soft skills and 10% hard skills, in which the question, what is team building has over 50% importance, in forming a “top line” that keeps elevating higher and higher. The Top Line is the quality of the internal culture of the organization, where the more “motivation workplace” there’s, the higher the top line .

So what is the truth about the team spirit? The truth is, that without togetherness and team leadership skills, the organization will eventually whither, one way or another. That is how critical it is!

The Organizational Family

Redefining What Is Team Building In The 21st CenturyWhat is a win, where workplace success is concerned? A win is to be able to have a happy workforce, with workplace stress at minimum. It is a strategy that focuses on the Top Line, as the leverage of the Bottom Line, that will yield great long term results.

The Top Line strategy introduces a system which is based on value and trust, whereby workers are treated as capable and responsible humans and not as a commodity. This is, how to think about what is a win, and why team leadership skills are necessary!

The top line introduces a new corporate culture. A different way of communication, a 2 to 1 feed-back strategy, performance information tools, performance tools, a think tank decision making methods, and more. The top line consideration promotes Mental Toughness & Emotional Intelligence that adds unity and excellence. Workers that feel appreciated will produce more & better, take much more personal responsibility and become happier workers.

How To Get It Done?

The way it is achieved is by working in unison with top management, mid-management and the employee base to build a new system, which is the only system that will endure these times of instability.

The cynics claim it can’t be done, usually as means of maintaining the status quo. They use the past as their proof. But if the correct performance information tools, and performance tools weren’t applied in the past in employee training development, what does that prove?

I will tell you from my extensive experience of working with professionals world-wide for over 2.5 decades, that it can be done! What is a win, for real, takes time and effort to manifest. The mindset of today is ambitious, and blind at the same time, because it wants fast results. Fast results, or “bottom line” mentality come at a cost. A far greater cost than the results are worth.

Eventually it will happen, because we humans tend to react only when our backs are against the wall – well the wall is real close, and those organizations who want to stay ahead of the game must need come to the obvious conclusion, that their real asset is their human capital. Instead of expecting workers to perform out of fear of losing their livelihood, provide them with employee training development so that they can develop and improve. They will perform much, much better, which will be a win win situation.

If you are a leader make it a second nature to ask What is Team Building, because such a question will make it  employees reach new levels of excellence.

The Thinking Coach Employee Training Development and Leadership Training Courses

Team leadership skills take time  and effort to gain. The same for employee training development and leadership training courses, but this is by far the best, most economical, and the shortest path to success. It is, by far, more economical than spending huge amounts of resources to make up for the deficiencies of disgruntled and ineffective employees, management and leadership, while constantly having to bear the costs of training new employees.

The Thinking Coach program What is Team Building redefines what is a success at a new level and has many levels of success. The Organizational Family is one of the most elevated team building strategies out there. It causes the top line and bottom line to reconnect and establish an organizational culture that harnesses its human wealth, which is its true power, towards long term stability, competitive edge and…increased profits.

To get there, professional help is needed, and I am here to help you!

Call on me! I am here for you!

Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach™