Do You Know What The Comfort Zone Is And How It Affects You

It is not so easy to understand What The Comfort Zone Is, because unbeknownst to us, we are in it most of the time. Most people gravitate towards what is easy and comfortable. nothing wrong as long as it with that as long as it doesn’t control you. Comfort zone shapes the thoughts and attitude of a person and define who they are, what is a win and what is a success for them.

A person may sincerely want to change, work hard at it, yet, see very little results because they are controlled by their comfort zone. If they really want to escape the comfort they need to know how to think, what is critical thinking about, & how and where to make small changes that yield big results. What The Comfort Zone Is and how it affects a person’s life and their decision making is vital to get to grips with if one wants to really change.

What is the Comfort Zone?

Understanding Essential Basics

So, what is the comfort zone, and, how does it form up?

There is physical comfort zone and mind comfort zone. This article addresses the comfort zone of the mind.

The stressful, survival life that we live, where our well being and ability to exist are always challenged, makes comfort very tempting. When we find a less stressful circumstance we immediately adapt to it, and after a few times of repeating the same action it becomes a comfort zone. The comfort zone just “happens” upon people without conscious decision. It is a known place free of bad surprises, where they can relax…or so we think!

The  danger in the comfort zone is that it often stands between a person and their future potential. The reason is that the next personal development success comes from what they don’t know, which is uncomfortable, not from what they are comfortable with. A controlling comfort zone can be a great resistance to innovation and creativity. Many people are imprisoned by their comfort zone without realizing the fact. Particularly in the way they think, which is why creativity in adult life seems to be almost nonexistent. This is a disturbing fact as all children are naturally born creative, and we had that same creative passion, urge and spark once, That special power, The Power Of Now, remember?

And then…it seems, that the fire dies in most of adults, as they settle to monotonous way of life that is dedicated to money making, profit taking and just to survive. Somewhere in the journey from childhood to adulthood that creative spark is lost and the Comfort Zone forms up.

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What is the Comfort Zone, as it relates to Thinking?

“The main opposition to what is a success and what it can be for you, comes from you not from others! ” Eli Harari, The Thinking Coach

Humans have a variety of comfort zones in every dynamic of life. What they all seem to have in common is they follow the same pattern of thinking.

The comfort zone as it relates to thinking are pathways of how to think that a person always follows. It is a thought pattern that repeats itself, and eventually becomes an attitude. Attitude forms up from a way of thinking that one repeats, and subsequent actions that one takes. For example, if a person jumps to conclusions and makes hasty decisions before they thoroughly check the facts, then eventually become of a person who is not careful and ineffective, which leads to other attitudes and ways of thinking that “hang” in the same circle or zone. Thus a comfort zone forms up, which then defines what they think they can and cannot do.

“The Comfort Zone Challenge”- What Is Change About

The idea of challenging the comfort zone is too much for most people…even if that comfort zone is can be sometimes extremely uncomfortable.

The comfort zone challenge is What is Change About! Change is not comfortable! Our past, which is where our comfort zone was established is in opposition to our ability to Change! The past is where we import our unconscious thoughts from, and where our actions became automatic by repetition! …which we grew accustomed to, which became part of who we think we are, by habit, and, which became part of our identity and attitude.

It, therefore, becomes important, for a developing person, to expand the comfort zone on a regular basis by challenging their ways of thinking, behavior and attitude, to free their mind from past constraints and find new ways to expand their mind and increase their awareness to the big picture…of everything. This is why professional personal development leading to personal development plan template is so important. It can deliver to you the next level of what is a success for you.

What is the Comfort Zone – Power Positive Thinking View

The Designated Comfort Zone

Let me introduce you to what is critical thinking about as it relates to the question what is the comfort zone. The ability and mindfulness to choose and therefore be in control, is critical. So you must choose your comfort zone and not allow it to form unconsciously.

Mind Designated Comfort Zone – it’s critical that you consciously decide, with full awareness, what is the comfort zone you choose to have. Your conscious choice in the matter makes all the difference. Comfort zone should not form up by default or by avoidance of personal responsibility. You Should decide!

Strange fact, most people are stressed because they don’t have clear, time sensitive, mind designated comfort zones, and because of that they don’t challenge nor expand their comfort zone to achieve their “what next”. Instead, what change is a bout for them becomes FEAR!

There’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone “as long as it doesn’t control you”.

In relation to thinking, the designated comfort zone is formed of thoughts that you consciously designate to have in idle times. Your conscious decision and thoughts empower your sought after change, whereas a plethora of unrelated, dispersed thoughts weaken your resolve to change.

This is challenging at start, but after a while it becomes second nature, because What is change about is natural for humans to adapt to, and you rip amazing benefits.

This, then, provides a more serious meaning to the words “you are what you think about” which is mostly defined by what is the comfort zone of a person, organization and even a nation.

P.S. This is exactly what I train you, and show you how to think and do, in The Thinking Coach leadership training courses and employee training development seminars!

You are What You Think About- Thinking Is The Invite

Out Side the Box View of How Thinking Affects Us

When You Think, You Invite! It’s that simple!

The phrase You Become What You Think About tells us that what we think is the most important aspect of Change, which is huge, if you can appreciate the connection between thinking something long enough, inviting it physically, thereby, and eventually becoming it.

Few simple examples of how it works, what is change about and how you decide by your choices:

  • If a person thinks in a dispersed way they become dispersed and ineffective.
  • If they think fear of others, they become a person that is managed by fear and even attract to them what they are afraid of.
  • If they judge and compare themselves to others, others will judge them and they’ll always feel insecure.
  • If they think well of others they become well themselves and others will think well of them.
  • If what is a win and a success for them is wanting others to win and  succeed they will win and become successful.
  • If  think “trust” they will be trusted.
  • If they think always “Now First” they will be empowered by the power of now and troubled less and less by the past.
  • If they think positively the will be empowered by the power of positivity                                                                                                            …and on and on the list goes…both ways

How Does it Work

To use a gardening analogy…what we thinks about, are seeds, while our brain is likened to a garden. The earth nurtures the seeds. The seeds need water and sunshine to grow and yield fruits.

In the same way our brain also ‘nurtures seeds” of subjects, ideas, knowledge, ways of how to do things etc. How we think about different matters becomes critical, as our thinking is the “fertilizer” that feeds these ideas. How and what we think are what the water and the sun are for seeds in the ground.

The more we think about something the more we give it energy ideas by thinking about them! When we think something we feed it, and it starts to grow, from being a small seed, to a plant and eventually to a tree that yields fruits. To reiterate, what is critical thinking about is to learn How To Think in a way that you grow what you choose to think about.

Everything grows, the bad and the good. Negative (Poisonous) or positive (Nourishing).  These ‘thinking seeds’ define us and ultimately determine how we think, and therefore, who we become, how we deal with issues, how we solve problems, what we are interested in, what we are prone to, what anxiety levels we have, how we deal with pressure, how we make decisions, what attitudes we entertain, how we present ourselves and most importantly, how we define what is a win and what is a success for us.

Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

This knowledge puts the responsibility of changing squarely in “our laps”. How to think, and what you think about, is your business and you are the only one who can change that aspect. It is not the responsibility or the right of anyone else.

The challenge then becomes, how to change your thoughts to change your life. Most importantly, decide, what you want to let go of and stop feeding, and what do you want to nourish.

Here are some simple examples of what is change about:

  • “I can’t” syndrome Vs. “I Can”
  • “I am a victim of circumstances” Vs. ‘I am lucky to have what I have”
  • “I am afraid of what people will think about me” Vs. “I am more afraid of becoming a creature of others”
  • “When things get difficult I can’t handle the pressure ” Vs. ” I can handle pressure and difficulty with ease”
  • “I’ll start tomorrow” Vs. “I’ll start right now”

…and on and on and on…

This brings us to the 5 critical questions:

  1. Can we learn How To Think in an empowered way and become the kind of people we want to be?
  2. Can we gradually stop the food supply (thoughts) that poisons and weakens us?
  3. Do you think you are capable of taking charge of what you think?
  4. Does this define self fulfilling prophecy in a different way, in that we attract and become what we think about?
  5. Can we adapt to what is change about and turn negativity to power positive thinking

The Journey from Thought to Result

If you learn how to think proactively, by denying the mental and emotional temptations of your comfort zone, change will happen.

Changes are small, but have great impact when they are made in the right strategic places. Then they lead to big results! The strategic place to make small changes that yield big results in in ATTITUDE!

This is what it means to work smart, not hard. In fact it’s the opposite, Work Soft, without trying hard to Change! Change comes through soft things. Hard things usually break when changes take place! This is what soft skills is about!

The choice of what to think about is yours, but in order to choose correctly and make a solid decision, you need to de-train and retrain your thinking skills. The kind of training that guides you step by step, to achieve your potential in your Journey from Thought to Result.

Training in Decision Making, Strategic Thinking, Creative Thinking & Emotional Intelligence and of course in Positive Power Thinking and Power Positive Thinking are essential part of this training.

Call to Action

The goal of The Thinking Coach is to show you how to tap into your own natural genius and create for you a personal development plan template, so you can connect to the power of now, generate new, creative and effective ideas, become a master of soft skills for the workplace and thereby redefine what is a win and what is a success for you and for others around you.

Learning to “Think your way into Change” without the blindness (Comfortability can be blinding sometimes as well as hard ambition, both being two ends of the same bar) of the comfort zone is a crucial strategic development in today’s demanding, challenging and stressful business environment, if you want to remain on top of your game as a leader and adapt to the real meaning of what is management about and what is leadership about in the 21st century.

The Thinking Coach, leadership training courses & employee training development, will give you the performance information tools and performance tools will set your feet upon the path of long-term development.

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I Am Here For You!

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